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Gay Truckers Classifieds (PDF Download)

Back in the 90s & early 2000s my partner and I produced the Gay Truckers Classifieds, all male personals, with real cruising trucker stories, locations and such, sold coast to coast, some of you may remember or even subscribed to our publication. Sold in over 500 adult stores and online, it was way before the internet, or when it was in it's infancy, it was a great way to connect with truckers and other cruisers, learn where all the hot spots to cruise were, plus gave an ample supply of jerk off material on those slow nights at home alone. Any who, the magazine isn't in production any longer, it had it's time. However, if you happen to be interested in a copy 'of the past way to connect' now is your chance. You can get a digital copy sent to your email, download, and enjoy the cruising techniques of the gay yesteryear. I have a few issues posted in my online store (tap on 'SHOP' in the top menu, or go HERE) and see the issues I have available. I'm sure after this many years the personal ads are not valid, but one could give a call to the posted numbers if you'd like. The stories are from readers, the photos are as well, all hardcore amature at it's best. We have tons of fun producing the magazine and the very best part was meeting some awesome cock suckers along the way. Only $3 per download, go get one and check it out. Please make sure you send a good email addy when purchasing, I'll email you the file as soon as I get the request. FYI, the magazine was 'printed' in grey scale, the PDF file I'll send is in color, I promise you'll love it! These are authentic, one of a kind, a taste of yesteryears gay grinder.

Tim~ aka Naked Trucker

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