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Good Buddy Cum Bucket

Nothing like a trucker dumping his hot load down your throat. The smell of that sweaty cock coming out of those soiled underpants. Nothing like jets of hot cum spraying in your mouth and draining down your throat. Yeah, I’m a cum slut and I love truckers! I’ve used ever trick in the book to get a trucker’s attention in near by pickle parks. I’ve sucked more cock than I can keep count of, however, I’ve had my ass whipped several times too! My favorite and most productive place is in a rest area not far from home that has no facilities. Truckers know these parks are the active ones. My usual routine is to pull in and park a head of the trucks. Night time is best, always. Tap my breaks, that’s an old trick but most reliable. Truckers will either flash their headlights, or flicker the clearance lights on their trailers. When I see them flash back at me, I get out and stand next to my car. I see another flash, over to the truck I go. Some drivers will invite you in, others will get out and motion for you to come over and suck them off just outside their rig. There is nothing like the sound of an idling rig, the smell of diesel fuel and the taste of dripping pre-cum from a hard trucker cock in you mouth. On several occasions, I’ve sucked off teams, together! Two loads of cum for the price of one cruise! I’ve had my share of guys that got scared and right in the middle of a good blow job, zipped up, got in their rig and hauled ass. ‘Get over it!’ Damn, it’s just a blow job. I’ve been in gang bangs too, but those don’t happen too often. Usually, at dark, single drivers pull in for their break, so they have some time to kill. I carry a cold case of beer in my car to offer potential feeders. It works, it really works. Nothing like a driver enjoying an ice cold beer and a blow job. The beer calms their nerves, I take a heavy load off their balls. Works out for all of us. Some truckers know what they want and come and get it. Once setting in my car I noticed a driver get out of his rig, walk around his rig, looking around, then off to the wooded area he went. I watched for a little while, to make sure he didn’t head out that way for a quick shit. Soon, I noticed a figure just inside the woods. It was the tucker, looking towards me shaking his dick at me, or in my direction anyway. I got out of my car and made my way to the woods. Without any words being said, I dropped to my knees and sucked the horned up driver off. All the guy said was, ‘this beats jerking off.’ He dumped a huge load in my mouth and back to his truck he went. Another driver saw what was happening, over he came and he too, dumped a load in my cock sucking mouth. I was raped (you can’t rape the willing!) by a well hung proud black driver. A very clean cut, well dressed cowboy type black man stepped out of his rig and went to the woods. Like a lost sheep, I followed. He stood just inside the bushy area. As I stepped into the woods he grabbed my arm. ‘Are you a good buddy looking for some action?’ He ask in a deep forceful voice. ‘Yeah, you looking for action?’ I ask back. He grabbed my head and forced me down to his crotch. He held my head there for a few second. I could feel his large cock through the jeans against my face. I dropped to my knees and waited for him to pull out his snake. And snake he pulled out. A large back cock dropped out of his tight starched jeans. Huge! We stepped back a little further in the woods where he pushed me back. ‘Take off your clothes, I want to fuck you.’ He said. As I worked out of my clothes, he pulled his jeans down below his knees. Naked, I laid my clothes to lay on. I took his cock back in my mouth, and sucked on it. It took a few minutes for me to get his long thick black cock fully hard and erect. He pushed me back on my back, pushed my legs back and spit on my shaved hole. His cock, wet from my slobber, entered my ass. He worked his cock all the way into my ass. He drove it all the way in and held it there. ‘You wanna cum while I fuck your pussy? Boy!’ He ask. As he raped my hole, he watched me frantically jerk my cock. His cock was so big it hurt ever time he shoved it in me. My hole hadn’t been opened that wide in a long time. He pulled out and turned me over. ‘You like that fuckin’ pussy boy?’ He mumbled. ‘Yes sir, I love it, keep fucking me.’ I begged him. The more I seem to beg, the harder he pounded my ass. My cock was hurting to cum. My balls were tight, his were low hangers as they slapped my ass every time he put that long fuck pole in my fuck hole. He pulled all the way out and slapped his long hard cock on my ass cheeks. I’ve never been fucked like this before. He shoved that cock back deep into my hole after slapping me around. Finally he flipped me back over and ordered me to get on my knees. I did. He took his long hard cock and slapped my face, then he shoved that monster into my mouth. He face fucked me until he came by the bucket loads. He held the back of my head, with his cock hung in my throat, it gushed out streams and streams of cum, I damn near choked to death, but oh it was good. When he was trough shooting his cum down my throat and into my guts, he pulled out and held his cock like a fire hose and pissed all over my naked body. I was so turned on I opened my mouth and drank some of his hot piss to wash down what cum was left in my mouth and throat. After he was done, he reeled up his long black hose, zipped up and was gone. I lay there a little while, soaked with piss and cum. Once again, I got fed, bred and treated like the cum bucket whore I am. There’s cock in them there woods, get out and get yours! Cum Bucket Good Buddy.

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