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CB Talk

"The Fastest Way Into the Cab of a Truck, is with a CB Radio"

First Time

The first time I read anything about truckers, I fell in love with the idea of getting fucked like a snake in back of a rig. I came out my first year in high school. I sucked off more football players than any cheer leader, I’ve cruised the best of the best in bath houses and got picked up every night I went to a gay bar. But my fantasy came true when I landed my first trucker. I read about CB radios and how truckers use them and always thought you had to be a trucker to buy one. In this very magazine I’ve read about guys scoring with truckers by use of CB radio. The nearest truck stop from the town I live in is a good drive away, so one Saturday I took a trip and found a CB shop near a large truck stop. Cut to the story, the guy that ran the shop sold me a real nice until, installed it and also hooked up the antenna. I was in business. It took some time before I got nerve up to talk into the microphone, but began to learn fast, how to communicate with my new toy. I got up enough nerve to park in a rest area off the interstate and do some of the things I’ve read about. Click the mic, go to different channels and even called out ‘woof!’ when I talked to a hot sounding trucker. Can you believe it, a trucker came back and down right invited me into his big rig. Scared at first, I made my way to this huge truck and crawled in. The cab was dark and the driver sat behind the wheel awaiting my arrival. He was a hot looking older dude that knew what he wanted. I sucked his long uncut cock and drank his cum when he shot in my mouth. He watched me jerk my cock while he got his cock hard again and again I took his man meat into my hot mouth and sucked him off again. Truckers can be quite horny and reward you with a huge load. That was my first experience with a trucker, now, I’m hooked. I get lucky three out of five cruising trips to the rest area. These guys are hot! If you don’t have a CB, get one, you are missing some great, straight man meat. It’s true what they say, ‘The Fastest Way Into a Cab of a Truck Is With a CB Radio!’

Cop Teaser

My partner and I team for a large trucking company. We have done so going on 10 years now. The corporate terminal is in Indianapolis, Indiana, with drop yards all over the fucking country. We usually drop and hook in Dallas, Texas where we have to wait for out load coming out of Laredo, Texas. The cops cruise truck stops and drop yards of companies looking for hookers selling dope to drivers. These guys have learned, like all of us, you can get what ever  you want, via the good old CB. We were parked in the lot waiting on the truck from south Texas when I decided to find us a horny cruiser or other driver for some fun. Damn if I didn’t call up a couple of cops. Actually, it was kinda fun. I had those two stooges driving all over south Dallas looking for us two fags. It was almost like they were on a witch hunt. I fucked these two guys over, not once, but twice before they finally gave up and let the channel I was cruising. I even had the drive up into the drop yard looking around. I bet they both had hard-ons wanting a ‘good-buddy’ to suck some cop-cock, but didn’t want to take the chance. The drove to the Flying-J truck stop (five miles away) several times trying to figure out where the guy was hustling truck drivers. What a fucking hoot! However the night left them empty handed, when they finally gave up, a cruiser, whom heard all the action came back to me and we hooked up for some blow job action. He sucked me and my partner off and let us fuck him right there in the dark between trailers at the drop yard. CB’s, the way to the have fun and get some action on the road. 

Hot CB Ass

Talk about bold. Coming out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, south on 69 (my favorite position) I was running with several trucks making out way south, as far as we could before shutting down for the night. We kept up with the smokey reports and going over the speed limit by 10 or so miles. A no-no in any state, but we had some good response for the north bound truckers as we shared reports where the cops were. We passed the lesser brave trucks that were afraid of going any faster than the state law allowed. We passed a few JB Hunt trucks, a few Swift trucks and a few others. I kept hearing a click on the channel and knew there was a cruiser or horny trucker looking for action. No one would comment, I guess we all knew there was a good-buddy around, but no one wanted to acknowledge. Finally I heard a faint whisper, ‘blow job, thirty-three, blow job, channel thirty-three.’ All of us drivers ignored the call and kept on with our rachet jawing with the north bound drivers. As the drivers talked back and fourth, I quickly turned my CB to the called channel. Again, the faint voice came on the air, ‘anybody make it? Come on drivers, any body make it to thirty-three?’ I picked up the mic and said, in a deep voice, ‘go to thirty.’ I quickly turned the CB to channel thirty. Again, I heard, ‘I’m here driver, where are you?’ I keyed the mic, ‘You a driver? Or are you in a car?’ I asked. ‘I’m in a south bound Schnieder truck, where are you?’ He ask. I didn’t think we had passed any Schnieder truck, so I knew the driver was in front of our convoy. I told him to stay on that channel, I was going back to 19 to see what the guys I was running with were talking about. Nothing going on, one did ask if I were still with them, I keyed the mic, ‘Yeah, trying to pour a cup of coffee, I’m back here driver, keep the front door open for me.’ I replied to him. A couple of them started chatting again and I went back to channel thirty. ‘You there?’ I ask. ‘Yeah, where you at?’ He ask. About that time I passed a rest area sign that said 10 miles. ‘I’m just passing the rest area sign that says 10 miles, you anywhere near me?’ I told him. ‘I must be ahead of you guys, your getting loader, wanna pull off and get off?’ He boldy ask. ‘Sure, let me guess, you in a pumpkin truck? Right?’ I ask him. For those that don’t know, Schnieder trucks are orange, most use to be cab overs, and truckers call them ‘pumpkin trucks.’ ‘Yeah, you got it, I’ll pull off and park unless you catch up with me and get there first.’ He said. To make a long story short, I went back to channel 19 and shot the shit with the guys I was running with. The roared passed the rest area, I told them to keep on going, I gotta pull off and check my tires and take a piss. They told me to hurry up, they would be looking for me. The rest are was damn near empty, it was still early for drivers to start taking their breaks, so I pulled in a parked next to the pumpkin truck. The driver got out and climbed in my rig. Without much word, he shucked his pants and sported a real nice hard cock. His legs were hairy all the way up to his ass. With his boots on, shirt on, and nothing else but a smile, we got in the back. He sucked my cock for a little and ask if I wanted some man ass. ‘You bet!’ I told him. He bent over the bunk and spread his hairy ass cheeks. Looking up at me was the finest hairy ass hole I’ve seen in a long time. I spit on his hole and in my hand. I worked my hard stiff wet cock in that mass of hair and started fucking his ass. I had left the CB on and could hear the drivers fading off in the distance as they went on down the road. I drove my cock deeper and deeper in this driver’s ass. It was so fucking tight. Being a married man, my wife’s pussy never has satisfied my tight hole craving like a man’s ass. I started cuming in the guys ass and thought I wouldn’t stop. He shot his wad all over my covers in the bunk. He moaned and loved what I was shoving up his hot hairy ass. Just another hot piece of man ass from the old CB. Nothing like it. When I’m all horned up, I can always count on my radio.

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