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CB Talk

Updated: Jan 20

It was late, kinda stormy, I was tired and ready to fuel, shower and get some rest. I had two more days before delivery, but where I was delivering was ‘first come, first serve.’ I wanted to be first! I pulled in the truck stop, a Mom and Pop place, plenty of parking out back, nice shower facility and good food in the restaurant. I called in from the fuel island my plate number, how I was to pay, mileage, etc. The voice on the other end sounded like a hunky college student, but then again, I’ve been fooled by finding a dried up old granny behind the counter. I finished fueling, went a head and parked, grabbed my bag and went in to pay for the fuel and collect my free shower. Of course, I had to buy $500 worth of fuel, but the shower was free. I walked in and to my surprise was a nice looking guy, mid 30’s, tight jeans and a great smile. ‘What’s your truck number driver?’ He ask. ‘705, Express Transportation,’ I told him. In no time he ran my card and had a receipt for me to sign. ‘How about that shower?’ I ask. ‘I’m the shower guy, give me a few minutes when the girl that runs the desk gets back, and I’ll have you set up.’ He told me in a fast voice. I headed back to the shower rooms and waited. It was late and the place was like a ghost town. In no time the cute guy came in behind me and started chatting. ‘Room 8, it’s ready driver, let me get you a couple of towels and soap, leave your door open.’ He said with a huge smile. ‘Humm!’ I thought. I went to room 8, took my time stripping down. I turned on the shower and was ready to get in when the door opened up. There he stood, smiling with his hands full of towels. I stood there, butt ass naked, with a hard on. I had plans, if you know what I mean. ‘Nice cock there driver, need help with it?’ He ask. As I stood there, shocked, in disbelief, I answered, ‘pleny of room, come on in.’ He pulled the door shut behind him, slipped out of his shoes, and shucked his pants like an ear of corn. He was sporting a real nice cock and balls to match. He was mostly smooth, but very fucking horny. My cock was hard as a rock and ready for some man to man action. Without much talk, he dropped and seviced my cock. I was just about to cum, he got up and said, ‘looks like you’re ready to fuck?’ I replied, ‘I’m always looking to fuck.’ He pulled his pants back on and said, ‘I got one more hour, let’s hook up in your truck, what’s your CB handle?’ I was shocked he did that to me. I told him, ‘if you’re a tease, I just soon whip your ass right now, I’ve got blue balls!’ He smiled real wide and replied, ‘what’s your CB handle, I’ll call you in your truck in an hour, I promise.’ I told him, ‘blueballs, just call for blueballs!’ He shut the door. Now, do I jerk offl like I planned, or do I see if he shows?’ I got done with the shower, went back to the rig, disappointed and ready to sleep.’ As soon as I got up in my rig I heard over the CB, ‘hey blueballs, you gotta copy?’ All my bad thoughts disappeared. ‘Yeah, you got blueballs, bring it back.’ In no time the stud was tapping on my door. I was where I was in the shower, naked, hard, and my cock was dripping. Right away he got down and started sucking my cock. While sucking he pulled his clothes off. I was about to bust my nut when he got up and took my cock up his wet ass. In no time I was dumping my large load up his ass. He bounced up and down jerking his cock. He showered my chest with his streamy thick juice. I came again at all the excitement and action. When we were done, we sat on the bunk both smoking a cigarette. ‘You do this often?’ I ask. He replied, ‘every fucking chance I get. You fucking truckers are the best fuck around. I teased you so you would really be turned on. Worked, huh?’ What a trick! JD LA, Ca.

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