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Good Buddy Cruiser

The first guy I ever sucked and later got fucked by, was a horny trucker in a porn shop. Ever since, I’ve been hooked. I’m a proud Trucker Good Buddy. Cruising the average trucker can be tricky, but once you’ve made it to the cab of a big rig, you pretty well know what the fuck you’re doing. My first trucker had pulled into a local porn shop I use to go to for some down home sucking and cums swapping. He was a large burly looking guy. Kinda scary. I got in a booth with a glory hole and in he went next to me. In no time his huge cock came through the hole, I knew this big guy knew what he was after. I sucked on that large meat for a few minutes, loving every bit of it when all of a sudden a huge wad of hot cum came out the head of that cock. It almost drowned me, but I swallowed every fucking bit. His cock stayed hard and I kept sucking. After ten minutes or so he pulled his cock back through the hole. I watched through the hole as he stuck his dick back in his pants, zipped up and was out the door. ‘Job well done.’ I thought to myself. Not much was going on in the booths, so I headed on out, belly full of man cum, I was happy. As I walked out to my car I noticed the truck still parked along the street in front of the book store. I got in my car and noticed the clearance lights on the trailer were blinking. Did the trucker have light problems? I looked a little harder and noticed the cab light on, the driver was waving at me. I got out of my car and made my way over to the big idling rig. With his window down he yelled at me, ‘Hey man, that was a good blow job, you got some more time we can have fun in my rig down at the rest area.’ I thought for a moment, what the fuck. ‘Ok, sounds good to me, I’ll follow you.’ I told him. I got back in my car and followed the big rig about 15 miles out of town to the nearest rest area. As he pulled in, he went to the back of the rest area, I parked in front with the cars. I made my way up by the rest rooms and out to his rig. There were six big rigs parked in the truck part of the rest area. I got up in the truck with the big burly driver. He had his cock back out of his pants, just as hard as it was when I milked it back at the porn shop. He turned to face me and I went down on his hard fat cock. I knelt between the two front seats of the rig. The curtain between the cab and the bunk was open. I could see his bed and other junk in the back. His hands on the back of my head were pushing my head down to his crotch. I loved it. ‘You got a cock in those pants?’ He ask. Without a chance to answer he barked, ‘pull it out, I want to see you jack off while you suck my rod.’ I kept my head bouncing up and down on his root while I worked my cock from my jeans. I was so fucking hard, my balls were sore because of the need to shoot some backed up juice. As I kept sucking, I kept jerking on my cock. I was needing to cum so fucking bad, but I held off. ‘Here it cums good buddy,’ He said in a deep voice. Salty thick cum shot out of his cock. I took all of it down once again and sucked the left overs out of the slit in the head of his cock. As he stood up, he pulled me from the floor. ‘Take those jeans off, I want to see that pussy of yours.’ He instructed. I did as he ask. I pulled my jeans off but left my tennis shoes on. As I laid back on the bunk, he grabbed my ankles and pushed my legs back. He had a bird’s-eye view of my puckered man hole, which he called a pussy. He leaned over and stuck his tongue in my hole. Without touching myself, I just about came. In no time he had my ass wet and his cock hard and pushing the head in. The fat head popped in my hole and he drove the rest all the way to the hilt. He pumped my ass about six time and he started cuming. I too, cam all over the both of us. My cum shot all over my chest, his chest and both our faces. ‘You ever been fucked like that, good buddy?’ He ask as he pulled his pants back up. ‘Well, I’ve been fucked before, but not that good and that fast.’ I replied with a huge smile on my face. From that point on, I was hooked on truckers. I found cruising the rest areas really could pay off with some horny man meat. The most guys I sucked off in one night at the rest area was 18. Most nights within a couple of hours, I can bag six to eight guys on the average. These fucking truckers can be a horned up bunch. Most are married and some want to get into a lot of dialogue, I like to get in, get off and get the next one. Summer time is my favorite. Nearly naked to totally naked in the woods behind a rest area can really pay off. Late one evening, wearing nothing but my work boots, leather jock strap, I was gang banged by three truck drivers. As I leaned over letting a Werner driver fuck my ass, an older guy that drove for JB Hunt stood in front of me with a 9” cock in my mouth. I worked the guy’s cock over the best I could while the Werner driver was fucking my ass raw. He pulled me back and lay me on the ground and pushed my legs back. He ask the older JB Hunt driver if he wanted a piece of my ass. As the Werner driver was pounding his cock up my ass, his large balls were slapping my back side. A third driver came up to watch the action. He knelt down behind the Werner driver and watched his huge cock going in and out of my hole. The Werner driver pulled out of my opened up hole. The JB Hunt driver took over. It took a few seconds for him to push that long cock up in my ass. I could feel the head up inside of my guts. I wanted him to shoot his load way up there too. The guy started fucking my ass as a fast pace. It was fuckin awesome. He pulled out and made me lean back over the fallen tree. I spread my legs good and wide to offer my fuck hole back to him. His cock was so fucking long, he stuck his cock head in and walked up! I could feel that long cock work it’s way back up in ass. He held my hips and pounded away. The third driver had his long stiff cock out jerking on it while watching me getting fucked. JB pulled out and the Werner driver took back over, it didn’t take him very long he was dumping his load up my ass. When he pulled out the JB Hunt driver pushed his long thick cock back up in me and dumped his heavy load. He kept pumping my hole long after he came in me. When he pulled out, large wads of cum dropped out of my ass hole to the ground. The third driver was completely naked by this time. He walked up to me as I squatted down and took his shaft into my mouth. He held the back of my head and fucked my face like a hot ass. His low hanging balls were slapping my chin. Slobber from my mouth was dripping down between my legs. My cock was waving in the air between my legs and I was in much need of getting off. His cock would go down my throat and make me gag. I gagged several times just about choking on his cock. This guy knew what he was doing. He pulled back away from me and stood me up. He turned me around and over the tree I went again. Without hesitation he drove his cock up my well fucked ass. Several stabs and he too was dumping his load up my hole. Exhausted, I stood up, turned around and jerked off one hell of a huge load of cum. The three truckers gathered their clothes and wondered back to their rigs. I was so fucking worn out. I squatted back down and let the cum drip out of my well fucked hole. The last drops of my own cum dripped out of the head of my cock. I went and found where I had laid my clothes when I first got to the park. I dressed and made my way back home. Man what a night. often wondered if all rest areas were as cruisy as the one near my home. One rest area I pulled into had a lot of trucks, but nothing going on. I pulled around to the back of the rest area and used the phone where the trucks parked. As I stood by the phones pretending to talk, I had just a pair of cut off shorts and tennis shoes on. I left my shirt in the car. One driver had his eye on me, but I didn’t want to see too anxious. Before I gave up that game, a younger driver got out of his rig parked right in front of the phones. He had sunglasses on, tight jeans, cowboy boots and a tight shirt. He came up and got on the phone and argued with his dispatcher, so it sounded like. He had his back to me and kept grabbing at his crotch. I wasn’t too sure, maybe his dick itched os something. I acted like I was going to get off the phone when he spun around and had a huge package in his crotch area. He looked at me and ask, ‘you play?’ My eyes were hooked on his full package. I looked up and choked, ‘hell yeah.’ We both hung up the phone and in his rig we went. My car still parked by the phones. In no time he had his long snake out and I had my lips wrapped around it. He worked his jeans down to his knees, my shorts had dropped about the time I got in the rig. We worked ourselves around to where we were in the sixty-nine position and slurping each other’s cocks. His cock shot a large load of trucker cum down my throat. It wasn’t long after that he was sucking the cum out of my cock. We lay there very satisfied when he ask, ‘can you cum again?’ Back on each other’s cocks we went. Again, we slurped and sucked and ate another fine load of each others. Without much said, I pulled up my shorts, he his jeans and off we went in our separate ways. Later that evening I pulled through Flagstaff, Arizona. It was just about dark when I pulled into a truck pull off outside of town headed west. There were several rigs parked, I got out and through some trash away and took in the site. There was a driver bumping his tires as he walked around his rig. As I stood there he walked around his rig and grabbed his crotch. I could feel my cock jerk. Maybe I was just seeing things, and he had to adjust himself. Again, he turned to me and grabbed his crotch. As he stood between his rig and trailer I made my way over to him. He stood there holding nice slab of meat while he took his piss. ‘Hey driver, how’s it going?’ I ask him. ‘Ah, pretty good. Had a fucking fight with my old lady, not having a good day.’ He replied. I took that as a message not to fuck with him. ‘Well, it’ll work out driver, have a good trip, take care.’ I said as I turned to go back to my car. I was just about to the end of his trailer when he said, ‘I could use some company, if you’re interested.’ I turned around and there he stood waving his half hard cock at me. I walked back to the driver, bent down and took his cock in my mouth. ‘Come on to my rig.’ He said. We got in his rig and his horny cowboy took his clothes off. Tall, slender, hairy chest with very hairy legs. His cock was short and fat when he was taking that piss, however, it grew to a nice long thick suckable size. I went down on his cock and he loved it. ‘Yeah, my old lady can’t give a blow job like a guy can. You like to take it up the ass buddy?’ He ask me. I pulled off his cock and answered, ‘You fuck me I’ll have you forgetting about your old lady.’ I stood up and dropped my jeans. My cock stood straight out. He played with it and squeezed my balls. I lay back on his bunk, my favorite place in a rig, and pulled my legs back to show him my hairy hole. He let me suck on his fuck pole a little longer. He spit on my ass hole and worked his wet cock up my ass. He fucked me on my back, flipped me over and fucked my ass really good. I stood up, bent over and let him fuck me standing up. I ended up on my back as he plowed my hole. ‘Where do you want this load?’ He ask while he was fucking me real deep. ‘Inside me, dump it all inside me.’ I told him. He started cuming, I did the same. I shot my wad all over my chest as he dumped his up my ass. It was dark by the time I got out of his rig. I got out with just my boots on. I love the night air on my naked body. I lit a smoke as I stood outside my car in the dark. A rig pulled in, but I was out of the light. As I stood there in the dark enjoying my cigarette, I thought about the fucking I had just gotten. I reached back and played with my swollen hole. Cum had ran down my leg. My cock started stiffening up. As I stood there blowing smoke into the night air I jacked on my cock thinking about fucking another trucker. I really needed to get to the next motel and shut it down for the night. The cool air nipped at my body when a voice came from the dark. ‘You always smoke in the nude, and in the dark.’ I just about shit all over myself. Another cruiser had his eye on me from his parked car. ‘Damn man, you just about gave me a heart attack.’ I told him. ‘Oh, I’m sorry, didn’t mean to startle you. You have a good time with that trucker back there?’ He ask. From what I could tell in the dark, he wasn’t a bad looking guy, I reached over and grabbed his hand and placed it on my moist ass hole. ‘Yeah, can you tell?’ I ask him. He ran his hand up and down the inside of my leg to feel the wet cum draining out of me. ‘Feels like he left a nice load of juice in you.’ I stood up, my cock still hard and waving in the air. The guy reached over and stroked it as he talked to me. ‘Yeah, this is a pretty productive area late in the evenings. I get lucky here all the time. I live in town and cruise here quite often. I’ve never met the same trucker here twice. But they sure love my blow jobs.’ He said. ‘Yeah, I’ve never met a trucker that didn’t want a blow job.’ We both laughed. He kept stroking my cock. He got down on his knees and started sucking my cock. It felt so fucking good, and I wanted to cum again in a real bad way. ‘Oh yeah!’ I told him. He stood up and said, ‘set up on your hood and pull your legs back. I want to suck that cum out of your ass.’ I set up on the hood of my car and he pushed my legs back. He sucked on my hole and then my cock. He would nibble on my balls and go back to sucking my ass. He sucked what cum was left in my hole. ‘Yeah, that trucker really fucked you didn’t he?’ He ask and went back to eating my hole. I was ready to shoot my load. ‘You want to catch my load, I gotta cum.’ I ask him. He took my shaft in his mouth and my legs dropped. He took my shaft deep into his throat. I started cuming. I came so fucking hard I just about passed out. After he took my load in his mouth he flipped me over and spread my ass cheeks and spit that load up my ass. I could feel the warm cum shooting up my well fucked ass. As soon as he spit it up my ass he ate it back out. I couldn’t believe what the guy did, but it really felt great. I had my own cum forced up my ass. From coast to coast, if there’s a big rig in the lot, chances are you got a hard cock to enjoy. I got picked up by the cops one time, but that’s another story at another time. Peace out guys, Good Buddy Chris K. Atlanta, Georgia

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