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DOT Inspection

As a Trucker, seems the DOT (Dept. Of Trans.) have more and more laws to fuck with a hard working man on the road. I keep all my shit in order. Any fucking truck on the road can get a ticket for something, don’t be fooled, ask any trucker you know. One night late, I was fucking tired, the truck stop was full and the rest areas in Tennessee were packed! You can get a ticket for sleeping overnight or parking on the on and off ramps to the highway. I hate doing that, a few years ago I had a friend park on an off ramp, only to check his tires and take a piss, got hit by a car and killed. Any way, I had no choice. Next exit I pulled off. There were three trucks on the off ramp, and one on the ‘get on’ ramp. I pulled in behind him. I caught up with my log book and took about a three hour nap. I wasn’t in the bunk an hour when I heard a loud banging on my door. ‘Mother Fucker!’ I thought. It was the highway patrol standing at my door wanting me to move along. ‘Driver, I’m gonna have to write you a ticket for parking on the on ramp, it’s against the law in Tennessee to do that.’ He informed me. ‘Well?’ I ask. Of course, I was just woke up, and pissed. ‘Do you think I’ll get a fucking ticket if I drive out of hours on my log book? What about falling asleep and killing a fucking family of four.’ I replied to his shitty rules and laws. ‘Sir, I don’t write the law, I just enforce them. Put your clothes on, bring your log book, registration and meet me back in my car.’ He told me. ‘Ok, ok, I’ll be right back.’ I said back to him. I got back to the car with all my papers, still yawning, trying to get it together. He had the other trucker back at his car as well. I got in the back seat, all three of us made small talk. The other driver, in a ‘constructive’ way ask the officer if there was any fucking way at all to get out of the ticket. I agreed. I’d be willing to wash his car, rotate his tires, buy his dinner, anything. The more we talked, all three got to laughing. The officer informed us he would rather be up at the cafe trying to get a blow job from one of the waitresses. ‘Hell, I’ll give you a blow job to get out of the ticket.’ I barked. All three laughed. The other driver agreed. Hell, no one would know, we could do a lot better job that gal could. We were all laughing, but I really wanted to suck some cock! Before I knew it, the officer became a smart ass, told us we weren’t being funny anymore. The other driver said, ‘who was being funny.’ And grabbed his cock. The officer looked at him, looked at me, said, ‘I’ve got a large cock, my girlfriend can’t even take me, I know you fags can’t!’ The other driver spoke before I could, ‘If we can get you off, better than your girlfriend, you got to let us off the ticket.’ Damn if the officer didn’t agree. Before we knew it, we were standing on the backside of my trailer, right there on the get on ramp, on our knees with the officer’s cock in our mouths. As I sucked up and down the long thick shaft, so did the other driver. Both our lips and tongue touched while we were sucking on this large piece of meat of the officer. He held the back of our heads and we each took turns deep throating this large massive state meat. This son of a bitch knew exactly what he wanted and used the two of us to get him off. Hell, call me anytime! I would deep throat a few times, the other driver would. Each of us had our cocks out stroking while we sucked. Once in a while the other driver and myself would kiss, sharing the pre-cum we sucked out of our police cock. Don’t let anyone tell you, cops cocks get hard too! Just a like a preacher, priest, doctor, anyone that has a cock, they get hard, and they get off. We continued to deep throat this cock and suck his balls. I wanted so fucking bad for all of us to strip and his the big rig bunk. No chance, we were lucky to get the cop to unzip his fucking pants enough to let his balls hang out. I’ve always questioned a straight guy that shaves his balls. Not normal. He officer pulled my head close to him and damn near choked me. He shot steams of cum, one after another for what seemed like 15 minutes or so. He sprayed his state police juice all over both our faces. ‘Get back in your rigs and get some sleep, you have four fucking hours or your gonna get towed!’ Who’s gonna sleep?

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