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Cowboy CBer

I’ve been hauling cattle for ten years. I work for an outfit that buys cattle for several different meat packing plants in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Kansas. The farthest I haul cattle could be up to 250 to 300 miles, lay over a day until the next auction ends, we load up and go. Most of the loading is done in the evenings or late night, once loaded, I drive nonstop to their destination. I’ve run with a CB for many years, wouldn’t be without one. The CB is great for weather reports, smoky bear reports and it’s a great friend to have when you start getting tired and need someone to shoot the shit with. But the most greatest thing the CB is used for, in my book, is trucker cruising. I get hit all the time, guys wanting to give a blow job. My rig and trailer have over 200 clearance lights, my rig looks like a fucking Holiday Float. Drivers at night are always starting up conversations about my rig and all the Rooster Cruiser Lights. You will be surprised at the Truckers that hit on me as well over the radio. I met up with one guy, had his wife with him, we fueled at the same truck stop, we went in for some coffee late one night. I wear a pair of tight jeans, I’m 6’4” tall and only weigh around 155-160. I have a slender build, and I pack an eight inch dick with a mushroom style head. With my old worn in jeans, you can tell exactly whats hanging between my long skinny legs. You ever seen that country singer, Dwight Yoakum? Well, I’m built like him, except about a foot taller. I love showing off my bulge, my cock stays half hard all the time any who. I got a great big buckle above it, I’m thinking about putting ‘8 Incher Below’ on it. Anyway, the guy noticed my half hard on all rolled up in my jeans, and couldn’t keep his fucking eyes off of it. We had been talking the last 100 or so miles, so it was almost like we have known each other for a long while. We dropped off at the pisser before heading out to the trucks, we both stood side by side at the urinals. I saw him pull out a real nice thick piece of meat, it took some time to get mine rolled out of my jeans. That particular pair, I have to wad my cock up to get in all in. I pulled out my half hard cock and he, again, kept looking at it. ‘Your fucking cock head is huge!’ He said. I looked over at him and replied, ‘yeah, and it can be a mouth full too!’ And grinned. He looked me right in the eye and ask, ‘can I try?’ ‘Sure, your wife gonna care?’ I ask him. ‘She won’t know if we do this in your rig.’ He said. We made our way out to the trucks, parked away from the fuel island. His wife was asleep in the bunk, he made his way over to my rig. I was already butt ass naked. My cock was really at attention now. All 8 fucking hard inches. My mushroom cock head was purple and pounding with every heart beat. He got in and was amazed at how long and hard my cock was. He forced my cock head in his mouth. While sucking on it and some of my shaft, he pulled off his clothes. In no time we were two hard naked bodies in the back of my rig. I didn’t have any cattle on at the time, but had an appointment at the stock yards at mid-morning, so I had enough time to do what ever. We both had each other’s cocks in our mouths. His was a real mouth full, short and thick. It was a straight shaft, hard as a fucking nail. Real thick, I’m talking beer can thick. He had as much cock of mine in his mouth and I could feel my cock head choking him. It didn’t take log before I wanted to cum real bad. I had enough cum in my balls to blow the top of his head off. While he was sucking on my cock, he was fingering my hot sweaty fuck hole. With my long legs and tight ass buns, he was fingering me to make me squirm. I spit his cock out of my mouth and told him to fuck me. Fuck me hard with his cock. He got on top of me with my legs back over my head. My cock  hard against my stomach, with a huge amount of precum dripping out of my slit. He rimmed my ass for a few minutes. just enough to make it real wet and moist, enough for him to slid his hard cock into my tight cowboy ass hole. He stabbed my hot ass with that thick ass cock of his. He didn’t stick that mother in five times before we both shot our huge heavy loads. His up my ass and mine all over the both of our faces. He pulled out, we cleaned up, he went back to his cab and I took off to the stock yards. I parked out in the lot and took a long relaxed, freshly fucked nap. Before I did, I fingered my hole, I could feel his hot man juice dripping out each time I played with my hole. I jacked off again and shot a huge load all over my chest and hands. I licked them clean and fell asleep. A few hours later, I was up pulling on my tight ass jeans and getting ready to back into the gates. A real good looking middle aged Hispanic guys rode up on a horse to tell me which gate to back into. I’ve seen this hot chili pepper in here every time I load out. He told me that the cattle I was picking up hadn’t been brought up yet, would be an hour or so. We made some small talk, he lit a cigarette and we both shot the shit for a little bit. ‘Where’s your cattle going?’ He ask me with a touch of Mexican slang. ‘I’m taken this lot back into Texas.’ I replied. He kept looking at my jeans. ‘Nice buckle, you rodeo too?’ He ask. ‘Yeah, done a little in the past, but been too busy hauling cattle instead of rodeoing any.’ I told him. He kept looking at my crotch. ‘Nice buckle, real nice buckle.’ He repeated. I figured what the fuck, ‘you can touch my buckle if you like, it won’t hurt you.’ I volunteered. He knew exactly what I was talking about. He looked around and reached down and grabbed my fucking crotch. I really  didn’t think he would do it, but by golly he did. His hands were gentle yet strong. ‘I’d like to see what’s under that nice buckle.’ He ask me. He tied his horse off to the fence, I opened the door and we both got in. I dropped my pants and my cock stood straight out. He took it in his mouth as if he knew exactly what to do. Fuck! He did, and did it well. He sucked on my cock and licked on my head. He stood up and pulled open his pants. A real nice tan Mexican burrito dropped out into my hands. Yes, both hands on this huge uncut cock. I dropped down and took it into my mouth. In no time was hard as a rock and ready for play. He still had chaps on and even spurs, he had his hat on as well. Cowboy Trucker sucking a cowboy feedlot hand. The more I sucked on that Mexican meat the bigger it got! It dripped of precum and tasted so fucking good. I was jacking my rod off while I was sucking this huge cock. He started shooting cum all in my mouth, I tried my best to swallow each huge spurt of his man wad. At the same time, I too, lost my load to the floor. He stood back, buttoned up his fly and got out of the truck. He went back to help the other guys to bring my cattle up. This was fucking unreal. Two guys in no time, with huge cocks and full loads. Later that evening I heard a voice over the radio. My cock in my tight jeans started swelling up. This Cowboy was ready to go at it again, and the CB brings it to me all the time. Cowboy Jeff,  Dalhart, Tx.

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