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CB Trainer

I went to work for US Express right out of truck driving school. Say eight years ago. I was young, dumb and full of cum. Being just out of school, I had to ride with a trainer for six weeks since I didn’t have any miles under my belt. I was placed with an older guy, I was in my early 20’s he was mid 30’s, nice guy, I learned a lot more from him than anyone else I’ve ever been around. Needless to say, I thought he was as straight as an arrow until it got dark and he was all horned up. When he finally realized that I was one that would play, we fucked and sucked all the way across the great country of ours. He even taught me how to pick up some hot ass (off of guys) on the CB radio. One evening, I was driving and he was sitting in the passenger seat. We got on the subject of sex. I’m gay, at the time, I wasn’t out at all. I even had a steady girlfriend at the time. He would ask me about fucking her, and how he liked to plow girls in the ass. ‘Much tighter and they seem to love it,’ he would explain to me. We got on the subject of cock size. ‘I’ve got a 9 inch cock that  makes the person I’m fucking go wild!’ He told me. At the time of all this sex talk, my cock was hard as a rock, luckily, I thought, I had loose shorts on and it was night    time so, I was safe. ‘I don’t want to get personal, but how big is that woman pleaser of yours?’ He ask. ‘Oh, I’m about 7 or better, depends how well I’m getting into it.’ I replied. He pulled out the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen. ‘Well, I love to jack on this guy when I’m all horned up, might just go in the sleeper and shoot this big load backing up in my balls.’ He said. I just about drove off the fucking road! I looked down and my shorts were standing up like a fucking tent. He turned on the cab light real quick to see my crotch. ‘You too could use some relieve, let me show you some tricks.’ He said. I pulled into the next pickle park and parked the rig. We were two days a head of schedule, so we had plenty of time to play around. We went to the back for some mutual jack off, but ended up the both of us in a 69 position. I love to eat man cum and have since I was 15. I sucked the cum right out of his balls and he too, sucked my cum up through my cock head. We got done cuming with each other so we lay in the bunk, naked, talking. ‘You want to tag team a hot ass? I’ll pick up a good-buddy. He ask. ‘Sure, how do you go about doing that?’ I ask. He got on the radio and in less than an hour, we had a pickle park trick in the bunk with us. An average guy that sucked my cock while my trainer worked his large thick cock up his ass. I’ve never had a three way and it’s been a while since I was fucked in the ass. The trick and I got into the 69 position while my trainer fucked his hairy hole. I had a view from hell, watching his cock spread open this guy’s asshole. The trick’s balls were flapping in my face as my trainer fucked him good and hard. He pulled out of his ass and shot that load in my face, at the same time the trick pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot his load on my face as well. I learned more than just trucking from this trainer. He taught me a lot about man to man trucker sex and sex on the road. When I got out on my own as a single driver, I took all what he taught me, tweeked and peaked, and now, I get as much ass as I can fuck and as much cock as I can suck with my CB radio. Oh yeah, eye to eye, flicking a bic, tapping the tail lights, meeting in the rest rooms, all of that is fine and dandy, but to me, it’s risky too! Don’t be misslead, I don’t get luck everytime. You get someone on the CB that won’t shut up and all they want is what I call, ‘CB Sex,’ fuck that! Hook up, cut the chat and get to business. I’ve had guys just about talk themselves out of a good time because all they want to do is talk. I’m looking for action! Mention a blow job on the radio to me and you better have a hard on, if not, move on down the line. I hooked up with a guy once, younger, loves truckers and loves to be fucked. He had a CB in his pick up, called out for a blow job, I answered, and in less than 5 minutes, I had his tight jeans off, his ass cheeks spread and my tongue licking the spot I wanted to fuck. His ass hole was smooth, large balls shaved balls, and a dripping hard cock. His ass was in the air as he squirmed beneath me. I ate his ass like no tomorrow. His tight spot opened up for my tongue and soon for my cock. I drove my hard manhood deep inside his rectum. The guy moaned as I worked my cock head in and out of his ass opening. He was really getting into it when I left my man cum deep inside his ass. Another time I was home on break, I put my CB in my car and while out running errans and what not, I heard a trucker looking for directions to a local warehouse in town. I picked up the mic and gave the guy directions. Damn, I knew that voice and ask the driver his CB handle. It was none other than my old trainer I hadn’t run across in eight or so months. We hooked up at the warehouse and caught up on swapping man juice. I didn’t get into getting fucked that much, but I really wanted him to breed my ass. We rocked the truck so much you counldn’t tell if the fork lift was in the trailer or we were just having a great time. He pushed his huge cock up my ass and made me blow cum all over myself without even touching my dick! This guy could fuck an ass. When he was unloaded he came back to my place and cleaned up and took a break. We sucked and fucked the afternoon away, he had been dispatched back out and away he went. I hit the road three days later only to hook up with the guy that I repowered his load. He dropped it off at a truck stop and I took it on to the destination. He was one hot fucker. It was late when we met, he jumped out of the truck with nothing on but tennis shoes and cut offs. His hairy legs and nice chest had me adjusting my cock right there in front of him. ‘Need some relief?’ He ask. ‘Sure!’ was the word of the day. Blow jobs were all we did, but we did each other twice. The second time was a mutual jack off. He had a hot body and nice cock and balls. I swallowed the first load as he did mine. We chatted about our loads and working for US Express. As we looked at each other, naked on the bunk, our cocks worked back up. We jacked each other off, cleaned up with our tongues, and made our way on down the road. You ever heard that saying, ‘it’s a small world?’ Well, it is. Over the last few years you will be surprised at the guys I’ve hooked up with more than once. I had a guy follow me 200 plus miles only to show up at the truck stop I fueled and showered. He wanted to finish what we started many miles back. By that time I had second wind and we went at it in the truck stop shower. Guys, if you don’t have a CB, get one! Damn get one and hook it up and get to cruising truckers. In my book, there isn’t enough action on the CB and we truckers would love to hear more of you cruisers looking for us! Give us that ass, suck our cocks, find us on the CB Radio!! Yours truly, ‘Batter Monkey.’

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