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Cowboy Truckin'

I grew up on the family ranch, and thought I’d be there all my life. We had and still do have alfalfa hay brought in from New Mexico for our mama cows and horses. My dad, a true redneck kind of guy, had his hands full with my three brothers and myself. When I was a teenager, my brothers and I would jerk off together, see who could shoot the farthest, etc. But I was hooked. I always knew I was on the other side of the fence and could never get enough sex. Like most young guys, I whittled on my cock three even four times a day. When girls started coming into the picture, our circle jerks faded away and was never even brought up between us. Today, two brothers still help dad on the ranch, we all have our hand in it, but I do my job out on the road. The first guy I ever sucked off was a trucker that brought in a load of hay from New Mexico. He was from northern California, and was hot fucking truck driver. I was always mesmerized by the big shiny rigs that pulled into our hay barn to get unloaded. My brothers and I worked our ass off back then and have the muscles to prove it. Today I own and operate two rigs. I drive one and the other is driven by one of my brothers. We drive coast to coast, hauling what ever we can get out hands on and that will fit on our flat beds. I’m still in the closet, more or less, it’s just never a topic around home, but I love to get sucked and fuck a hot ass, even been known to get my own ass poked a few times. Still hooked on wearing my boots and hot, you’ll never catch me in tennis shoes or flip flops, I’m either naked or near naked with my leather boots or jock strap. Once in Houston, to deliver off the notorious Hempstead Highway, I got to the steel company an hour after closing. The guy on the phone told me, ‘if you make it early, we can get you unloaded.’ Well, I missed it by an hour. I fucked off some time at a near by mall, ate a good dinner and decided to park near the plant I was to deliver. Back in the day, Hempstead Highway was not the place to be, it was the only way out of Houston going north west. Today, with a new highway, Hempstead Road is just about dead other than the business’s in the area. I passed by an adult book store/smoke shop type of place, being the horny guy I always am, I decided to pull my rig in their very large parking lot. About a dozen cars were parked there, so I decided to go in and see what was up. I had a jock strap on under my jeans, boots, hat, and a t-shirt on, I made my way in. I looked around at some older three pack magazines and a very poor choice of DVDs, I decided to see where all the guys were. I paid seven bucks and the guy buzzed me into the peep shows in the back of the building. As I walked in this huge place, it had two dozen or so large booths. Big enough seven or eight guys could get in very comfortable. They played constant porn with multi-channels, no coins or tokens needed. A really cool place, and lots of cruising room. About a dozen or less guys were standing around, few booths were taken, and as I walked in, instantly a couple of guys started following me around. I stepped into a booth and clicked a couple of channels and watched this hairy dude fuck the hell out of some tight ass twink. As I watched the fucking, I pulled out my cock. As I stroked it, my precum made up a large sticky drip on the head of my cock and I was getting ready to see what the group outside in the halls had to offer. When I get all horned up, I like to tease the guys as well. I’ve even been known to let a troll or two suck on my cock, just for a tease. Guess we will all be there one day, trolls like to have fun too! As I flipped through the channels, I came across some real good videos. Cum shot after cum shot, I watched and almost came myself. The booth that I was in was very large. I took my jeans off, rolled them up, hid them on the dark ledge above me. I opened the door and strolled the hallways with nothing on but my tight shirt, jock, hat and boots. I tan all over, winter time I hit the tanning beds, summer, I’m a nudist at the ranch. So I’m pretty tan all over. I strolled the hallways and made my way into another booth. So far, no glory holes. My hard cock was up against my stomach, and my balls hung low in the jock. I flipped through the channels again and played with my cock. Several times, the door was pulled on by outsiders. I gave it a few minutes and walked out into the dark halls again. By this time, most of the guys were at my end of the hallway. As I walked down the hall a couple of horned up guys were in a booth at the far end. Both completely naked, with the door cracked, motioned me to come in. I stepped into the large booth. Not sure if they were a couple or just hooked up or what, but they both were hot looking guys. One Hispanic with a very large uncut cock and the other a white guy with just as large cock. Both were rock hard, and both were naked. Their clothes piled up in the corner. They both had their hands all over me. The Hispanic guy dropped to the floor and started sucking my hair trigger cock. He squeezed my balls as he worked his mouth up and down my shaft. The other guy stood up on the bench as I took his manhood into my mouth. As I sucked, I could taste his precum, dribbling out the head of this cock. He too had low hanging balls that slapped against my chin. The Hispanic guy was fingering my ass. For some reason, I was so fucking hot, I wanted a cock in me and to put mine in one of them. The guy above me pulled out a condom and small tube of lube. He got down off the bench and stood behind me. He fingered my ass hole with a finger of lube. As he worked my ass hole he rolled on the condom. Before I knew it, I was bent over with my ass accepting his hard cock offer. I was so fucking light headed from the turn on, I thought I was going to pass out. The Hispanic guy kept sucking my cock. The feeling of the guy fucking my ass was really great and I was ready to blow my load. The guy fucking me was really getting into it. I could feel his cock touching that hot spot right inside my ass. It was all I could do to keep from shooting my load down the Hispanic guys’ mouth. Leaning over with my legs spread wide, the guy pulled out and we got down on the seedy floor. I pulled my legs back and showed the stud my hole. He got down on his knees and plowed my crack like it was going to be his last. The Hispanic guy worked his way around and straddled my face and I started sucking his hard uncut cock. We all seem to have been in rhythm. I hadn’t been fucked like that in a log time. As he pounded my hole, the small of my back was slapping the concrete floor. It was kinda sticky, but who gave a fuck. Finally, the guy pulled out, pulled the condom off, push aside the Hispanic guy and shoved his cock in my mouth. Besides the rubber taste, my mouth filled with his seed. While swallowing all I could, I felt a raw wet cock enter my well fucked hole. The Hispanic guy plunged his cock deep inside of me. I was eating the cum of one guy, and the other was breeding my hole. I had both my hands on the cock feeding my mouth while my ass was being tore up by a Mexican Stallion. Soon he dumped his raw sticky load deep into my ass. The one guy pulled out of my mouth and turned around and started sucking my cock which instantly started shooting into him hot mouth. Each plunge into my ass made my cock shoot that much more and more intense too. The Hispanic guy pulled his cock out of my ass, cum ran out of my hole just as fast. I kept cuming and the other guy kept sucking. We all finally got done. ‘You guys lovers?’ I ask. ‘No, just two hot guys looking to get off with a hot cowboy like you.’ The one answered. We stood there and kissed for a little, got dressed, I made my way back to the original booth and snagged my pants. Wow, just another hot night in a porn shop in Houston. How great can life get on the road? Nothin like cowboy fucking in a porn shop! Jeffrey B.

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