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From the Road.....

Hello horn dogs, from the road, your webmaster hangin' out at the Hammond, Louisiana Petro most of the day, 10 hour break before I head back to Texas, cruised the website, cruised grindr, few hits but no blow job. Of course it's all about the timing. Plus, right place, right time. Usually I have some pretty good sucks here, however, goose egg tonight. Getting close to pulling out so no need to make plans you can't keep. And also, you know how grindr can be, a lot of curiosity seekers, photo collectors, HEY, I'm cool with it all, bottom line, I meet some really nice guys, even if we don't hook up. A great way to pass along information about the website. From here back to some Texas work, home tomorrow afternoon, wrap up the week on Friday, short time off, I'll be trolling the truck stops Sunday evening, I'll try to keep you posted on the message boards where you can meet up with yours truly, or find a hook up and share my story.

I want to welcome you new members and readers of the site, by all means drop me an email, let me know if you need help, or have questions about the site, also, feel free to reply and post on the GTC Forum message boards, upload photos, have fun, Who knows, you might find a trucker tonight. Also, check out my Only Fans page, my kinky and personal side. Thanks for reading, feel free to comment on the blog post as well. Tim/Webmaster

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