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Cruising for Bear

I’ve been a Trucker Cruiser for years! I love the big rig men and have had wonderful luck with my trusted CB. Back in the 70’s, in high school, my buddies and I all had CB’s and kept up with each other, locally with the information radios. I’d never really given them much thought until my best friend in school, Vince, had one in his pick up truck. His dad had one, and a few other of our friends, so, I had to get my hands on one as well. In the closet, I never gave much thought to cruising truckers until one morning, headed out of town to my family’s ranch for the weekend, I chatted on my new found toy. I kept up with the ‘smokey’ reports and talked and followed some big trucks on down the high way. The only rest area, and it was small, was just outside a small town thirty minutes or so from the ranch. I was 18 at the time and loved to jack off thinking of hot hairy men, towering over me with great big hard cocks wanting to take advantage of my virgin ass. Well, the first ‘real man’ that got my hot hairy cherry hole was a large hairy Trucker Bear. 

It was an early Saturday morning, headed up to the farm for some fishing, feeding cows and just fucking off in general, I chatted with this Trucker on the CB. He was headed in my same direction and was a few miles a head of me on the highway. He kept up with any police reports or anything I might need to know on our travels. We talked on and off the whole way up. He told me about his old lady back home and how horny he gets on the road and he could use a real hot piece of ass about that time in the morning. Well, there was no fucking way I was gonna get on the subject of sex unless it was about a girlfriend, pussy, you know, talk the talk. As we chatted he ask me if I liked cantaloupe? ‘Sure’ I told him. ‘I have a fucking trailer loaded with them, I’m gonna pull over at this rest area up a head and have one for breakfast, you can join me if you like.’ He ask me. ‘Sounds great,’ I replied. Not thinking much more of our ‘how horny he was’ conversation, I pulled into the small rest area and fell in behind his huge truck. He was opening the doors to his refrigerated trailer when I pulled up. In no time, he had a melon out, pealing it with his buck knife.  He was a good looking man, around 10 years or so older than me. Early thirties I would guess. He had on a skimpy unbuttoned shirt, the hair was thicker than carpet and blacker than the pavement we stood on. He had a very good looking square kind of jaw, black mustache and short black beard to match. At the thought, in my mind, of seeing the rest of this hairy bear naked, my soft cock started to wake up and tighten my jeans even more. By the time we got through with the melon, I had a huge 18 year old’s hard on making an obvious bulge in my pants. As we talked he kept looking at my crotch. I was getting a little nervous thinking what he might be thinking. He pulled out a towel and we cleaned up our sticky hands from the melon juice. ‘Looks like you are about as horny as I am or you have something tucked away in those jeans that’s gonna bust your zipper.’ He said to me. I could feel my face turning red as a fire truck. I came back with, ‘guess it’s a morning woody or something.’ I spoke with a nervous voice. ‘Well, I’ve got one too, and there is nothing wrong with two healthy guys getting off together, mind joining me?’ He ask. I just about came in my fucking pants when he told me that. I was so fucking horny at the thought, and his looks, I thought I was dreaming. I’ve jacked off many times thinking about guys like this, a real Hairy Bear wants me to get off with him. What are the chances? Well, let me cut to the chase. We got up in his rig, I’ve never seen such a huge fucking truck, my gosh, it looked like a small bedroom in the back, well, hello! It was! He pulled out his hard, ready to go cock and started jacking on it. He pulled off his biker boots, and slid is loose jeans down to the floor of the bunk and stepped out of them. He didn’t wear any underwear, he slid his shirt off. Before me stood a large, hairy bear type of guy with a huge cock. He started jacking off. I struggled like Houdini trying to get out of my clothes. ‘Ever suck a cock before?’ He ask. ‘No.’ I replied. But in my mind I wanted to drop to my knees and suck it for what it was worth. I was too embarrassed to tell him I was a closet case. But I thought I would roll with the flow. In his mind he was looking at a tall, slender, eighteen year old horny kid, what a fucking prize, right? I finally got out of my clothes. My cock stood straight out and dripped precum. He reached out and grabbed my cock, instantly I shot my cum all over his hand, arm and some on his hairy chest. ‘My word, you’re a horny fucker and you got a hair trigger there, don’t you!’ He said. Mother fucker, I started apologizing and grabbed my clothes up, I figured I’d fucked this party up. ‘Whoa, whoa, take it easy, happens to all of us. Just relax, set down, catch your breath, we got plenty of time.’ He reassured me. I was so fucking embarrassed, but the older guy knew what he was doing. He got me calmed down, my cock still hard, my mouth still wet. He reached out, pulled my head to his cock. I opened my mouth and was in heaven. The first cock I got to taste was a hairy bear trucker cock. Mother fucker! I sucked on this cock as I had many, many times in my mind. I felt his hairy balls bounce on my chin. I took his huge fat cock like a champ. I was really getting into it when he reached down and grabbed mine. It was all I had to keep from shooting my wad again! Damn, hair trigger wasn’t the word. I stood up and he put my cock in his mouth. It was totally different than jacking off. My head was spinning like a fucking top. He grabbed my ass and pulled my crotch to his face. It was fucking wonderful. I could feel my cock going down his throat. It was fucking unreal. He stood back up and I couldn’t wait to get his dick back in my mouth. I sucked and sucked and he rewarded my hard work with some sweet-sweet juice from his balls. I swallowed my first load from my first blow job. He came and came. It was all good. I was just about ready to shoot another load when he got back down and sucked it right out of the head of my cock. I wanted to pass out. After laying there with him, naked in the bunk, we made some small talk and he learned all about me and my first time. How I really loved the bear type guys, but just wasn’t ready, until then, to explore what I really wanted as far as sex. As we talked and he told me about a few road stories, I got all hard again. He wanted to show me a real treat, his favorite thing to do. He pushed my legs back, my cock hard, and rimmed my virgin ass hole. At first it scared me, but when he reached around and jacked me off, it didn’t take long before my third load of cum was shooting out the head of my cock. Well, as a driver, he gave me a few tips about cruising on the radio, most, if not all, have been told here, and they all have worked for me over the years. I go Trucker Bear Hunting just about every fucking night. I love Truckers, and hunt them down with my trusted CB. Cary K. Arkansas

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