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Glory Hole Tales

The best part about glory holes is, you don’t know or care who’s cock is through that hole, nor do you care whom it’s hooked to. All you want is that mysterious cock down your throat! I drive from the Midwest to west and I’m out on the road for weeks at a time. I know just about where every glory hole is from truck stops to porn shops on the route I travel. I know, just another ‘get off’ trucker story. Well, maybe to some of you, but I get a hard on just thinking of some of the exciting times I’ve had and still have through a glory hole. I’ve sucked so many cocks through a glory hole, if you put them end to end, I bet it would be many a mile. I enjoy getting my cock sucked as well through the infamous hole. One night in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I was laying over at the Loves Truck Stop in town amongst the whores and crake dealers. I called a cap and he took me to the nearest book store. I went on in, got some change and went to the peep booths. As usual, there were a couple of trolls making their way up and down the isles between the booths. I too, loitered around until some new faces came in. At first I thought a fucking bus had stopped out front, six guys came in all within several minutes. One by one they wondered on to the back. Average guys looking to get off, just my kind. I found me a booth with a glory hole in it and started playing some vids. I tuned into a video of a black guy fucking a hot white guy’s ass. As my cock started growing, I could see an eye looking up at me through the glory hole. I pulled my cock out and started stroking, showing off some to the guy looking up at me. His lips came up to the hole and opened up. I couldn’t help myself, I stuck my hard cock in his willing mouth. The mysterious guy sucked on my cock as I motion fucked the wall. I could feel my cock going deep down his tight throat. I would pull out and push back in. He kept up with my rhythm and sucked on the head real hard. I wanted to blow my load, but not so quick. I pulled out to keep from cuming. As I looked down, the guy had his hot hairy ass up to the hole. I squatted down, with my cock waving in the air I licked the guys ass hole through the glory hole. It was all puckered up and wet. I stood back up and pressed my cock head to his puckered ass cheeks. My cock went into his hole with ease. I drove it all the way in as far as I could. My belly and balls were pressed up hard against the wall, with my cock through the hole and up his ass. He started bucking and fucking me from the other side. As I put as much pressure as I could up against the wall, my cum was pumping out of my balls and out the end of my shaft up his hot ass. I dumped a huge load right up the ass of this willing glory hole pleaser. I could hear him moaning as he was shooting his load. I pulled my cock out of his ass and back into the booth I was in. In no time, he picked up his jeans and was out the door. Before he could get the door shut, another guy walked in. His hard cock came through the glory hole so fast, at me, I thought he might had been in the booth with the first guy. With my pants around my ankles, I squatted down, with cum dripping from my cock head, and took that hard shaft down my throat. Time for me to get my throat swabbed with a hot cock and some real man juice. This guy’s cock head was huge. The shaft was long and skinny, but the head made up for anything I might be missing. He drove that long shaft, huge cock head, down my open throat. I could taste his precum, and feel it as it dribbled out the head of his cock. I took the head and sucked hard on it. He pulled back just a bit, and then drove that shaft down my open throat hole again. I gagged this time, just about choked. Shit! He skull fucked my face for a little bit, I was sucking up as much precum as I could. There was so much, I didn’t think there would be anything left to shoot. He cock head got real purple, what I could see from the TV light. All of a sudden, it was like a wild gusher. Cum started spewing out the large cock head. I placed me lips and mouth over the head as it pumped gobs and gobs of white man cum in my mouth. He came so fucking much, I had to fucking swallow twice! No fucking shit. From what I could hear over the porn shop noise, he was really moaning in the next booth. As he left his man cum in my mouth he pulled back and left the booth. I was totally dizzy from the load of cum I just ate. I was awesome! I sat back up in my seat, my cock, hard again, and jacked off to completion. I shot several streams of cum all over the video booth floor. Just for the next guy to know what a great time I had in that same booth. The last time I was in that particular store, there had been several more holes put in other booths. A wild time for this wild horny trucker. Don W. OTR Driver.

I was in a hurry one night, pulled in a truck stop in Missouri off I-44 outside of St. Louis. I pulled in the ‘older’ type truck stop, they always have great food to go and the fuel prices are pretty good. Usually! My co-driver was asleep and would be for the next four hours. So it was my turn in the barrel. Which meant it was my turn to fuel, get grub, on my shift to drive. We have a reputation with the company we drive for, we are one of the top two teams. We have the most miles, most deliveries and on time record out of 500 trucks. Not bad, but it seems we are always in motion and very little action takes place. My co-driver and I are both gay, we are not partners, but enjoy to get off together when time permits. Especially if we can get one or two more guys to ‘get off’ with us. I made my order for food to go, fueled the truck, cleaned the windshield and all that shit. Speaking of shit, I had to go, and go bad. I was gonna run all the way to the Oklahoma/Missouri border before we swapped out. I ran in and grabbed the back stall. As I sat and did my duty, the most beautiful cock and balls came through an eye level glory hole to my right. I’d never seen such a beautiful cock in all my fucking cock sucking life. Without a word, and as I wiped my ass, I took that cock in my mouth and didn’t want to let go! Oh, it was a dram cum true. I took that cock all the way down to the balls. And big full shaved balls they were. I could smell the man-smell on his cock and on his balls, I pulled his cock up and worked his balls over. I deep throated his cock as far as I could. I could tell the guy was really getting into it. I slid off the pot and down onto the floor and really sucked on his manhood. His cock seemed to get harder as I tugged with one hand and sucked with my mouth. The wall between us was shaking like crazy. He was pushing and pulling on the other side, I could tell I was hitting some hot spots on his cock. As I sucked as hard as I could, he pulled back and  dropped to the hole. I stood up and shoved my cock back through the hole and he took over sucking my cock. Before I could get a good hold on the wall, my cock was shooting it’s sperm all over and in the guy’s mouth. He took every drop he could. I pulled my cock out just in time for him to shove his back through the glory hole and deposit his spunk into my mouth. I swallowed it all down. My breath smelt just like salty cum all the way to the state line. My cock was hard the whole fucking trip. When we got to the state line I told my co-driver what had happen at the truck stop. His cock stood straight up in his boxer shorts. I pulled it out and drained his fuck tool right there while catching up on our log books. He told me I needed to do that more often. Craig D. OTR Driver.

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