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Glory Hole Stories

‘Highway to Heaven’ I was on my way from El Paso, TX to Dallas on I20W just outside Abilene when I saw an Adult Video Store in a town called Merkle. I stopped in to see what all the action was as it is next to a Truck Stop. Man, was I surprised as to what was going on the arcade. Several Glory Holes with lots of Trucker Cock just waiting to be sucked. There were no other cock suckers there at the time so I had one hell of a good time. One driver waited to be serviced while he was naked and invited me to his truck. We climbed in and he was naked before I could even get a good look at my surroundings. He told me to climb into the sleeper and he climbed on top of me and put that rock hard cock in my mouth so fast I almost choked. Well, I got use to it and before I could blink an eye, he had me on my stomach and was ramming that big hot hard cock in my ass. It was at least 8-9 inches and the size of a beer can and I had never been fucked by a cock that size. I must say, it really felt fantastic and now all I want is to be fucked by BIG HOT HARD COCKS on BIG HOT HARD TRUCKERS. I went back in the bookstore and had about five more truckers through the glory holes but nothing like the one that fucked me that afternoon. I’ll be back truckers for more of this place.

‘Glory Hole Prize’ On a business trip to another city, I visited a spot renowned for its glory hole activity - had to wait my turn in a queue to get into a cubical - the last one - and there waiting in the booth next door was a dude with an awesome dick, which he was stoking...moving the foreskin up and down the thick shaft. I hauled mine out and got it hard as he watched, then he whispered to me to leave the booth and meet him outside, which I did. Cut the long story short - we went back to his house and got naked on his bed, starting with some good cock to cock action before I was straddled over him in a 69 trying to deep throat his thick 10 incher (thats the biggest cock I’ve ever had), and him devouring my ass with his face and getting his tongue deep into my manhole as he forced my muscled buns apart with his rough hands. He was so damn horny to fuck my hungry spout and I was too, but the thickness of it intimidated me so we ended up in a good cock rub man mating session with our juices mixing together on our abs while we kissed and grunted. He gave me his number and I said I’d call him on my next business trip.For 9 months I could just about only think of that dude and his huge slab and getting that up my ass. I started to train my manhole to be able to take a wrist thick 10 incher, and on my next trip I gave him a call. He immediately told me to come round to his work, which I found was a government archives - huge building with very few staff around. Only saw one other guy. So Willie led me immediately up to the fourth floor and into a mens room, closed the main door, into a cubicle and locked that door (these had brick walls and doors to the floor). We were both so fucking hungry, shirts off in an instant, kissing like animals before he dug his face into my pits and chest and down my chiselled abs while unzipping my jeans and hauling out my cock and taking it right down his gullet as it got harder and thicker, till all 8 inches was down his throat and his lips were at my pubes - man, that guy could suck so damn fine. With my pants down my ankles, I got down on the floor and slid his pants down and started eating his semi hard cock, till it was hard and huge in my mouth and I could even manage a bit of deep throating as he held my head and face fucked me. Then Willie got up, bent me over the toilet and was down eating out my ass and getting that hungry tongue right in, alternating between his fingers and tongue and lubing me up well with lot’s spit as he got two then three then four fingers in, more tongue and then pushed my head right down near the bowl and positioned himself behind me. My pucker just opened wide as he went in (uncut guys are a damn lot easier to take in), quickly but gently and soon he was fucking me like a wild cowboy riding a bull and we were both in fucking sweat and ecstasy. After 10 minutes of getting my manhole fucked raw, I got him on the floor, took off a boot and got a leg out my jeans and went down on that huge pole, squatting on it while I held his head and forced him to eat my cock, which he devoured. I rode him till I shot my jizz into his mouth and he erupted with a huge wad up my manhole. He sucked me and drained every bit of cum from my dick before I got up and extracted his monster past my sphincter. Epic man, we kissed and I tasted my cum in his mouth, wiped up and went to the wash stands to clean up some more. Have never seen him since, as I haven’t been back to his city. But I think of him often.

‘All Holes Filled’ I had the day off for the Columbus Day holiday. I had several appointments during the day, but managed to take care of three men in the middle of it all. I went to a video arcade near where I live about 11:45 or so. Stayed for the “lunch hour” and had plenty to eat before I was on my way. I gave blow jobs to three men. The first one waited around and fucked me after I blew the other two. The first (and third) man was in his late 40s or early 50s. I saw him getting out of a pickup truck with bumper stickers that lead me to believe he’s an iron worker. He was wearing very dusty Levis and work boots, a very worn t-shirt and a cap. We entered the building at the same time and nodded at each other. I followed him to the back where the video arcade is located. He went directly to a booth and I entered right behind him. There was no small talk with this man. As he put three dollar bills into the machine, he rubbed the bulge in his Levis. Nice bulge it was. Quickly I could see his cock outlined in his jeans and could see the outline of the head down his left leg. He turned back towards me after depositing his money and selecting a video. I dropped to my knees and he ripped open his button-fly. His cock was uncut, about 9” long, and had a huge mushroom head on it. No wonder I could see it through the denim of his jeans. I put my lips on his cock and slowly took it in. I worked slowly and managed to get the whole thing in my mouth. He let out a sigh and grabbed my head and held me there for a moment. He then started to slowly pump my mouth with his cock. He pulled it out far enough for me to quickly catch a breath before he sent it back to the back of my throat. He got a rhythm going pretty fast and after about three or four minutes blasted his cum down my throat. I milked every drop out of him, stood up, and thanked him. He asked if I was going to be around for awhile. I said I would be. He said good, because he thought he’d have another load for me. After I left the booth, I walked around for a couple of minutes. I passed a guy with a nice goatee wearing a sweat shirt and a pair of shorts. He was probably about 40 or so. We made eye contact so I followed him. We entered a both and he asked what I liked. I told him I was into giving head and sometimes getting fucked. With that, he unzipped his shorts and dropped them to his ankles. He was wearing white briefs. They came down too. I dropped to my knees and proceeded to suck him off. He didn’t last too long. He dropped a nice big load for me. He zipped up and left the booth. There was still money in the video machine so I stayed in the booth. In less than a minute a man in his mid-thirties looked in. He had a full beard, was wearing tight Wranglers, a white t-shirt, cowboy boots and a cap. He shut the door and rubbed his crotch. I got down on my knees and unzipped his jeans as he put a couple more dollar bills in the machine. He had a nice 7” uncut cock for me to suck. I stuck my tongue under his foreskin and cleaned off his head. I then took him in my mouth until my lips were smashed against his balls. I sucked on him for a few minutes. He put another couple of dollars in the machine and then sat down on the chair. I got between his legs, grabbed his cowboy boots and sucked on him some more. He hadn’t locked the door behind him and every once in a while someone would poke their head in. Each time he’d look at the guy and shake his head no. This happened several times until the first guy I sucked off looked in. The guy I was sucking motioned for him to join us. He came in and locked the door. The iron worker watched me blowing the guy in the chair and then came over beside me and undid my pants. He had me stand up for a second while he pulled them all the way off of me. He the pushed me back to my knees and pulled out his cock and made me suck him for a couple of minutes while the man in the chair watched and jacked himself slowly. He then guided my mouth back to the man in the chair and got down on the floor behind me, spat into his hand, and got my hole wet. He added to my spit on his cock with his own spit. He inched forward and started probing my ass with that huge mushroom head of his. He gently leaned forward and started entering me slowly. He pushed all the way in and held it there for a moment to let me get used to it. I was in heaven with one big cock in my mouth and a huge one deep inside my ass. He started pumping slowly and then a little faster and then faster. I was going up and down on the man in the chair in a similar rhythm. The iron worker fucking me started breathing harder and finally said he was going to fill me up. Was I ready to take it? All I could do was moan in the affirmative. The man I was blowing had swollen up and I could tell was ready to blast. And that they did at the same time. The man in the chair shoved my head down as far as it would go. The iron worker grabbed my hips and plunged as deep as he could. When they were done we stayed like that for a minute or two. I was in my favorite place. I had one man in my mouth and the other in my ass while I was also holding on to a pair of cowboy boots. Best of all, both men were totally satisfied. I hope I can do something like this again soon!

‘My First Black Cock’ I had been going to adult book stores for a while now. I had discovered the glory holes, and, had sucked cock several times through them. I found them exciting to say the least. Anytime I needed to suck some cock, all I had to do was travel just a little. I walked into the arcade room and took my normal seat in one of the booths. I would sit and watch the movies until someone opened the booth next to me. I then would get down and look through the glory hole. I have sucked some very nice cock through glory holes. Cock of every six and shape would come through the holes. But, I had not had any cock of color. I was more then curious about black cock. Would it be different then white cock? I soon found out. The door opened next to me and someone took a seat. I heard the quarters going in and the movie start. Well, it was time to look and see what was there. I loved those moments the most. Was I going to get some nice cock. Or, would it be someone who just wanted to watch a fucking movie. Every now and then someone would come in and watch the movie. Never taking out their cock. Go figure. This time when I looked in the glory hole, there sat a nice looking black man. I noticed he was wearing sweats, so, I figured he would be able to pull out his cock easy enough. My heart was racing. The thought of my first black cock really excited me. After he got settled in, he reached into his pants and pulled out the biggest cock I had ever seen. Now, I have sucked some small cocks, but, this was not one of them. He was huge. Large fat head, cut, long thick shaft. He started to jack himself off. I watched for a minute. Just staring at his meat. Finally, after looking for so long, I stuck my finger through the hole to let him know I wanted a taste. He stood up and came over to the glory hole. At this point I was beyond hot. He shoved this massive cock through the hole. First I stroked it a little. Amazed at its size. I then wrapped my lips around the biggest, fattest cock I ever sucked. Taking him all the way down my throat was not an option. Just too big of a cock. I sucked, and licked, then sucked some more. This was by far the best cock I had ever had in my mouth. I was ready to cum just from sucking him. All of a sudden, he pulled out of my mouth. He opened his door, and walked out. I thought he was gone. I wanted more of his meat in my mouth. I came out of my booth and watched this beautiful man walk into the movie part of the book store. I paid for a ticket, then in I went. My new friend was standing with his back against the wall. Just watching the movie. Now, the movie theatre has lots of men in there at any time. Some watching the movies, some sucking cock. So, no problem. I stepped up to my black friend and stood there. I waited for him to start rubbing his cock again. I knew he wanted some more cock sucking. And, who was I not to help this poor man out. So, I asked him if he would enjoy some more of the blow job I had been given him. He answered me saying, Oh, you were the one in the booth. Yup, it was me. He again pulled out his prize cock. This time I got on my knees, and started sucking on him with purpose. I would suck his cock, pull off, lick his balls, then back to his cock. I turned my head once and found that I had a number of men watching me suck his meat. That only turned me on more. I went back to sucking his cock. He, my black friend, started talking to me. Asking me if I was enjoying his cock in my mouth. I would pull my mouth off his hot cock and talk back to him. His hands found their way around my head, and he started to fast fuck me. Not forcing his cock down my throat, just fucking my mouth while holding my head. I pulled my mouth off his cock and asked him to please cum in my mouth when he was ready. He replied that he really shot a load when he came. All I could do was moan an answer. He went back to face fucking me. I was sucking his cock so fast, I was afraid he would cum to soon. He started to moan just a little. I clamped my mouth over his cock, and sucked it for all it was worth. He looked down at me and said he was getting close. I again looked up at him and said please give it to me. I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock, and started jacking him off in my mouth. He told me he was there, and the next thing I knew my mouth was being filled with cum. I mean lots of cum. This man shot a very large load. Several huge squirts of cum. I sucked him dry. I took all of it. I was so fucking hot. He pulled out of my mouth and I thanked him. He just laid back against the wall with is cock out. Squeezing his cock just a little, I managed to get a few more drops. He put his cock back into his sweats and walked out of my life. I turned and saw several men with their cocks out, pulling on them. I managed to suck a couple more. But, thats another story, for another time. -gtc.

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