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Dock Worker Delight

Well, there is a lot to be said about sucking off or getting fucked by a Horned Up Trucker! I’ve worked on the dock of a freight forwarder for several years. I’ve met truckers from all over. We usually use independent drivers, but once in a while we will use a big name carrier. Never the less, you can pretty well bet you can get in the cab of any truck and suck that hard cock off. I’ve done it time and time again. You will be surprised how loading a trucker pretty fast will get you laid by that same guy. Trust me. The way our freight goes, we call for a truck that morning for loads going anywhere in the US 48 states. However, we don’t start loading until midnight or so. The load is ready to go out by 2 or 3 am. I work the shift from 7pm to 11 pm. I am responsible for sorting the freight, staging it for what ever leg it’s going on. So, during my shift, I get to meet drivers and tell them which door to drop their trailer and instruct them to park in the lot and we will come and get them when the load is ready. Most of the time the drivers go out and catch several hours of sleep (or play) until that time. I’m in average to pretty good shape, I’ve got muscle tone, moderately hairy, and work on a fork lift with my shirt open. I’ve got both nipples pierced and sport a pretty good package. I make plenty of eye to eye contact with drivers I think that might be willing to have some quick fun in their sleepers. After 11pm of course. Just a few nights ago, a Swift Transportation driver made his way to the dock. I looked up his load number and told him which dock to drop his trailer. I came real close to tell him which ass hole to drop his load. Mine! He backed his rig in dock door 22, dropped the trailer and came back in. ‘You know of a good place to eat?’ He ask. I wanted to tell him yeah, my undershorts! ‘Well, if you wait around a little, there’s a roach coach that comes by and the gal that runs it makes a pretty mean sandwich, if that’s what you are looking for.’ I told him. ‘Not a bad idea, you know about what time?’ He ask. ‘About an hour from now. She drives up honking her horn, you won’t miss her.’ I told him. I noticed him looking at my crotch, of course, with sex on my mind, my cock was half hard and bulging pretty good. He looked as if he couldn’t take his eyes off of it. ‘See something you might like to go with your sandwich?’ I ask. I embarrassed the guy to no end. He grinned and walked back to his rig. Damn, I thought. Surely he wants some of this? An hour later the roach coach drove up, usually I bring my lunch but made my way out to the truck and picked up some chips. The driver was there getting a sandwich and again, we made small talk. Where you from, where you came in from, yada-yada, bullshit. He kept looking at my crotch. This time I grabbed it. All I said was, ‘11 o’clock, this can be yours, leave your door open.’ I walked back to the dock and started loading what freight we had on his trailer. By 11 o’clock I was so fucking horny I punched out, made my way to his tractor and to my surprise the passenger door was open. He lay in the sleeper with a low light on. He was butt naked with a huge hard on. I got in, dropped my jeans and we both went to town on each other’s cocks. He was a hairy bear type. Thick hair wrapped around his short but very thick cock. I could tell he had been stroking that monster by how hard it was. I stepped out of my jean, pulled my shirt off and fell in the bunk with this bear. We both sucked and fingered each other till we shot our wads. My cock filled his mouth with my warm wet juice. His shot in my mouth, all over my face and on my chest. He had one hell of a load. We never got to fuck each other but got off once more. When working the dock, you always have a large supply of Horny Drivers. Glenn/Estes Freight

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