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Got My Trucker - CB

I have often seen the words below, ‘The fastest way into the cab of a truck, is with a CB Radio.’ And that’s a fact, jack! Just a few months ago, I bought myself a CB radio for Christmas. By the time I got it all hooked up and tuned for my car, I was learning to chat with other people on it. It was really wild and fun, to say the least. I have cruised a near by pickle park for several years, I’ve had my fair share of trucker meat, but that took long hours of cruising. New to the CB chatter, I’m a quick learner and was ready to try out my new toy. By no means was I expecting to get in the cab of a truck that fucking fast. I tried a few tricks, clicking the mic, calling out for a BJ on channel so & so. I tried them all. And all got me some kind of attention. It was just about dark and I decided to take a couple of beers and try to get some trucker cock. I pulled in to the far end and for fun, clicked my mic. Before I could turn off my engine, someone clicked back. There was very little talk on the CB, a truck or two would pass by on the interstate, I would hear a couple of Truckers chatting back and forth and fade off as they got further away. Any who, someone clicked back as to respond to my own clicking. This went on for several minutes, finally, I picked up the mic, and in a low voice I said, ‘BJ channel 25, BJ, channel 25.’ Just like I’ve read in this very column. Nervously, I turned my CB to channel 25. ‘You there?’ I heard a voice ask. Shit, didn’t think I would score that damn quick! ‘Yeah, take it to 33.’ I ask the guy on the other end. Can’t never be too careful. I turned the CB to channel 33 and there was the voice again. ‘How can I get hooked up with you turning from channel to channel? I want that BJ, real bad.’ He informed me. ‘Damn, got a hot one on the line,’ I thought. Well, for a split second, I was fucking lost for words. I stared at the CB, hung under my dash, as if I didn’t know what to say. ‘Where you at?’ He ask. ‘I’m parked here in the lot, at the far end. In front of the building. You in the back?’ I replied. ‘Yeah, purple Pete, far end. Lights on in the cab, I’m sitting here with a raging hard on, and need some relief, if you are interested.’ He said. At first I was hesitant. We made plans to hook up at the phone booth. I went back as if I were on the phone, a tall dark headed, heavy set guy got out of the purple Pete and made his way to the phones. We chatted a bit and before I knew it, I was up in the cab sucking on this guys cock. It was every fucking bit of 8 inches, hard as a rock and balls to match. He had a barrel chest and stomach, typical trucker that had a three day hard on. I sucked on that large head and he rewarded me with a huge load of thick trucker juice. Just what I was looking for. It was one of those, ‘get in, get off, and get the fuck out’ type of suck offs. That’s really the best kind. I’ve wasted a lot of time with guys in the past with small talk that ended up with no action and a new friend. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy meeting  guys from all over, but damn, I want to suck some cock! And if they are really horny, I’ll give up some ass. That same fucking lucky evening, after I sucked the big guy off, I went back to my cold beer in the car. It was slightly cool that evening so I fired the car up to get warm. The CB had little chatter, but listening to passer byers can be a little fun. But that’s not what I wanted, I wanted more cock. Trucker cock. I could hear a couple of truckers talking as they came up the interstate. One had told the other he was gonna shut it down, the other agreed, if there was any room, he too would pull in. From where I was parked, I could see just about all of the trucks parked in the back. There was plenty of room for several more trucks. I keyed the microphone and told the guys there was plenty of room. ‘Thank you driver, for that info, we are pulling in now.’ He called back. Well, I’m not a trucker, but they don’t have to know that. As they pulled in, it was real funny when one, jokingly, said, ‘wish there were some whores running around in here, I’m horny as hell.’ The other said back, ‘yeah, hell, even a good buddy sounds good about right now.’ They both laughed and then said their good nights and seemed to have been off the air. I saw the two trucks pull in, they were parked about three to four spaces apart, with trucks between them. I saw one driver get out and make his way to the rest rooms, the other, with his dome light on looked like he was doing some kind of paper work. I keyed the mic a few times hoping to get a response. Nothing happened. I keyed the mic again and said, ‘BJ, channel 33, BJ, channel 33.’ As quick as I keyed the mic, I turned the CB to channel 33. To my fucking surprise, a driver was waiting on my call. ‘Anyone make it?’ I asked. ‘Yeah, where you at?’ A response came back. ‘In the parking area, looking to suck some cock.’ I replied. ‘You in a car? Want to come to my truck?’ He ask. It was one of the drivers that had just pulled in. He spoke fast and kinda disguised his voice. ‘Yeah,’ I replied. He told me which truck he was in, it was the driver doing the paper work. I made my way back to his truck, coming up from the back side, so I wouldn’t be seen by any other trucker. He had the passenger side door open, I got in and we sat for a few minutes in the cab making some small talk. I wanted to get to the action, he was finishing up his paper work. He turned facing me and had one hell of a bulge in his pants. My gosh, what a huge package I told him. He turned off the lights in the cab, tuned on a bunk light and pulled his jeans to his knees. I slipped back into the sleeper and started sucking on his huge hard cock. He placed his hands on the back of my head and pulled me to his crotch with some force. My nose was in his very thick, black pubic hair. I could smell his man smell, and I worked to pull my cock out of my pants to jack off while I sucked on him. He was moaning and telling me how great that blow job was. He kept pounding my face as to be fucking me. It wasn’t long before he warned me that he was going to shoot a huge load and ask if I would swallow it. Without a word, I kept sucking that thick hard cock waiting for that splash of cum in my mouth. Sure enough, he started shooting than trucker juice in my mouth. As he shot his wad inside of my willing mouth, I too started cuming. I shot my huge load all over his floor between my legs. He pulled my face close to his crotch and dumped his man juice right down my throat. I swallowed as fast as it shot out the head of his cock. Believe it or not, I sucked him off two more times that night, what I thought was a quickie for a driver, ended up in several hours of me sucking him off. He didn’t want to fuck me, but he really enjoyed me licking and sucking his hot ass. I got three great loads of trucker cum from that guy and made it back home around midnight. Get a CB, it’s true, what they mean when they say it’s the fastest way in a cab of a truck.

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