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Cruising the Delivery Guys

Nothing like a naked & horny FedEx guy......

I’ve always been an admirer of Truckers, Heavy Equipment Operators, Delivery Men, any blue collar guys, I can’t get enough of them. I’ve never had the nerve to aproach one at a truck stop or rest area, but given the right time and right place, I’d do it! I work from home and have had a few good looking hot delivery men from UPS and Fedex. One day my home office was closed, my work caught up, so, looked like I was going to have a three day weekend. Especially horny and feeling some what sexy, I decided to hang around the house and pool nude. Soak up some summer sunshine. I fixed a cocktail early, found a good book, dirty book, and took out to the back. About the time my cock was good and stiff, the fucking door bell rang. I jumped up ran to the door and looked through the peep hole. My FedEx driver was standing there holding a couple of boxes. With enough courage in me, and without a second thought, I swung the door open and greeted him. Half hard, wet from sweat, he stood there looked at me up and down, dropped on box and stepped inside the door. To my very much surprise he grabbed my cock and started stroking it. He pulled me close to him and gave me a deep long kiss. He dropped to the floor and sucked on my raging hard on. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled his fuck hole mouth next to my crotch. I was in heaven. He stood up and said, ‘Oh, I have two packages for you, here sign this.’ He handed me his pad and as I signed what looked sorta like my name, he went back to sucking my cock. He pulled my legs apart and worked his way up under my nut sack and liked my hairy hole. I spread my legs wide so he could get a good tongue hold on my hot hole. I reached down and pulled his purple shirt off. He had unbuttoned his pants and started jacking his hard cock off. He had a real nice fat cock between his hairy legs. I pulled my ass cheeks apart so he could lick my fuck hole. I wanted him to specail deliver his load right up my ass. He stood up I fell back on the carpeted floor. As he dropped his pants he ask, ‘You want to fuck outside, it’s a beautiful day to screw out side.’ I jumped up and headed out back. There I pulled a lawn chair up and lay back on it. He got between my legs again and sucked on my throbbing cock. I wanted so bad to dump my ready load down his throat. He got up off my cock and pushed my legs back. He licked my hole and drove me fucking wild. He stood back up and straddled my face with his cock. I went to work on this delivery man’s fuck tool. His precum was enough for two guys. I sucked what prejuice would come out of his cock. I could hardly believe my eyes, the FedEx guy is going to fuck my ass. I kept enough spit on his cock so it would slide up my hole easier. He pulled back and stuck his cock right up to my ass. I could feel my ass open up as he slid that huge fuck tool up inside of me. He worked it all the way to where I could feel his balls rest against my backside. I could feel his pubic bush under my nut sack. I had my cock pulled back on my stomach so I could get a good grip when he started pounding my ass. He pulled out real slow and pushed back in. He picked up some speed and started pile driving my ass, just like I  really like it. His nuts slapped against my ass so fucking loud, it sounded like someone clapping. I could feel his cock swell up inside of me as he got near to cuming in me. He pounded and pounded my hot ass. I was so ready to shoot a fucking load I could hardly hold back. He got down on top of me and held on real tight. He started cuming. His cock was jerking and shooting gallons of cum in my ass. He had really reamed my fucking ass hole out. I could feel the hot cum in my bowels. He finally gave it up and fell on top of me. I too had shot a huge load all over my chest, stomach and some hit my face. He lay in the pool of jism on top of me. It was fucking wild. Really. Ever time Chet brings a package he delivers in my rear. I get bread from this FedEx Stallion once sometimes twice a week. He’s a married guy, average to well built, three kids and he loves to fuck my ass. We don’t get too deep in each other’s business, and that’s great with me. Just the other day the UPS guy showed up, not really ready to chance this guy, he’s really a brute. But, if I could get him like I got Chet, I wouldn’t have time to tell the stories. I’d be doing two things. Ordering shit to be delivered everyday or getting my lights fucked out each day! Either way, the summer delivers are great right along the sex they bring me. Never know what will happen when you answer the door naked. I also have my eye out for the pizza guys. I’ll write more as it happens. Chad N. Mobile, Al.

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