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Glory Hole Story

I was at a truck stop in Ontario, California. I’m not a trucker, but I enjoy eating at truck stops and cruising truckers. I had gone into the rest room at the TA Truck Stop, ordered a meal, cruised the rest rooms and drivers area. While in the rest room I came across a card on the floor that read, ‘Private Glory Hole’ Call, and it had a phone number. I cruised my way to the pay phones, trying to make some eye to eye contact. I have here in the past, and have had some good time in the parking lot, but that’s another story. I called the number on the card and got an answering machine. A guy said that the glory hole was located just blocks from the truck stop, gave directions to the guys house, where he had a private glory hole set up. Well, I was a little scared, so I went down the street, bought a couple of beers to get up some courage. I took the directions I got off the phone call and followed them, right to the guys door. What the fuck, the place was lit up, wasn’t trashy, so I went on in. It was a room in the back of his house that was fixed up with a soda machine, snacks, and three glory holes on the wall. It wasn’t dark inside, but dim lights. I heard a noise come from one of the glory holes. I walked over to see a guys open mouth. I pulled my cock out and let the guy on the other side suck on it. He was a great cock sucker. I was really getting into this. I dropped my pants to the floor and fucked the glory hole. The guy was doing one hell of a number on my cock. I wanted to bust my load in his mouth, but was really enjoying the pleasure to stop just yet. As I was getting into fucking this guy’s mouth, the door came open and a tall, well built black man walked in the private glory hole room. Without a word, he dropped his work out pants and pulled back his jock strap and a huge long black stallion cock fell out. It looked like a fucking rope hanging there. Balls to go right along with it. He walked up to the wall and stuck his cock in. My rock hard cock was still being sucked by the magic man behind the wall. I guess there were more than one cock suckers on the other side, he too, was enjoying his blow job through the glory hole. As I was working over the mouth in my hole, the black guy reached over and squeezed my ass cheek. My cock got that much harder. I looked over at the black stallion and he pulled his nine inch fuck pole out of the glory hole. He walked over and squatted down and started eating my ass. The thought of his black cock raping my ass hole was a turn on, but was scaring me some what. He ate my ass while the glory hole guy sucked on my cock. I was about to loose it when the black guy stood up and worked his large cock in my ass. I pulled out so he could really shove that monster in my ass. As he worked it in me, I stuck my cock back through the glory hole. I could feel his cock touching my liver. In an instant he started bucking and fucking and pulling my hips to him. I pulled my hard cock out of the glory hole guys’ mouth so I could get a good fucking from the black stallion. He started cuming up my ass and worked us both back over to the glory hole. I stuck my cock, again, in the hole and let the guy resumed sucking me. The black man dumped his seed in my and I left mine with the guy behind hole number three. I frequent this place every other week, I’ve never met the guy behind the hole, don’t care to, that’s the fun of it. Mario T. Riverside, California

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