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Give It Up in the Pickle Park

I love to cruise the ‘pickle parks.’ When I was growing up my dad always called the ‘lolly pop parks.’ By the way he talked, it was a place to by lolly pops, but instead, that’s where you get your ‘lolly pop’ sucked, just like getting you pickle licked in the ‘pickle park.’ Dad was a trucker. Figure it out. I never ask, nor have I ever told him my fun in the rest areas. I’m 32 now, and love to get it on with truckers, other cruisers and horny travelers a like. I love the ‘risky’ business of cruising men. I’ve been fucked in just about every position and in every place imaginable in a rest area. I’ve been arrested twice, for lewd conduct, and have even been banned from a rest area in Tennessee. Guys, you want trucker cock in a rest area? Want a big bad burly trucker to fuck your hot horny hole in the sleeper of a big rig? Well, get out there and show them what you have to offer. I do. Risky as hell, but I get all the hard cock I want, and I want a lot of it. I’ve sucked off more married men that the average house wife. I went home one night with every bit a gallon of cum in my stomach. I can suck a bowling ball through a 1/2” 20 foot garden hose. I spend a lot of my spare time by the pool during the day, and late evenings, I’m just about as naked in the nearest pickle park. I learned my lesson getting in trouble, so I have tweaked my techniques. First off, act calm and relaxed. Why get excited? You know what you want, and you can get it if you show as much ‘coolness’ as you can. I’ve learned truckers and married men are always looking over their shoulder. In our society and with the right wingers courting the politicians, you can never be too safe these days. Guys that are looking for it, will find you. But be there where they can get you, that’s the main thing. My favorite sure fire way to get attention, the right kind, not the negative kind, is to spend some time on the phone. Call you home from a pay phone at the rest area. You know, the phones the drivers use when they pull in for a break or to take a piss. Wear something comfortable. I wear the shortest shorts and tank top I can find. Wear that with a pair of leather work boots. I don’t smoke but I got a pack on me, you will be surprised how many drivers, on and off the phones near me, will ask for a light, cigarette, or to borrow a pen. Always have a pen or pencil with you, these guys will love you for it, and, it makes great conversation and just might lead you to the woods or to the back of a big rig. Out of three hours the other night, I spent 2 hours and 45 minutes naked in the woods getting fucked by six different guys. Two were truckers, one had his family in a motor home parked for the night and the other guys were horny cruisers as well. Now, I might be exaggerating a little, not all the time is rewarding, but it is fun to cruise and get fucked like a tied goat in the woods of a pickle park with the engines idling in the back ground. Once I befriended a rest area attendant, he gave me the low down on cruising that park. He was a ‘weird’ straight guy, he actually told me that truckers hit on him all the time while he cleaned up the parking area around the trucks. So, with that in mind, I picked up one of those bright orange safety vest you see guys wearing when working or cleaning up parking lots, and took a broom and dust pan and went to work in the back lot. After about two hours, a guy going back to his truck, wearing cut offs and a t-shirt, ask me if I did windows? Jokingly I replied, ‘windows, floors and stiff rods.’ He knew what I was talking about and I sucked his eight inch cock like no tomorrow. He shot a huge thick load. So fucking thick, I skipped lunch. Always remember, ‘safety first.’ There are maniacs out there that will kill you just because. I’ve been threatened a time or two, when that happens or things just don’t feel right, I pack up my toys and head on out till things clear out. I suggest not to cruise areas with heavy family traffic. You will be labeled as a child molester and be marked for the rest of your life. I had a buddy in North Carolina that got caught sucking a guy off in the rest rooms of a welcoming center. There just happen to be two kids taking a piss, really not knowing what was going on. Get this, he was charged with indecency with a child, and now, is on a sex offender list, and has to report every time he moves. So, always watch your back and use your head. I’ll be out at the park tonight, looking for you driver, I’ll even give some ass to other cruisers too. Cum join me, it’s fun. I’m the Crazy Cruiser! Larry T. Nashville, TN.

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