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CB Sex Pig

The CB is my favorite way to cruise truckers and cruisers that are looking for some hard-core man sex. Blow jobs, jerk offs, even some good old fashion front seat butt fucking is fine with me, but I like it rough and piggish. Let me be the sex pig for a sex starved trucker any day. I’m a big dick, tight ass black man that’s more bottom than top. I pull my nine inch mule dick out and most guys shy away thinking I’m looking to tear them a new ass hole. Not true. I’d rather suck their balls out through the head of their dicks than fuck their man pussies. Oh, I’ll top anyone that thinks they can take it, but give me a hard cock man looking to fuck me, eat me, and then piss all over me. One of my best rest area pig sex fucks was late on a Sunday night. I was off on Monday, so I thought I’d cruise with my CB to find me a horned up trucker looking to get off. ‘Breaker one-nine, anyone looking for a BJ?’ Usually the rednecks will come back with some bull shit, or a religious fucker will start quoting the Bible. ‘That’s cool driver, but do you want a BJ? If not, move on down the fuckin’ road.’ Usually what I reply. Why fuck with me if you’re not interested in a blow job? ‘You drivers looking for the best blow job around, hit me back on channel 3-3, that’s channel 3-3 for a hot suck job.’ Of course, the rednecks and wise cracks go there at first, but soon, I’ll snag me a driver looking for some company. ‘Hey good buddy, take it up a couple of channels.’ A driver replied. We did some channel changing for a little while, as to stump the pricks looking to cause trouble. We finally met up on channel 36. ‘You lookin’ to suck some trucker cock good buddy?’ He ask. ‘You betcha, you need a hot blow job trucker?’ I ask. He told me about where he was, and to get back with him in 30 minutes. That way, no one would know where we were and what was going on. Those horny truckers know how to keep it on the sly. We met up at the rest area, he told what truck, I told him what I was driving. ‘I’ll meet you behind my trailer, it’s a nice night, the woods look safer.’ He told me. Sure enough, he dropped his jaw when I walked up. Usually happens when a 6’5” 200 pound black man walks up. ‘Damn you’re a big mother fucker.’ He said looking up at me. ‘I’m at your service driver.’ We walked back to the wooded area. I grabbed his crotch, he grabbed mine. We were cool with each other. Just inside the bushes he dropped his pants. A nice average hard cock fell into my hands. I dropped to my knees and started sucking. I worked my long cock out of my pants so stroke it. ‘Man, you can suck some cock, how far do you go?’ He ask. ‘How far do you want to go?’ I ask back. ‘Take all your clothes off, I want you to be naked while you suck my cock.’ I did as he ask. Although it was dark in the woods, the moonlight threw just enough light where we could see each other. My long stiff cock waved beneath me. His pants were around his ankles. I took all his cock down my throat. His hands on the back of my head forced me all the way to his crotch. He was just about to cum when another driver walked through the bushes. It scared the fuck out of me, not him, it was his co-driver. With hard dick in hand, he walked up and joined in. I had both cocks to suck on. ‘Yeah, suck that cock good buddy, suck my juice out of my full balls, bitch!’ The dominate talk kept up while I sucked their cocks. ‘Put your hands on our balls, squeeze that cum out of my balls you bitch, suck my cock, suck it good.’ Soon I found myself on all fours. One driver had worked his wet cock up my hot tight ass. The other stood in front of me, still talking shit while I sucked his cock. Finally, they changed places. The one I was sucking stuck his cock in my ass and what felt like instantly, started cuming. He dumped his hot load up my ass. The driver I was sucking pulled his cock out of my mouth, got behind me and started fucking me. ‘Take that you fucking whore, take my cock, squeeze my cock with your pussy muscles. Make me cum!’ He demanded. The other driver stood over me pulling his cock and dribbling left over cum onto my back. I was enjoying this abuse, big time! Finally the co-driver started cuming up my ass. ‘Oh, I’m cuming, I’m breeding your fuck hole, take my load you bitch!’ He kept pumping while he was cuming, and kept pumping after he came. Finally he pulled out and pushed me over on my back. My long thick black cock was rock hard. ‘Jack that meat off tramp, we wanna see you cum.’ About the time I started jerking my cock, both drivers stood over me and started pissing on me. Their hot piss soaked my fucked body. One driver pissed all in my face. ‘Pull your legs back fucker!’ One demanded. I pulled my legs back and he pissed on my fucked ass hole. As they pissed on me I started cuming. I dropped my legs and cam all over my chest and stomach. The drivers thanked me, zipped up and left. I lay there in ecstasy with my hot cum and their hot piss all over me. Man, what a night for this sex pig. Gotta love those horned up truckers. Keith T.

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