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Do You Really Drive Naked?

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Of course I do, thus the name 'Naked Trucker.' As a nudist, I see nothing wrong with the naked body, some people think it's all sexual, no, it's not. I love the freedom and body positive. The question I get ask most, what if someone sees you. Well, the next time you drive by a 'big rig' see if you can tell if the driver is nude or not. He might have a shirt on, but who knows, he might not have any pants on. I've been seen at the truck stops naked. Once a guy on the CB had something negative to say about it, I replied, 'must be something you like, you keep looking.' Now I'm no idiot, I don't prance around naked in the parking lot, well, not where anyone can readily see me, but I do take night time nude hikes in more deserted areas. I've been walked up on a time or two, no one seemed to give two shits. Legality? I've posted a blog on the issue, you'll have to look back on my post, it's got some good info on nude driving. On the longer runs I'm all natural, shorter runs not so much. I do a lot of work out in west Texas, deliver to several secluded areas, totally nude deliver with a few areas where I can take a nice hike. I do have a pair of pull on shorts with me in the cab, just in case I get pulled over, or into the scale house. Over all, just another nude day on the road. Night driving I like to pull over on exit ramps, get out stretch my legs, piss, and enjoy the night air. I've been seen a time or two, A friendly honk that's about it. I know for a fact, in some areas, especially on federal land, there are no nudity laws, as long as you don't offend anyone, it's totally legal to go nude. Some states are that way as well. However, you have those that get offended now days just by looking at them. I like to think I'm a little smarter than that and use caution but still have a good time. So yes, I drive naked as much as I possible can. You should give it a try.

At home as well, on long road trips, I'm just as naked. Pull on shorts are a must, I do have to get gas once in a while. Tinted windows give you freedom too, fyi. You can see a lot more of my nude trips & excursions on my Only Fans Page along with my kinks, find it HERE.

As always, your questions and comments are welcome. Email me at: Thanks for dropping by. Tim.

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