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Glory Hole Cowboy

There’s nothing like cruising and scoring with real men. I’ve worked the stock yards since my senior year in high school. Like all the guys, we were going to college and make something out of ourselves. Being raised in cattle country, good cow poking jobs were the only thing you could do to make good money at a young age. I worked for a rancher that owned the stock yards. One week they were short handed at the stock yards, I filled in, and I’ve been here for 16 years. I’m in charge of loading and unloading cattle trailers. The ones you see on the highways. Cattle haulers. I love ‘em. There’s nothing like a wore out horny cowboy trucker with a huge cock that’s aching him to get it off. That’s where I come in. No gay bashing here, just some down to earth, cock sucking men enjoying each other. Eat, drink and be merry. Well, I eat cock, drink cum and I’m very fucking merry! We have a large facility for drivers when they come in to load up with cattle going anywhere Midwest USA. Most of these guys are married or have some road whore with them, but that doesn’t stop them giving up a hot load of cum in the back stall glory hole. I put that fucking hole in there many years ago and have sucked miles and miles of cowboy trucker cock. I know I’ve drank several gallons of hot cum as well. I’ve been fucked through that hole, only to find out it was a buddy of mine from high school who now owns and operates several cattle trucks. It was just two years ago, I’d just got done sucking a cowboy off when someone came in the rest room. The rest rooms at the loading docks is really set up nice. Drivers can shower, shave etc. while waiting on their trailers to load. Most of the time the drivers help load so they can get the hell down the road, but there’s always a naked trucker to look at from time to time. As soon as the guy I sucked off went out the door, the next guy (supposed driver) got in the stall next to me. I peeked through the glory hole only to see a beautiful cock hanging over the toilet taking a piss. As I watched it seem to start growing. The guy was done, shook his cock, turned and forced it through the hole right to my face. Without a word, or breath, I took that nice piece in my mouth and started sucking. Two fresh loads at one time, man, doesn’t get any better, so I thought. After ten or so minutes of sucking that meat, the guy pulled out, leaned over and in a whisper, ‘I wanna fuck your hole.’ And he stood back up. I was already out of my pants, I stood up and pressed my ass to the glory hole. I felt him rub his wet finger on my hole. He was jacking on his meat and pushed the head to my ass. I pulled away, he press his cock all the way into my booth, now, I can sit on it. I pressed my horny hole on his cock head and went down on it. Ever so slowly. He stood like a statue. I sat down on that large cock all the way to the wall. I held up against the wall and he started fucking me. That cock was working my ass over. The guy pulled out, got out of his stall and opened my door. I stood with my back to him, bent over. He picked up right where he left off. He grabbed my hips and pounded my fucking ass. I looked down between my legs and could see a real worn pair of boots, with spurs on. This cowboy just came in from the ranch, I guess. He fucked me even harder, his balls slapping my back side, and then it happened. He started cuming. He would pound my ass and hold, pound my ass then hold. He shot a huge load of man cum up my ass. My cock, hard, started dribbling cum. I grabbed it and shot cum all over the toilet beneath me. Oh, fuck! I came a fucking tub full. I stood up, the cowboys long softish dick still in my ass. He pulled out, I turned around, ‘Mother fucker! Jimmy!’ I yelled. We both stood in disbelief! ‘Damn, you sure got a nice ass there Tommy.’ He said with a shit eatin grin on his handsome square jawed face. ‘Everybody figured you were a fag in high school, and I always wanted to fuck your hot ass. But you know the story.’ He told me. ‘So, you’re gay too?’ I ask him. ‘Naw, just like to fuck guys and get fucked on occasion. My girlfriend thinks it hot.’ He told me in that southern type of hillbilly draw. He told me my ass was hot and wanted more later, he was dropping a trailer off, would be back around midnight to pick it up. That’s all I needed to hear. Cum dripped out of my ass the rest of the day, my cock stayed hard as well, thinking I might set Jimmy up for another good fucking. Later that evening I hung around the stock yards while drivers were coming in loading and leaving. Jimmy’s trailer was about loaded when his rig pulled in. He waved at me as he backed in under his trailer. I headed to the rest room hoping that would be his first stop. Soon, the door opened and he strolled in. ‘Hey Tommy, how’s it goin?’ ‘All I’ve thought about was that hot fuck I gave you this morning, you up for some more play?’ He ask. I couldn’t believe my ears, let alone my eyes. The guys on second shift had started loading his trailer. ‘Come on to my sleeper, I wanna show you my rig.’ He instructed me. To make a long story short, we got into the sleeper and before I knew it, he was plowing my fucked ass once again. I jacked my meat while he was between my legs, fucking the hell out of me. His sleeper was a bit seedy, not kept up, but then again, the only thing he uses his rig for was the short hauls, his other drivers do the long hauls for him. As his man breath breathed on my neck, he whispered, ‘all I ever really do in this bunk is fuck’, as he started pounding my ass more. He pulled out and made me turn over. As I did, I lay on my hard cock, I put my hands behind me and spread my ass cheeks so he could plow right back in. He did. As he lay on top of me, his hips were pounding my back side, his huge cock was working my hot hole. He fucked me like that for 10 or so minutes, I was loving every fucking minute. I couldn’t tell if the rig was moving because of the cattle being loaded or because we were rocking the rig by the way we were fucking! He pulled out, sweat running off the both of us, he made me stand up and lean over the bunk, he stood behind me and plowed into my ass one more time. He was fucking me double time. His balls were flapping against my ass as he fucked me. Soon, while fucking me, he ask, ‘where do you want this big load I’ve go for you? In your ass? In your face, where?’ I replied, ‘breed my ass, leave me your load, all of it up my ass.’ I jacked off while he continued to fuck the shit out of me. He started moaning and shooting. The thought of his wad in me made me shoot beneath me. He just about yelled out as he dumped that heavy cream load in me. Funny thing, he was fucking butt naked, except he had his boots on. ‘Damn, you got a hot ass! I can’t wait to get back up here to finish off what we’ve started.’ He said. I’m not sure what the fuck he was talking about, but I put him ‘first’ on my new found fuck buddy list. We got done, he pulled his jeans on, and went back to check his load. Load of cattle that is, his personal load was inside my bowels. I got out of the rig and headed to my pick up and headed home. I usually don’t hang around this late, I gotta be back to the stock yards early, for two reasons. One, to put the coffee on for the boss’s, and two, catch all the Mexican meat at the glory hole. Not one morning goes by I don’t suck a nice thick, uncut Mexican cock. These guys can cum more than once in less than two or three minutes tops. One worker, every Wednesday, he needs to fuck something. That something is my hot ass. For six weeks we fucked through the glory hole, now, he meats me in the rest room stall. He fucks the hell out of me on Wednesdays, and I get to suck him several times the rest of the week. These guys come over from Mexico with work passes, when their time is up, they move on and a fresh stock of Mexican cock comes through. We have several guys right out of high school come to work for us through the summer. Most are cocky jocks, but by the time the summer is over, I’ll have a couple sucking me off every day, and usually, the most ‘studly’ one of them all ends up getting fucked by my hard shaft. When it comes to getting off, guys line up for the pleasure. I don’t bank on anyone showing up at any time, I just know when the time is right. If I stay late, it’s usually to hook up with one of my regulars. Most of my cock sucking is through the glory hole, that stall is dark, and guys know exactly what goes on, and have no problem with it. Either you’re interested or not. An hour after lunch, I took a short break and followed one of the younger guys in the rest room/break room/shower room. The fucker went to ‘my’ stall. I got in the next stall, pissed, looked down at the glory hole to find the young guy’s open, willing mouth. I shook my cock to get the piss off the slit and lay in through the hole. In no fucking time the guy had it hard and down his throat. Damn, cock sucker was getting down with it. Before long, he had it out of his mouth and jerking on it. I guess to catch his breath. Then back to sucking. Next, I felt a hairy hole up to my cock head, and before long he had worked his tight ass around the head of my cock. I pressed my stomach against the wall so the guy could work on my stationary cock. Before I knew it, he was working his ass up and down my cock. Damn! This was hot! I could hardly hold back, I started squirting my cum out the head of my cock into this guy’s ass. He was moaning ever so quietly, but I knew he was squirting his juice as well. Finally, I pulled my spent cock out of his ass and back through the glory hole. Without a word, he pulled his pants back on and out the door he went. I sat down to catch my breath when I heard Jimmy’s voice outside my stall. ‘Hey? You in here?’ Jimmy ask. ‘Yeah, in here!’ I told him. He opened the door to find me pant less with a thick limp cock between my legs. He closed the door behind him, pulled out his cock, I went to work. I sucked on Jimmy’s hard cock once again. His balls flapped against my chin. ‘Man, you sure know how to suck a cock.’ He said as he moaned with ecstasy. I stood up, bent over the toilet, he worked his cock into my willing ass. It felt so fucking good. I could feel his bent cock working my prostate. My balls swelled up, my cock was hard. I wanted to cum, but not just yet. I let him assault my ass for as long as it took him to reward me with his jism. He dumped a huge load in me, again. He pulled out, I turned around and he said, ‘My girl is off with her parents this weekend, I gotta run to Amarillo, you want to spend the weekend fucking and sucking to Texas and back?’ What a fucking offer for this concrete cowboy. As his cum dripped out of my well fucked hole, I ask him what time the rig left town, I wanted to be on it with him in me..... more later. Tommy K. -Cowboy

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