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Gay Truckers and Their Admirers

Truckers have had admirers since the first big rig rolled out the door many years ago. Yes, truckers move America’s freight, but that’s what they do, and have been and will continue to do so as long as there’s fuel to put in the truck so it can run. Not all truckers are gay, as a matter of fact, gay truckers are a small minority in the trucking industry. The majority, however, are the guys that have ‘sex on the road.’ As long as the big burly trucker hunts for the action, willfully, there will be admirers in every rest area, truck stop, warehouse or any place a trucker can take a break or kill time to catch up with his log book. Sex is sex, sex is good, and good for you. Everyone has it unless they’re too fucking old or so fucking ugly no one wants to touch them, or they have such a hang up, even a good therapist can’t convince them to get laid. Religion (guilt!) plays a big part in groups, but get a horny man away from his wife and chosen group of friends, all he’s looking for is something wet to put his dick in so he can get off. Remember the old saying, 96% of all men surveyed admitted to jacking off, the other 4% lied about it. It’s true. If it gets hard, a man is going to stroke it. There are gay bashers/haters in all walks of life. The trucking industry is no different. In groups, the guys that down play the queers, good buddies and such, are the very ones to pull a hard cock out for a guy to suck off. Just because two buddies jerk off to some straight porn, doesn’t mean they’re gay, they’re just looking for a good way to get off and have some fun. The over the road driver has the better chance to fuck around than most local drivers. They’re hundreds, even several thousand miles from home, and while the cat’s away, he’s gonna play, like the rat he left at home. Trucker’s wives are no different. With all due respect to the trucker’s wives, they too, like a good pussy pounding when the man’s not around. Again, sex is good, and people are going to fuck! Now, about the Gay Truckers. Not all truckers are gay, and just because the good buddy in their favorite pickle park gives better head than their wife, doesn’t mean the trucker is gay, he’s looking to get some relief. Besides, a man can give better head because he knows all the ‘right spots’ on a hard cock. Yeah, tell that to your circle of straight friends. All men are promiscuous. Devoted men are promiscuous. When it comes to sex, and high levels of hormones, we all can be promiscuous. How many stories have you heard about men in college, jerking off with their room mate? Some go as far as some ‘good old fashion butt fucking,’ when the girls aren’t around. (I knew I should have gone to college!) Put a man in a truck, sooner or later, he’s going to jerk off in the shower at a truck stop, pick up a lot lizard, or get off with another man. I guess gay trucker sex is more taboo than anything else. It’s there, it happens daily and it’s never going to stop. As truckers ourselves, the admirers are labeled as good buddies. If it weren’t for the good buddies being readily available in the pickle parks, hanging around the truck stops, we would have to depend and go on the hunt for ‘other’ truckers to fulfill our need to shoot our seed with the male companion. Over all, most of the guys we play with in our rig, are the ‘admirers.’ They get most, if not all, the credit for relieving the blue balled truckers that run the interstate. We get our fair share of other trucker’s in our sleeper, or theirs, but the majority are good buddies. Truck stops are full of the horny road men, getting them in your rig, or getting into theirs is another story. It’s far more common to ‘score’ with a trucker in a rest area because it’s not so obvious to anyone, unless they know what’s going on, if they do, they’re not going to say or do anything because they know the protocol. Admirers cruising truckers is an unsafe practice by all means. It’s against the law to ‘cruise for sex.’ Not cruise up and down the highway, but to ‘cruise for sex in public.’ It’s an art for the admirers, some have done it for years and have many cum filled stories to tell about it. The more novice let their guard down and get arrested by undercover cops in stings, most set up in rest areas. Some have gotten the living shit beat out of them because of their annoyance to the drivers. Put an overbearing queen in a rest area and if he’s lucky, he might get out a live, then again, he might not. Truckers like ‘discretion’ to the fullest. Yeah, you can suck his dick, and if you’re really good, you might, sooner or later, get him to plow your ass like the pussy he’s missing from home. Straight truckers won’t admit, ever, receiving a blow job from another man. Nor will a straight man, trucker or not, admit getting off at the porn shop by receiving a blow job through a glory hole. Again, it’s too taboo, but yet so common. Guys will watch a couple fucking like rabbits, but at the same time, slide his hard cock through a glory hole, only to have another man suck him dry. Once he’s gotten off, it’s as if it never happened. Same goes with truckers on the road, in a rest area, or truck stop. Most of the guys we’ve hooked up with at a truck stop, were other gay truckers or married bi truckers. Hard-core straight truckers would rather be approached by the admirer in a rest area, than take a chance at a truck stop. It’s not the homophobes they fear, it’s their reputation. The very ones that talk about all the pussy they had at their last stop, or while laid over in a motel, are the very ones that will tell you the stories over the cb radio while an admirer is sucking the juice right out of their swollen balls. If the truckers weren’t giving it up at the rest areas, there would be no good buddies hanging around, tapping break lights or clicking the microphones of their cb radios. Some gay truckers put themselves up on a pedestal, they admit they will only play with ‘other’ gay truckers and won’t have anything to do with the admirers, good buddies, chasers, or what the fuck they choose to call them. Personally, they’re full of shit. If they’re holding out for other gay truckers, they’re either lying like hell or not having any fun on the road. When gay truckers chase after ‘other truckers,’ bi, gay or straight, they become the admirer. Yes, gay truckers are just as an admirer as the good buddy, or truck chaser, which ever you choose to call them. Again, without the ‘admirer’ we’d be cutting ourselves short. A gay trucker, hooking up with another gay trucker just any where USA, it’s next to impossible, unless, of course, arrangements have been previously made. When we started the Gay Truckers Classifieds in November ‘96, the eight page newsletter had the Gay Trucker and the Admirers in mind, which covers just about everyone that’s willing to ‘get it on’ in a big rig, with the man that operates and herds the massive rig down the road. The words, ‘Gay Truckers and Their Admirers’ cover a large community within the gay society. Time and time again we hear, ‘I’ve often wondered what it would be like to get it on with a trucker in the back of one of those huge rigs.’ Over the road, we’ve been real lucky to show a lot of those guys what it’s like to get fucked like a tied goat in the rig sleeper. Most have been the admirers. We’ve met other gay trucker by chance by cruising the cb for good buddies and other truckers. I guess you could call us admirers too! We wear the title with pride. Again, where would the truckers be without the admirers? We’ve given as much credit to the admirers as we have the truckers, bi, gay or straight. When it comes to gay truckers and their admirers, we’re talking about the sex on the road. That’s what it’s all about, the sex! We can talk for days about how the truckers move America, no one would argue those facts, and yes, if you sit in it, eat it, or even fuck it, chances are, it was brought to you somewhere along the line by none other than the truck driver. Great! You can read that bullshit anywhere! We’re hear because of the Gay Truckers and Their Admirers. The sex! It’s right there under the bi, gay and straight trucker’s nose, and don’t be fooled, they all know it’s there and they all know how to get it. Personally, from a gay trucker’s perspective, there’s nothing like pulling into a rest area, or our favorite, a truck parking area, to find several cars lined up with good buddies waiting on a hard cock trucker to pull in, pull it out and get off. There’s not a rest area in this country that won’t have a cum spurting cock in it at any given time of day. It happens and it’ll continue to happen as long as there are truckers running up and down the pavement. When it comes to admiring the truckers, the truck driver couldn’t be luckier. An admirer awaits in the next rest area, ready to worship the trucker’s cock more than the wife back home could. Heavy drivers, skinny drivers, clean or dingy, the focus is on the man’s cock and if he’ll let you suck in off. Do you think a straight driver tells his wife he jerks off every day, twice, thinking about her? If he does, then even in straight circles, ‘it’s all about the sex.’ The main focus of our magazine and website are all about the Gay Truckers, their admirers and the sex on the road. Weather reports, highway construction, bad truck stop restaurants, price of fuel are all common topics. We give everyone what they’re looking for. The best in man to man action, on the road, in the bunks, shower rooms at the truck stops and even some glory hole action in the truck stop shop. That my friends is what it’s all about. Driving a truck is elementary to the subject. The quickest way to get to the goods, keep the small talk to a minimum. Remember, drivers go a long way without conversation, it’s real easy to get on a subject you can’t get off of, thus ruining the chance to get that thick hard trucker shaft down our throat. If he’s done driving for the day, and he’s looking around, chances are, he’s looking for that admirer that’s never let him down. Gay Truckers and Their Admirers, it’s real, it’s there and it’s all about the sex. -gtc.

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