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DOT Officer Confessions

Highway Patrolmen need love too! I was on traffic patrol for six years before I moved over to the DOT Department. That’s when I was assigned a scale house I work out of. One week, I might work the scale house, the next week, inspection bay and the next, pulling over trucks for road side inspections. I’ve been hit on more times than I can count, from female drivers as well as the men drivers. I have a beefy frame, muscular build and many times I intimidate people. I really don’t intend to, but, it’s a gift, I use it. I once pulled over a younger driver, speeding, 81,000 pounds gross, 15 miles an hour over the speed limit. That carries a fat fine. After a few minutes of him stumbling around and finally admitting he was in the wrong, and what he could do, I answered real fast, ‘pay the fine.’ He had on a pair of well worn jeans, real nice ass and kinda looked fuckable to me. He told me, ‘I’ve only been with this company for six weeks, they’ll fire me, and I’ll loose points on my CDL.’ Quick and to the point I said, ‘just shy of me fucking your hot ass, you’re not getting out of this ticket.’ He answered back, ‘you want to fuck in my rig or in your car?’ Without even thinking, ‘your rig!’ I replied. I got in the passenger side, the rig was clean, the bed was made, hell, he had several porn DVDs set out. When I pulled my cock out, the young driver went to town on my cock. In no time, my man juice was boiling and I was wanting some trucker ass. He shucked his loose worn jeans, his black thong like underwear made me that much hornier. My gun and holster intimidated the young driver for a moment. ‘Don’t let that bother you driver, I’m not going to shoot you, not with that gun anyway.’ We both laughed. I did because I was all horned up, his laugh was more nervous. In no time he was butt naked, a young 20’s with a lot of hair on his chest and belly. I pulled his legs back and he planted them on the bottom of the top bunk. His hairy hole was so fucking inviting. I rimmed his ass hole, on occasions, I spit out the hair I gathered from his hairy hole. This guy was going crazy. His cock was stiff and he was working on it slowly, as not to get near cuming yet. He reached over and brought out a bottle of lube, squirt some in his hand, rubbed my ragging cock and put some in his hand, rubbed his ass and cock and pulled his legs back even further as to let me know, he was ready. I placed my cock head at the entrance of his hole. I gently forced my cock into his tight, hairy hole. In one hard push, I buried my cock in his hot ass. He moaned in ecstasy, the whole time. ‘Fuck me, law man, fuck me.’ He kept saying as if I were fulfilling his fantasy about a cop fucking him, or something. ‘You like that, huh driver? You want it deeper? Harder?’ I repeated to him. ‘Yeah, deeper, harder, fuck me, fuck me!’ He said. I was pounding this guy’s ass as hard as I could. What ever I could give him, he wanted more. About the time I drove my hard shaft deep into him, his large 8” cock started pumping out streams of cream. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as I pounded away. The top of my cock was working over his prostate gland really well. Each time I drove my root into him, his cock sprayed more juice. Finally, I was there. I pulled my cock out of his well fucked ass and sprayed my heavy duty load all over his hole, balls, cock and chest. I leaned back for a few minutes to catch my breath. The guy lay there in a coma like state. What a cum bath I thought. As I got up and pulled my uniform back on I told him as he lay there, ‘the next time I catch you speeding on my highway, I’m not only going to fuck you, but I’m gonna take you home for a few days. Now, get up and get this fucking rig moving. You just fucked your way out of a ticket, boy!’ I chuckled as I crawled out of his rig. As I wrote a fake warning ticket, his rig slowly pulled away. Now that’s one fucked truck driver, I thought. I usually don’t take too much advantage being an officer, however, most of the action is brought on by the drivers. You’ll be surprised what a guy will do to get out of a ticket. I’ve met some good people, the ass holes, I just ticket or take to jail. All, or most, officers monitor the CB. Many times truckers have helped us out finding people, know where the broke downs are and even helped us on some chases. I’m sure we’ve all seen that on TV. Once I sat in the parking lot of a truck stop listening to the CB and killing some time. Had a hot cup of coffee, and yes, a fucking doughnut. Maybe two. I don’t recall. I heard a light voice over the CB. ‘Any you horny drivers want a blow job?’ Now, this is where the fun begins. I met the guy on another channel and we talked some shit. He wanted to hook up outside the truck stop at the next rest area. My cock started growing at the thought of a late night, road side blow job. I made plans with the cruiser, he not knowing I was in my patrol car. I told him I was a trucker, passing through. To make a long story short, his eyes about popped out of his head when I walked into the rest room at the pickle park. All he could say was, ‘am I under arrest?’ No one was in the rest room so I ask the guy, ‘not yet, what were you looking to do with this trucker?’ He didn’t say anything but he wanted his lawyer. ‘Calm down fella,’ I told him. ‘If you can suck a trucker’s cock, you can suck mine.’ The guy’s jaw dropped. I stepped into an empty stall, and to my surprise, he followed. We stepped into the handicap stall, it’s bigger, duh! I pulled my cock out, the Good Buddy dropped to the floor and worked my cock over. I noticed he had pulled his cock out. Wow, a 10” Good Buddy Cock! As he sucked me, I couldn’t help notice how fucking huge his cock was. When he pulled back to take a breath and admire a cops cock, I ask, ‘what the fuck do you do with that huge cock of yours?’ He replies, pridefully, ‘well, it’s so big, I scare most guys, besides, I’m more of a bottom when it comes to fucking.’ ‘You ever been sucked by a cop?’ I ask. ‘No, unless I didn’t know it.’ He said. I pulled him up and took the huge cock head in my mouth. That’s all I could get in my mouth. I worked that cock head for a few minutes and in not time, I was drinking the Good Buddy’s cum. Damn, most went to the floor. With my cock still hard, and ready to shoot, I stood back up and unloaded my juice into his mouth. We both stood there, zipped up and walked out making small talk. We ended back up at the truck stop in the restaurant eating breakfast. I’ve come across the Good Buddy several more times, I’ve even invited this big dick trucker lover to my place, I’d like to fuck his ass and even try to get that monster cock of his up my love tunnel. I’ll report back, until then, keep em between the lines! CH

P D.Sux.

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