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Glory HOle Reward

Most everyone can relate to my story, if they’ve cruised a glory hole. There are several bookstores in the area, one is off the interstate with tucker parking, that’s my favorite place. After work, I drop by, cruise the arcade, hope my favorite booth is empty and get ready to become a cum dumpster for all the cock I can get. If there is more that three or four trucks in the lot, I know it’s going to be a cum filled evening. My routine is to get in the booth, strip down to nothing, get hard and wait. Usually I’ll flip through the arcade channels to get all primed up. Soon, the door in the next booth opens and shuts. Either a hot mouth, open of course, shows at the hole, or a nice piece of man meat comes through for some hard sucking. One evening a large, bearish type of trucker came into the booth next to me. From what I could see through the hole, he was a large man, very large. Not the heavy fat type of guy, just a big heavy guy. The type you have to ride, if he got on top of you, he’d smother you! Any way, as I watched through the hole, he was rubbing his cock and flipping through the channels on the tube. I kept looking through the hole hoping for some cock. ‘Hopefully, he’s not going to just jerk off to the movie!’ I thought. Soon, he unzipped his jeans and out came a python cock. He might have been a big guy, but he had the cock to back himself up. He played with it as he watched the movie. He never looked over at the glory hole. Just about the time I was going to whisper through the hole, he turned and shoved that long fat cock through the glory hole. I went to work. There was no way to take that fat head down into my throat, but I worked it every fucking way I could. His balls were hanging low under this long fat flag pole of a dick. I sucked as hard as I could. My fucking lips were numb in no time. I reached up and gave his large balls a squeeze. My cock was hard, but I couldn’t jerk on it due to the fact I had both my hands on his tool. To my surprise he ‘popped’ his nuts. That first gush of man cum took my by surprise and most ran down my chin. The next few heavy squirts I swallowed as fast as they came at me. I kept sucking on his cock, it taste so fucking good. He pulled back, zipped up and out the door he went. ‘Damn that was good.’ I thought. I stayed knelt down on the floor jerking my cock. I wasn’t near ready to give up my load, besides, I too like a blow job and feeding my cock to a hungry hot mouth. The door opened again, quickly. A businessman in a suit stood at the monitor. I watched he flip through the channels and unzip his suit pants at the same time. He took a look at the glory hole a couple of times. I made myself visible to him. He set the monitor on a cunt movie and started stroking his cock, he turned and slowly put his cock up to the glory hole. Soon he eased it toward the hole and into my mouth. I made three, maybe four sucks on his cock and he came. He filled my mouth with that sweet, but salty juice. He pulled back and left. Fucking married straight men! A little while passed when the door opened again. As a rule, I like the glory hole, I’ll fuck, suck, get fucked and sucked, but I don’t let anyone in my booth. A guy came in, trucker, I guessed, he had a trucking company cap on. This horny road stud knew what he wanted and knew how to get it. No flipping through the movies, no token drop, none of that. He whipped out his long, but thin cock and stuck in through the glory hole. I took the half limp cock in my mouth and went to work. As it grew in my mouth, I worked it with my hand and then back in my mouth. In no time it was hard as a rock. About the size of a broom handle, but every bit of 9 plus inches. The head was just right. His long narrow cock fit just right down my throat. I wanted him to sink in deep in my throat and cum. That way, it shot down into my gut with ease. In no time, the guy was pumping his thick man cum down into my gut. As always, I left the glory hole that night full of the man juice I dream of when I’m not there. Glory holes, gotta have’em! BKJ

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