Glory Hole Madness

I got to the glory hole at about 8:00 am on a very warm August morning; I had just finished my shift at the hotel where I am employed as a night auditor, the stories I could tell about being a night auditor, we will save that for another time, the focus of this very intense morning is on my favorite glory hole haunt. It’s a place near our local university and you get a lot of jocks and frat boys coming in to drop a load, and some local business men, and I am just the eager Cock sucker that wants that load. The glory hole is in a bathroom in the middle of a duck pond. It has five stalls in the bathroom, the three end stalls are the ones with the holes, I like to set in the center stall with a hole on either side of me so I can take care of two cocks at once. I like the morning crowd the best, it’s the runners, and frat boys, the younger crowd you might say, I have sucked many a cock in that stall. This particular morning was different then some of the other mornings the action just started; it was non stop till noon. My first cock that morning was a nice young Hispanic cock uncut and huge, without any prompt the cock just came through the wall pointed in my direction, what’s a fag supposed to do with that hard brown meat facing you, that one eye with pre-cum dripping around the foreskin, well of course I took it in my mouth, my tongue made laps inside his foreskin, I could hear from the other side of the wall that my stall mate was defiantly enjoying my efforts to retrieve his cum. He started pumping my face really hard and moaning and groaning, I could hardly keep up with each thrust some how I managed to take every inch with every stroke he shoved down my throat , I felt his cock tighten at the base I knew I was only seconds from getting my well worked for man cream. A cock sucker knows when he is about to be filled with cream, From the taste I had still in my mouth from his pre-cum I knew I would not be satisfied with it just going deep in my throat, so I made my mouth work it’s way up so I could taste what I was about to receive. The first splat of cum hit my tongue, Oh man so much cum to taste I was in a frenzy with every drop of cream I got, some of it could not be contained, it was dripping down to his ball sack. I would not waste one drop to the floor. I had to have every sweet drop, I must have gotten three ounces of that creamer, when I had tasted all there was, the man pulled his cock from the wall, I heard the door open and close. I was so fucking horny I wanted to jack off, what could possibly top that cock. When I was about to pull my wad, and leave, I heard footsteps coming up the side walk, I heard a mans voice tell his wife or girlfriend that he would catch up with her in a little bit he needed to use the facilities, she said ok, I will see you by the pond, I heard him walk in and walk to the very end stall, I watched him take his cock out, it was really a nice one. It was not that it was really long but it was fat, and cut, nice one to look at. Once again my mouth was watering, I needed another cock. I was not sure I was going to pursue this after hearing him talking to someone outside, but to my surprise he spoke to me, he said are you one of those men that likes to sit in rest rooms and, I said ‘and what use the toilet?’ Don’t you set on a toilet? He said yes of course, I mean I have been here before, and I have seen your car here before, I even watched you suck a couple cocks before. It interests me. I said well let me see your cock. So he stands up and puts his cock through the wall, it barely fits in the hole, it was a full hole. He says I am scared. I said no need in being scared, as I put my lips around this massive fuck stick it stretched my mouth wide, I am glad it was not long as well, it did not take long for this stud to shoot a wad, it was a healthy wad, and I again was eager to except the cum , no sooner then he made his last moan and thrust , I heard the females voice say are you ok in there, he said yes , and the cock was ripped from my mouth just as quickly as it came. He was gone. I sat there for a moment kind of feeling guilty after sucking some guys cock off with his wife or girlfriend just outside, but the guilt soon evaporated. I looked at my watch, it’s only 8:30 am, I have only been here a half hour, and already I have had two full loads of hot Jizz. I hear foot steps once again, they walk over to the urinal, and I hear the man pissing. I hear the water in the sink come on. And he washes his hands, then he walks to the end stall, and he opens the door, I am setting in my stall with an extreme hard on, he peeks over the stall, I can see that he is a very handsome frat boy, big smile from ear to ear, are you a cop he says, I said, not hardly are you? He replied hell no, what are you peeking at me for I said. Kind of boyish, well, he says, I really need to get my cock off with some hot dude. Well I am here to suck so get it out and in the hole. How do I explain the cock on this boy; it was the prettiest cock I have ever seen. Kind of angelic in appearance. The cock was not extremely massive, just pretty to look at; the head just flowed down the shaft. I wanted this cock bad! Once again I am positioned to take another cock, lips are chapped, my jaw is sore, I manage to wrap my lips around his half erectile penis, and begin my work of extracting another load. He starts out real slow pulling his cock in and out teasing this cocksucker. You like sucking cock don’t you, you little cock sucker, use your fuckin tongue bitch, make my cock all wet an slobbery, let me hear you moan bitch as I cram my cock down your throat. Gag pussy boy, “you fuckin cock pig”, ‘so you want to eat cum? Don’t you? As he pulls his cock out of my mouth. Let me hear you beg for my cock to come back in your mouth! Beg bitch! He is in to this dirty talk stuff, I can take it or leave it, but I decided to go along with it. Oh yes please can I have your cock in my mouth? I am so hungry for your meat, it is the best cock I have ever tasted! I will just die if you don’t fuck my face with it. ‘Oh yes pussy boy you want my cock say you want my cock!’ Oh I want your cock please, please put it back in! As my wide open lips pressed between the partitions of wood separating the two stalls, he begins his assault of my wide open mouth, ramming his cock in and out of my mouth with angry fury, grabbing on to the partition, thrusting his hips back and fourth, take my load you little bitch boy. You can hear his balls hitting the other side of the wall; the boy is wild as can be. I feel the cock tighten him letting out a deep moan, followed by a jet stream of man juice which hits the back of my throat, and slides down my half full stomach. Before I can digest that splat, another hits, and trickles out the side of my mouth. He thrusts his hips backwards, and the cock head flips out of my mouth letting another stream hit me in the eye. I quickly take his man meat back into my eager mouth taking the last and final explosion; he then hurriedly pulls his spent cock from the hole in the wall. Thanks! I hear him say as he makes his way to the door. I am seated there on the toilet, my face still glistening with his cum, I reach up and wipe the cum from my brow and place the remainder in my mouth, totally lost in the taste of this load. Just about the time I think I have had all the cock I can handle for one morning. It’s like 9:15 am, and three hot fucking loads, from three nice cocks. I am setting there thinking about going home, and playing with my ass with a few of my toys, and jacking my nice seven inches off, while I have my ass planted on one of my many dildos, and then finishing the morning off by eating my own hot load of cum. Just as I am getting up, I hear the door open, and I hear two voices speaking to each other. I can tell they are young college guys, from the sound of there voices, The one guy says to the other, “Hey Jason there is some glory holes down at the end three stalls.” Jason said, “what’s a glory hole Kevin?” Kevin said, “you really don’t know what a glory hole is?” “No,” he says, “what is it?” Kevin replies, “well it’s a hole big enough to stick your dick through then someone on the other side will suck it for you.” Jason says, “is it a woman on the other side?” “Fuck who cares, it’s a hot mouth to drop a load in, that’s the glory of it!” And then Kevin laughs. Jason answers, “have you ever stuck your cock through the hole in the wall?” “Yes, of course!” Kevin said, “it’s a cheep date.” Kevin said, “well it sounds kind of fun.” Jason said, “well then lets do it!” “How do you know if someone is on the other side?” “Well let’s walk down there. The cock suckers usually like to get in the middle stall, so why don’t you take the end stall, and I will take this stall next to the middle stall, ok?” “All right,” Jason says. Booth doors close, and I hear them take their zippers down and sit down on the toilets. I lean back so I can see the cocks. I make a noise so they know I am here. Time is going slow before anyone makes a move, so I decide to make the first one, hell I have two fucking hot cocks needing attention. I put my eye right up to the stall wall, I am looking at the boy that did not know what a glory hole was, and I knew if I got his cock through the wall the other boy would follow. He looks over and sees my eye peeking at him, I say to him nice cock, let me have it. I want to suck your cock, come on put it through the hole. He says ok, he stands up, he is real nervous, I can tell. He stands there for a minute, debating I am sure, as to how safe it is for someone to put their cock through the hole. I said don’t worry I am not going to bite, I just want your load dude. So he sticks his cock in the hole, I start to suck on it and blow it like a balloon. He’s really getting into it. So I set down on the toilet, I look over at the other hole. That cock is now sticking through the hole. I reach over with my hand and I start to milk it real good, while I am sucking on the one cock, I turn my head I start giving that cock some oral pleasure. Back and fourth I go trying to please each one with my mouth and hands. The one guy, Jason says I want to fuck you, can I fuck you, while you suck my buddy off? Hmmm! Yes! I say, It’s kind of risky to get fucked in a stall, I mean if you are sucking cock, and someone enters, you can compose your self pretty quick, but, getting fucked is not that easy, but fun none the less. So I tell them we should all get in the end stall, it’s the handicap one, so it is good size. What the hell if we get caught? We might as well be comfortable. The nice thing about these stalls is that they go clear to the floor, and they are tall, so unless someone really peeks over the top they can’t see what’s going on. We all get into the last stall. These two guys are fucking hot, jock types, muscular big guys. I bet they play football for the college team. One is a hot! I am talking the blondest hair I have ever seen, beautiful blue eyes, this is Jason. Kevin has flaming red hair and green eyes. Fuck! He is the one that wants to fuck me, so I tell his buddy to get up and kneel on the toilet, as I bend my ass over and lean on the toilet, Kevin spits on his cock, and rubs my ass with some spit, and he begins to shove his cock in my ass as I start to suck on Jason’s cock. Kevin is skilled with how to fuck an ass, I can tell you that. In and out around and around he goes banging my fuckin ass hard. I am so fuckin turned on with being fucked and sucking this other hot cock , I don’t pay attention to what’s going on, I am lost in ecstasy, I don’t care if we do get caught. It’s worth it. As I am slamming my ass back and fourth on this cock, and sucking on Jason, he starts to fuckin moan, he shoots a fuckin load of hot tasty cum in my mouth. I am so fuckin turned on that my fuckin untouched cock starts to shoot a load on the toilet’s bottom, as I am getting fucked by that beautiful red head’s cock. I can feel that cock expand in my ass , he begins to shoot a load of cream in my hole, I can feel that hot liquid shoot deep inside of me. All three of us exploded with in a few seconds of the other. Jason jumps off the toilet, he is kind of freaked out, “let me fuckin out of here,” He says to his buddy, “I will be in the car!” The door slams behind him. I ask the one guy, “is that his first time?” he says, “yes!” I say to him, “I can certainly tell you Kevin, that you have done this before.” He says, “yeah, I’m gay. I hope my buddy is going to be ok.” As he is doing up his pants. He says thanks man. Have a nice day, maybe we can meet again some time. I tell him sure thing. I want this guy in my bed, I am thinking! I tell him wait! And I hand him a card that I pulled out of my wallet. I printed the cards up, if I really like someone I give them a card, they have my first name and my cell number on them. “Call me,” I said. “Sometime.” He says, “I will you’re a hot Fuck!” I said, “as you are!” Ok, I am so sure I‘m done. I believe I can’t take another cock. When someone enters the middle stall, I am really intrigued, when a finger comes through the wall, I am thinking hell no, one has sucked my cock today, I get up unloosen my string from my sweats and I place my hard cock through the wall. I get a mad fuckin blow job to finish my morning. After I shoot my load from my cock, down this guys mouth and tickle his tonsils. It’s noon and I am tired. I head to my car, with a smile, I’m totally satisfied for today. Tomorrow is another day, and so many more cocks to please. -indulger2100

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