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Do's & Don'ts about Cruising

Remember: Always cruise with caution and at your won risk!! Police hassles exist, without exemption, all across the United States. Take care and proper precautions. No one but you can be held responsible for your actions. Also, never go cruising without a handy supply of fresh condoms. HIV and other infections are not to be ignored because they don’t “always happen to somebody else”!! Your future can be made or destroyed by your actions. Take the necessary steps to stay healthy! 

Here are some general philosophies and general etiquette for having sex in public rest rooms and other places. 1. Don’t hold up the entire scene. This is a public bathroom. If two guys are in the available stalls and want privacy , you can offer your services, but if they decline, let the scene continue, do not stand there holding everything up, leave, and come back later. Respect the fact the other guys where there first. 2. By the same token the guys in the stall need to remember that this is public place and they can’t expect to have privacy for hours on end. Let other guys watch, it’s no big deal. If you want total control and privacy bring the guy to another area, or stay home. 3. If two guys leave the can for a more quiet place don’t follow them. If they wanted company they would have stayed in the busy bathroom in the first place. 4. Do not be a total pig and stay in a stall for 6 hours, break it up a little and let the scene happen. Not everyone will want to get serviced by you. No one person is everyone’s type so let everyone have a little fun. 5. Threesomes and urinal group action is really hot, but respect it if someone is not interested in you. Step aside and let the action happen and do not get in the person’s face. Do not be so aggressive that you break up a hot scene because the guys are not into you. We have seen guys pull a dick out of someone’s mouth so they could try and suck it! No shit! 6. Do not be an asshole. If you are hot guy with a big dick, don’t think that you have the right to tell everyone to fuck off until you find the perfect cocksucker. This is about public sex, if you’re a princess with a bad “no one is good enough for me attitude” stay home. We have watched many hot scenes be ruin by some guy who thinks one on is good enough to touch him. 7. Some guys are into just under the stall wall action, and don’t want anyone to see their faces, respect that. 8. This should be obvious but never acknowledge that you recognize someone you had anonymous public sex with outside of the context. Example; don’t be at a party and say “hey Jim, didn’t I suck you off at the Pilot Truck Stop on Sunday?” Never tell any noncruiser about your habits, and cruising places. 9. Be nice to each other and show a little respect. A polite “ no thanks” will get better results than “fuck off” troll. 10. Respect your elders! One day we are all gonna be old, and would want someone to treat us with a little respect. We’re not saying that you should have sex with old guys, I just mean you don’t have the right to tell them to fuck off or be rude. 11. If you have a guy’s cock underneath the stall wall, ask before sitting on it. We’ve heard stories of guys sticking it underneath for a blowjob and then had some guys sit on it bareback. Always ask the guy if he is into fucking and condoms should always be used. 12. Don’t leave a mess, clean up after yourself. Don’t leave used condoms and cum shots on the floor. This is a sure fire way to piss off the management and fuck up the whole scene. 13. The bathroom should not look like a gathering place for gay guys. If the place is busy, leave and come back later. I have been in bathrooms that have 6 stalls and 6 urinals and all are full, and still 8 guys are standing around waiting. This is another sure fire way to draw attention to the fact that sex is happening and will eventually be the death of the scene. Finally, respect the one pass rule. If you offer your services to some guy and he declines, making 6 more advances will not change the fact that he is not interested. -gtc.

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