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CB ~ Homo Chatter

I live off I-40 just outside Oklahoma City close to the truck stops. I not only have a CB in my pick up, I have a base station as well. I can talk to the drivers on the Interstate and never leave the house, as a matter of fact, I’ve had a rig or two parked just down the street from my home. I’ve invited drivers for a meal, shower and hot man to man sex. The best cocks you can suck are ‘Trucker Cocks!’ If you have ever sucked a Trucker’s cock, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I’ve been deep throated so fucking deep with such a huge Trucker cock, my throat was sore for days! Just last week, late on a Friday night, I had my base station on. I could hear truckers coming and going up and down I-40, some to deliver in OK City on Monday, so they had the weekend to ‘fuck off,’ so to speak. I come right out at times and offer a blow job and a shower, even a meal if I can just satisfy their manly needs. You will be damn surprised how many names I get called. Some drivers that have passed through before, recognized my voice and give me a holler. ‘Hey Homo Boy!? Got a copy?’ One would call out. ‘Sure do driver, need a blow job tonight?’ I would reply. I’ve been called sick more than once by redneck drivers passing through, once I was sick, hell, I had a fucking cold! Any way, I love to suck cock! Just last week I was so fucking horny and cock hungry I was willing to make a deal on the CB. My pick up was in the shop, so, I couldn’t cruise the truck stops, which I just love to do, so I sat at my desk with my base station mic in hand. ‘How about it drivers? Any of you horny guys need a blow job? Comes free with a sandwich, hot shower, I even have truck parking.’ Most of the time I’m either ignored on harassed by some of the passing drivers. Hell, I might sit here for hours before I ever get any interest, but when I do, it’s pay dirt, or should I say, ‘pay cum!’ I met one driver over the base station, he met me down at the end of the road where I live, he just wanted a hand job, I licked all the cum I could off my hand that he shot on me. Hell, it was good enough for me. Last week a guy came back on the radio, we went to another channel so the harassers wouldn’t hear us, this guy had come by here a few months ago and was looking for me on the radio. A big burly trucker man, his cock was to fucking die for. It was as thick at the head as it was at his real hairy base. He was an uncut man, very hairy, large guy. His name is Rick, I think it’s not his real name, but fuck, I need not know these guys information, I just want their cocks down my throat. Most of the guys are straight, so getting them to fuck me in the ass can be a bit tricky at times, but I settle for a nice load across my lips and in my willing stomach. Rick knows me by a special CB handle he gave me, ‘light bulb.’ Yeah, cause he says I’m bright, go figure! So when I was looking to suck some Trucker Cock, I heard a call for ‘light bulb’ from far away. As he got closer, it got louder. Light bulb is not just my handle he gave me, it’s a que to go to our special channel so we can hook up without any of the other drivers knowing. I was so fucking horny that when I heard him, I just about came in my pants! I was excited. I turned the knob on the radio to channel 33. Without a word, I turned to the channel and once again heard, ‘light bulb, you there?’ ‘Sure am big buddy, bring it back?’ I replied. He came back to me and we made our plans to hook up. I know it had been more than a few weeks since we first hooked up and made plans then about the way would hook up the nest time. He had dropped his trailer at a local truck yard and bob tailed right to my front door. His big frame crawled out of the truck and he came on in. I had fresh coffee made, a couple of sandwiches and was butt naked for my Fuck Buddy Trucker. He was glad to see me, and by the buldge in his pants I could see why. I dropped to my knees and pulled that big thick uncut cock out of his jean. I could smell a day or two worth of man sweat and thick cheese under that thick uncut head of his cock. My eyes rolled back into my head as I took that massive meat down my throat. The taste made me want to shoot my load all over the floor. He put his large bear claw hands behind my head and pulled my mouth closer and closer to the base of his man hood. I finally worked and got his pants to his knees. I ran my hands up and down the back of his legs and could feel the thick hair up and down his leg and up on his ass. He was what I would call a true bear trucker. That cock was made for sucking. I’m an average built guy, mostly smooth, I too have a nice cock but would rather suck a cock and jack off or get fucked and jack off then have anyone suck my dick. As I sucked his cock I could taste the head cheese and precum together. Right away he shot a huge massive load down my throat, it gagged me, some ran out of the corners of my mouth. Without touching myself, juice shot out of the head of my cock all over the floor between us. My hole was moist from the turn on. He shoved his huge cock deep, deep down my throat as he shot stream after fucking stream. What I didn’t get all down, I got with my tongue and fingers. We both sat there for a few minutes, I was still cleaning up the few drops left behind. It was fantastic. He pulled the rest of his clothes off and hit the shower, on his way the grabbed on of my sandwiches. In the back room, I could still hear truckers on the radio. I was still dizzy from the first blow job I had given him. He turned around and looked at me on his way to the bathroom, ‘get that ass greased up, I want some of that too.’ And he wondered on down the hall. Fuck! My dick shot strait up again! I ran to the bedroom and pulled the covers back, I got my lube out and fingered my hole waiting in anticipation. Rick came of the shower with nothing on but a smile and a huge hard cock looking right at me. Without a word he got to the foot of the bed, I pulled my legs back and offered him my waiting hole. He got between my legs and plowed that huge mother fucker right up my ass. It put a whole new meaning to ‘stick it up your ass!’ He towered over me like a huge grizzly bear that got out of the fucking zoo and wanted revenge on the zoo keeper. He pumped my hot ass like a large lumberjack would fuck a tight knot hole. My gosh, I could feel his cock head in my throat, except this time, it was coming from the other end. I have never had my ass stretched so wide open, well, that I could remember, and I was enjoying this pain so much, I didn’t even care about memories. His large balls are so fucking hairy, it lightened the slapping noise you usually hear when getting your ass plowed, but I could sure damn feel them. My cock was oozing precum out all over my stomach, his cock was swelling as he continued to plow my ass. In the distance, we could hear my base station CB. Who the fuck cared at that time? I had what I wanted and was enjoying every fucking second of it. Rick started to shoot his second load deep into my ass. He pushed my legs even further apart, I thought for a second he making a wish and using my legs as a fucking wish bone. At the same time he started coming, so did I. I shot a huge load, but this time, I got to jack my meat like a mad man. He dumped his thick load deep in me, so fucking deep, I shit his cum out for several days. Guys, get a CB, and a base station too! Truckers are great! ‘Light Bulb’ Oklahoma. 

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