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Glory Hole Flood Gate

I travel extensively with my job and every once in a while I discover a treasure. I was passing through Northern Illinois and found an adult theatre complete with ten peep booths. Most of the booths had glory holes on each side wall. I took my place in a peep booth, closed the door but did not latch the lock. I dumped some quarters in the machine and started watching some gay porn. I had undone my belt and unsnapped my jeans as I was watching the show. I heard the door close to the stall next to me. I heard the guy sit down and heard him put quarters in. From where I was sitting, I could see the light from his movie through the glory hole. I got out of my chair and knelt in front of the hole to look through. He was in his early 40’s, slender, and well dressed. He was also unbuckled and unsnapped. He looked over and saw me looking through the hole. He then rose up off the chair and pulled his jeans and shorts down to his ankles. I stuck my index finger through the hole and gave him the sign that it was OK to penetrate the hole. He stood up and positioned himself in front of the hole. I backed away from the hole. His beautiful hard cock came through. Very well shaped bulb on the tip. Deep and thick veins running up the underside. I wrapped my right hand around the shaft and gave a gentle lick to the head. Nice taste of salty precum. The diameter of his bulb actually made my mouth stretch a bit. I went to the base on the underside and slowly drug my tongue all the way up the underside of his dick. I heard him on the other side of the wall just moaning with pleasure. Then I put it in my mouth and slowly bobbed up and down on him. I savored every minute of it. About that time, the door to my room opened and a guy walked in, locked the door behind him. I was on my knees at the wall. I wore a t-shirt and shorts which was unsnapped and hanging down about mid thigh. My visitor was maybe early 50’s. He knelt directly behind me as I continued sucking the big cock through the wall. His hands reached around me and went up my shirt. He rubbed my tummy and chest. He leaned over me and kissed the back of my neck. With his left hand, he reached around to grasp my cock and balls and started to slowly jack me while I tended to the guy through the wall. The big cock in my mouth started tasting saltier and saltier. I felt his muscles tense up. I knew he was close. I heard him let out a large exhale of air then he flooded my mouth with hot and salty cum. A lot of it! He kept surging and shot more every time his muscles flexed. He finished and pulled his cock back through the hole and left. My visitor had his won plans for me. He helped me up and sat me in the chair. He straddled over my legs and aimed his 9” weapon at my mouth. His left hand held the back of my head in place as he said “suck it, bitch!” I started sucking him as he literally began fucking my mouth with intensity. He had stamina, too. Seems like he face fucked me for 20 minutes or so. Then, he pulled it out and jerked about two gallons of jizz all over my face and chest. Totally flooded me! Totally! Pat/Missouri

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