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Circle Jerk in the Urinal

Some buddies and me like to get together and have a circle jerk at the local pickle park. Late nights are the best, there’s very few families running around at that time. Usually, there are a few drivers that will join in, some get serious, you know, want to fuck, get and give a blow job. Others, well, they want to get off, but that’s it. Watch me watch you type of jerk off. That’s cool too with me, but I like the ‘interaction’ type of circle jerk. I always wear light clothes, something easy to get out of. Once, my friend Joe and I went up to the park. We hung out watching trucks and cars come and go. It got kinda quiet and we noticed a couple of drivers had gone in the rest rooms and had been there for sometime. We made our way in the rest rooms to find these two drivers, with their dicks out, jacking off. We walked on in on them and pulled our shorts down. Half hard in no time we were full erect. Joe went down on one driver, I went down on the other. They both rewarded us a tasty load of cum. While we were cleaning up the heads of those cocks, a guy came in. He walked all the way around us to the urinal. He took a piss and came back over and ask where the line was for the blow job. He pulled his cock out and started stroking and watching us clean up the cum off those other cocks. Jeff and I both went down on this guy. He jacked his load off in Jeff’s mouth. Another trucker came in. He was a rough looking fucker, but was real nice. He had hair all over his fucking body. He pulled his shirt off and pants down. It was all hair. Black, smooth like silk short hair. All over him! His cock fell out of his jean and he pulled them down. ‘Who wants to get fucked, I’m horny.’ He ask. I stood up with nothing on but my tennis shoes and tank top shirt. My cock was standing straight up, my balls were tight, I turned around and bent over and showed him my moist brown hole. He squat behind me and started licking my hungry ass hole. This is what I live for! He ate my hole and made me love it. I wanted so fucking bad to jack my load off. Jeff came over and held my cheeks open. The guy fucked my hole with his tongue. It felt so fucking good. I was getting dizzy real quick! He stood up, Jeff sucked on his cock and made it that much more wet. He slid that cock up my hole. I could feel that hair touch my back side every time he drove that cock of his up my ass. Jeff came around in front of me and sucked my cock while my ass was getting fucked in a great way. This isn’t the first time I’ve been fucked and Jeff catch my fuck load. Jeff knew how much I love to cum while someone fucks me. Jeff says that when I’m getting fucked and he sucks me off, that load taste real sweet, more so than any other time. Yeah, well, what the fuck ever. Just suck my cock while I get my ass tore up. The driver came in my ass, and went. Jeff caught my load, again. We just love the rest room sex! Cliff J. Cruiser

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