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First time climbing into a Sleeper

I had just recently moved to central California, knowing no one in my little town of Hanford just south of Fresno. It was Christmas time and everything was closed that morning. What to do...hop on the Harley and go for a ride. See the area and learn it.

After riding for about 3 hours and being completely lost, as I had been riding back roads and not the 99, I was lucky enough to come upon an entrance to the 99 and a rest stop. Not wanting to go home yet and being a bit cold, off to the rest stop for a cup of crap machine coffee. Yes there is coffee.

As I get off the bike I notice a greying ginger haired daddy sitting at one of the tables. I nod and he says hello as I pass by. Grab some coffee and go set at table right behind him. I would say he was about 55 or 60 medium build with a bit of a belly and nice greying red beard. He spins around and just starts chatting. Asked where I was headed, etc.... Told him the story of being alone on Xmas out for a ride. Drank my coffee and went to get another one. He noticed I wasn't in a hurry to leave and asked why I was hanging around. Being the blunt ass that I am, I said I was hoping to fuck a trucker. He said good luck with my search of ass and jumped in his car and took off. Thought I had one, but nope left in a white Firebird.

About 15 minutes later a big double bunk cab pulls in and as he drives by to head back of lot where trucks had been coming and going, driver honks once and points ahead of himself. Guess who it is....Ginger Daddy. I was just about to head out, but now its lock up the bike and walk back to where he is parked. Only truck back there at the time. I walked up to driver door which was open and no one sitting in the seat or to be seen. What he hell, I climb up, and hear close the door behind you.

Rusty, as he called himself was in the back with just his Tshirt still on. I climb back and he pulls curtains closed behind me and says get comfy. It doesn't take me long to get boots, jeans and boxers off and cock ring on. As I am standing there at the edge of the bed, he lays on his back with his head hanging over the side and tells me not to be gentle with his throat. Fuck, you don't have to ask me twice. That man could breathe thru his ears. ball deep into a warm constricting throat I go. Hot damn. I happen to notice he was fully erect and precum was oozing....Grab his nipples and the deepest moan one can make sucking a cock emits. I had to stop the throat thrust and nip play as I realized he was going to cum without touching himself. Cant have that, I still want some of that furry ass.

Rusty obliges and toss me a raincoat to slip on and spins around now with his ass towards me and knees on his chest. This time I take my time entering him, He was tight as hell Dragging some of his fur inside with each stroke was adding friction and driving me nuts.

Back and forth between his mouth and his ass resting between. Neither one of us wanted to shoot our loads. Finally realized that it was getting time to hit the road home.....So get him to just bend over the bunk and let me plow for all I am worth....I am about to tell I was coming when I felt his ass tighten up as he shot his load while his hands were over his head. What could I do, but shoot right along with him.

Now comes the kicker. As I was getting dressed and about to hit the road one of my questions was how long had he been driving big rig. His answer floored me. OH I am not a driver, I just ran over and borrowed my brothers rig.

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