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First Experience in the Army

While I was in AIT (Advanced Individual Training) in Georgia, had a number of experiences but the first was one of my most enjoyable. I took bus downtown on while on a pass. Was walking around checking things out (had M/M experiences before, when a guy pulled up to me and asked if I knew where a good place to eat was, told him I had just gotten there so I didn’t know and he said thanks and asked if I was in the Army (the haircut should have given it away) but I knew then he was checking me out. He then said that he was a sales person and was in town or business. I asked him if he had ever been here before and he said yes but it had been a while. We chatted for a couple of minutes and he asked if I would like to get a drink, being 18 I said it would have to be a soda, he said ok so I hopped in and we headed to a small restaurant. He told me he had been in the service during the Korean war but had been stationed in North Carolina, he asked how I liked the service and I told him it wasn’t my choice I was drafted, we talked for a while and he said he would give me a ride back to the base and I said OK, first we hit the head and he made his move, looking at my cock while I was going the bathroom, he said he would love to suck it and loved uncut ones. Having been there before I said I would like that but not in the bathroom. He said we could go to his motel, it was close to the base, so I said ok. We got to the motel and he said hi to a couple of other guys and we headed to his room. We hardly got the door shut and he was standing behind me rubbing my cock and unbuttoning my pants, I could feel he was enjoying because his hard on was rubbing my ass. He stroked me for a while and told me to get undressed, then he knelt and starting to suck me, I was ready to cum immediately but held off. He the asked if I had ever had this done before, I said yes, he asked if I had every sucked a cock, again I said yes, that must have been his clue because next thing I know were are in the bed and 69ing, He also fingered my ass and that was the magic number I was ready to cum, he must have known it because just as I came he came in my mouth at the same time, it was really a turn on. He continued to suck me and next thing I knew I was getting hard again, that hadn’t happened that fast before, so I sucked him and he up and told me he would like to fuck me in the ass, I had done it before but was a little worried because he was bigger than anyone before, I said I would try but didn’t know if I could take him. He put 2 fingers in my ass and lubed me very well then he rimmed me, I had never had that done before and I was ready for anything, he slowly put the head at my ass and pushed, it hurt a little but once the head popped in it was very nice, he slowly started to slide more in and before long he was taking nice strokes, playing with my nipples. He then flipped me on my back and raised my legs up and entered me this way, he whispered in my ear that he wanted to cum in my mouth again, at his point I was so turned on I would try anything, I could feel him picking up speed and then he quickly pulled out and touched my lips, I opened my mouth and he slid the head in and started to cum, I was so turned on when he stuck my cock in his mouth I came immediately. Only ever did that one other time but will never forget that.

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