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First Time to Palm Springs

An older guy I met a year ago asked me if I wanted to go with him to a gay resort/bathhouse in Palm Springs. I’m a bottom and he’s a top and has pretty much made a fuck slut out of me. I love to suck and fuck, but have never been with another guy since we met. He said it was clothing optional and would be fun. I said sure, not knowing what was in store for me. The place was nice. Palm trees and pool. A nice layout. Lotsa guys walking around naked. Mostly an older crowd, 35 on up. It was a long day getting there so I took a nap. I woke after dark and he suggested I have some champagne and a joint, then take a shower. He had been watching one of the many porno channels on the television. All male movies. With that in mind, he, of course, joined me in the shower to help me wash my naked body. He’s considerate that way. After drying off, he laid me down on the bed without a word and started sucking my cock. He knew how to loosen me up. It starts with my nipples. He sucked my nipples with meaning. It’s like a wire is connected straight to my cock. He stroked my cock as I squirmed. It felt so good. He kissed me forcefully as his hands teased their way up and down my burning thighs. My legs parted as I welcomed him. He took this as a sign and slid down my body to my begging cock. He sucked me and and applied oil to my butt, and slowly finger fucked me, getting me in heat, as he does. Getting me ready for our evening. As I drifted, I felt the pressure of his hard cock trying to sneak its way into my tight hole. I slowy moved my ass around to help. Once the head got in...I knew I was ready. He slowly fuck me for a while as I lay back, arms over my head. Giving in to his seduction. He pulled me up and put me on all fours. It was then that I saw that he had left the blinds open and even our door was slightly open. I could see guys stopping by and peeking in to watch me getting fucked. The champaign and the sexual heat pretty much took away my shyness. He fucked me for a few more minutes, then pulled out. He said I was ready. After I was ‘relaxed’, he suggested we go for a walk around the place. He said it would be an adventure I would always remember. He handed me a pair of white, see-through mens panties and tank top he bought me. They fit well. Very tight. I pour another cup of Champaign, and off into the night we went. He walked slightly behind me and gave my little ass a pat or squeeze as we walked. He said he loved to watch me walk from behind. The place had a walkway with lots of bushes and hiding places to do whatever. We stopped and watched other guys sucking or fucking in slightly lit areas. He would kiss my neck and rub me all over as we watched the action. I was getting very hott as I watched and drank my champagne. We walked some more, and found a dark place where we kissed and he rubbed my my hott ass, knowing how much it gets me going. We went into a small building that was dark, but I eventually could make out that it was full of guys standing around jacking or getting sucked. We kissed and he rubbed my ass some more. After a few minutes, more hands were feeling my body all over. Sqeezing my tits and rubbing my tight ass too. I was in exstasy. I wimpered like a slut as hands and mouths assaulted my hot needy body. Fingers teased my beggin asshole, greasing it up and making me want more. My friend whispered to them that I was in heat and that it was my first time there. Groaning began. They sounded like animals who had found their prey. A hot wet tongue was licking my ass and nibbling my ass cheeks as a hand stroked my very hard cock. They all knew what I wanted...what I needed. The gang worked me. Got me ready for the fucking of my life. They talked nasty, calling me a hot little whore, a slut. They had just met me but knew me already. My friend kissed me as a hard wet cock slid between my cheeks, teasing me into submission. The big bear behind me slid his cock in and out of my young tight ass as he kissed the back of my neck and growled, oh yea.... I moaned as he fucked me slow and long with his meat. The others coaxed him on while they stroked their waiting cocks. After a few minutes, he came hard, pushing deep into my pussy. He pulled out and another guy slid into me. They all talked about what a hott little whore I was. Several guys sucked me as guy after guy fucked me, came, and was replaced by another. I was dizzy. Delirious. My naked ass was for all to see and enjoy. The back of my legs were soaked with cum. The room eventually emptied and my friend guided me back to our room and showered me. I collapsed and woke late in the morning with hot memories and anticipated the next night.

Jimmy C.

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