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Good Morning ‘From The Road’

Good Tuesday morning hookers! OKC this morning, coffee, cruising the parking lot, with my eyes, not much going on, truckers getting up moving out. Soon I'll do the same, unloading right around the corner then headed back to Texas. One of my favorite things to do 'on the road' besides finding some hot lips for my stiff cock, is letting my body breath (as always) and drinking coffee. I'm always ask, what if someone sees you? Well, the proper thing to do is ask them if they'd like a cup of coffee 🤷🏻‍♂️. Unless you're in a truck parked right next to me, it's highly unlikely anyone would see me. Have I been seen? Of course, briefly I'm sure, overall, no one cares, unless they want 'some of this.' You've seen post where I take the chance soaking up some sun nude in the parking lot, first off I'm no idiot. If someone sees me it's because they walked up on me without me knowing. I have shorts to cover up with.

If and when I can snag some fun (aka trick), they show up to my rig, I've fire warned them I'm nude, that's going to be the case anyway so why not be ready? Right? Most guest are excited to find a trucker willing to play, really excited finding me nude. I'm nude more than clothed, you know this. I like to have my rendezvous with the curtains open, no, not to be an exhibitionist, I just like the opening, with a touch of thrill. The only way anyone could see is they would have to be looking, looking hard. Most tricks question at first or say someone could see, no, no they can't, take your clothes off. Hope you guys enjoy your day, spend it naked, let your body breath, better yet, crank one out & think of me! Whoop!

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