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Glory HOle Sucker

I love Glory Holes! And I love Truckers! Most of all, I love to cruise truckers at Adult Book Stores that have glory holes. That’s the best way to get a hard, thick, juicy trucker cock in your mouth. You can pretty well bet, if there is a trucker is a porn shop, his hard cock is going to shoot through that hole for some down home sucking. I just love the juice shooting out of that hard cock head spraying down my throat! Damn! With all of that in mind, here is my CB Story I hope you Horny Road Men can use.

Several miles from my place is an adult book store with rig parking in the back. There is always several rigs parked there after dark. Some stay there over night. That’s where all the action takes place. The store has the infamous peep shows in the back with glory holes for your sucking pleasure. I spend a lot of time in there polishing some hard thick knobs. I use my CB to attract truckers into the place, my selling point is, ‘it’s safer than a pickle park!’ Most nights that I cruise the place, I have much luck with guys that want their cocks sucked and a place to drop their thick loads. I have even ended up in a rig or two for a good hard butt hole pounding. Just last week while heading down to the truck stop for a late dinner, I fired up the CB to see who was chatting. I always run on channel 19 to listen for the truckers. On my way down I heard a driver talking about how sorry drivers were that camped out at an adult book store. How men should not read porn books and watch the movies. It pretty well started a damn good argument on the CB. Hell, not even were there any talk about much else. This guy got a lot of drivers talking. Well, in my mind, it’s a harmless way to get off with other guys, who gives a fuck! I ate my dinner and cruised the CB again on my way down to the book store. As I got closer to the store I heard some ‘clicking’ on the radio. Hell, that’s what I do when I’m in a pickle park. Just for fun I clicked back several times. The person on the other end, kept clicking! So, I spoke up, ‘go to channel 33.’ I turned the knob and clicked again. He clicked back. It was damn close, and I was in the parking lot. There were four rigs in back. So, I just spoke up, ‘hey guy, if you want your cock sucked, go to the back of the store, I’ll be in booth 16.’ I got out, made a pass in front of the rigs and went in the back door of the store. I paid my $6 fee and went to the back. Booth 16 by the way had a real nice glory hole in it. Big enough to get your ass fucked through it too! There were six booths with lights on to let you know someone was in them. So, might be a good evening. As I got in the booth and watched a couple of guys going at it, I pulled my cock out while waiting for a prize to come through the hole. No luck, didn’t hear a soul out my door. Finally, I heard the door in the next booth close. I squatted down to check out who was next door. A short heavy set guy, from what I could tell in the dark he was maybe Hispanic. I wasn’t sure. I watched him flip through some channels on the TV and he started watching a fuck flick. He unzipped his fly and out flopped a huge uncut master piece. Mater piece of meat that is! Fucking wow! That huge cock hung down for a little bit, he tugged on it as he flipped through a few more channels. From what I could see, he had a handsome face, on the chubby side, but a huge fucking cock and balls to go with it. My mouth was watering, big time! As he pulled the uncut skin back, the head was beautiful, I mean it was meant for my hot mouth. He looked down at the glory hole and saw me peering through. He stepped in my direction with cock in hand and slid it right through the hole, balls and all. I took that uncut cock in my mouth. I worked it over and as I did it got harder and harder. Finally, it was stiff enough for me to deep throat. I gagged a few times, but who gives a fuck. I love to gag on a huge cock like that. Shit! I was in cock sucker heaven. I worked over the guys cock and sucked on his balls. I could hear him moaning from the other side of the wall. He started to pull his cock in and out of my mouth as he was fucking my face. I struggled on the floor to get my cock out to stroke it too. I always wear light pants, shorts, something easy to get out of. As I pulled my loose shorts down, my dick stuck straight up. I was so fucking turned on, I could feel the cum boiling in my balls. As I squatted on the floor sucking that thick cock, I played with my ass hole, wondering if I could get up and slide that cock in my fuck hole before he knew what was going on. About the time I was ready to make my move a huge jolt of cum shot down my throat. There were three maybe four hard squirts that came out of the end of my cock sucking find. The first one caught me off guard, and I could hardly keep up with the next thick three shots. As fast as I could swallow, the next squirt would choke me up. But, finally I got every fucking bit of that man juice down. I kept sucking on his cock to get every fucking drop he had. He pulled that prize cock back through the hole and was gone. By the time I got my pants up and opened the door, he vanished! I was sure hoping to get some of that man meat up my hot ass. I wasn’t sure if the guy was a trucker or not, but by the time I made it out to my pick up, a big rig was pulling out of the lot. It was too dark to tell whom the driver was, but I’m pretty damn sure it was the short heavy set guy with the huge uncut cock that made it well worth my while, once again, by cruising with my CB and sucking a prize through the glory hole. I love that anonymous cock sucking. But with that in mind, I love to look at the guy while he’s fucking my hole and holding my legs back. I’ll send you guys that story next! Jimmy, Illinois.

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