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CB's! Don't Cruise Without One

I love Trucker Cock! I have had more luck, no, much more luck, with my CB than any other way cruising Truckers. I use to stand around, clicking my bic, grabbing my dick and cruising drivers by shaking my dick at them going down the highways. But when I found out about CB radios, my cruising life had changed. I’ve had three CB’s since I started using them. I’ve burned up one, one got stolen and my present one gets one hell of a work out. I have most luck cruising drivers in a rest area, better known as a pickle park, and I suck more than my fair share of hard thick pickles. Usually, I prefer the pickle parks that aren’t welcoming centers. Too much traffic in those areas than the others. I’m not real close to any road side areas, my commute to the nearest one is about 45 minutes away, but well worth the drive. I have more luck in rest areas than book stores, bath houses or any sex clubs, besides, there aren’t too many of those within several hours drive. I usually make small talk to drivers in rest areas by asking for some local information, like traffic reports, weather reports, (really good when it’s raining or snowing, etc.) or how far the next gas station is. The sky is the limit when it comes to asking for any kind of generic information. Most, if not all, Truckers love to chat on the radio. Just turn one on and if you are near a major truck route, you will eventually hear guys chatting back and forth. I usually break in and start some conversation with them. Once I got the hang of talking on the radio, and it took me some time to build up the nerve, you would think I was one of those Road Warriors myself. I can keep up with the best of them. You never know when you are talking to a horned up driver. I once chatting with a Trucker from my house all the way to the nearest rest area. By the time we got there, he pulled in and was ready for a hot blow job. He started the conversation about how he has not been to the house for several weeks and was headed home. He was still two days out and was horny as hell, he told me at that time. In our conversation on the way to the rest area, he went as far as telling me he would settle for a ‘blow up doll’ or any hot mouth he could find. Well, that was my que. ‘Hell driver, I’ll suck you off and make you love it.’ I spoke in the mic. He didn’t come back to me for several minutes, then he proceeded to tell me to take it to another channel. As we went to a lower channel, I pulled my cock out, I too was horny as hell. As we went on down the highway he told me he had never had a guy get him off, he was tired of jacking off, ‘it’s just not the same.’ As he explained. I told him that I was a discrete guy, made sure he wasn’t gonna beat the shit out of me at the rest area, etc. You know, you can never, never be too careful! As we neared the rest area, he had told me what truck he was driving. He parked on the truck side and I parked up where the cars park. I made my way down by the phones, that’s where we planned to hook up. As to my surprise, it was a fairly young driver, well, younger than myself, I’m 40, he was around 30. Tight jeans, cap, tank top, boots, a real rugged but hot looking trucker. We introduced each other and back to the rig we went. He pulled his tight jeans down and his cock, stiff as a board, flopped out right in my face. I’d like to say it was the usual blow job, but not for this guy. ‘You know I’m a straight guy, I’m married, two kids, I’m not gay!’ He assured me. Between deep throat sucks I looked up at him and said, ‘just because you are getting a fucking blow job from a guy, just means your horny and you want to get off! Has nothing to do with gays. So, pull those jeans off, and let me do my job.’ I reassured him. He sat down in the bunk and pulled his boots off, pealed his tight ass jeans off and laid back on his elbows. I was between his legs licking his balls, and sucking his average thick cock. He let his head drop back and enjoyed my work. He had little precum, but he had full hairy balls. He took one hand and held it behind my bobbing head and shoved his cock deep into my throat. I had pulled my cock out and was jacking at the same time. He sat up and ask if I swallowed, he knew by the way I continued to suck, that I sure wanted his man juice. His cock swelled even more and his balls tightened up and I felt that first blow 

hit the back of my throat. I swallowed, swallowed and swallowed some more. He was holding my head close to his crotch as he shot his wad in my mouth. ‘Damn, that feels so fucking good!’ He whispered as he let his juice go into my gut.

After he shot that huge ‘over due’ load he lay back to catch his breath. As fast as he came, he mentioned that it was time for me to go, he had to catch up on his log book and hit the road. My work with this dude was done. I pulled my cock 

back into my pants and went back to my car. Just the way I like it. Get in, get em off, and get the fuck out. No name, no nothing. I turned my CB back on to see if I could catch me another horny Trucker. I was listening to passing drivers while I pulled my pants off. My cock was still hard from the first encounter of the night. As I jacked on my ock, thinking about that nice cock I had sucked I heard a voice, and it was close, come on the CB and ask for a blow job. “Any  

good-buddies out there looking to give a guy a blow job?” The voice ask. “Shut up faggot!” Replied another. I picked up the mic, ‘channel 33, go to channel 33 for that bj.’ I spoke. I turned the knob to 33, I heard him ask again, ‘you looking to give a horny guy a blow job?’ ‘Sure, where you at?’ I ask. Of course the  harasser came right along with us, ‘shut up faggots!’ I picked up the mic, ‘give that jealous fucker time to get by the park, I’ll give you a blow job that will make you leave your wife!’ I told him. He came back and told me to meet him in the rest rooms, I did, he did and this mother fucker had a 10” cock. I sucked him right there in the last stall of the rest rooms at the pickle park. I prefer a sleeper, my car or the woods, too risky in the rest rooms, but this guy had a huge cock and it was hard as a fucking rock! My fucking word. He stood on the toilet, I squatted in front of him and sucked on that huge piece of man meat. I hadn’t’s sucked on it for five glorious minutes when the mother fucker came like a garden hose. He showered my mouth, my face, my hair and my t-shirt with hot steaming cum. He shot and shot all over my face. I tried my best to get what I could in my willing mouth. He shot, zipped up and left. Just like I like it. It took me a bit to get all that jism off of me and my clothes, but when I made my way to the car, I couldn’t wait to get back on my radio. I’m telling you guys, the CB is the best way to go. There are many ways and techniques to use, but what ever you do, get a fucking CB radio and start sucking!

Roger K.  Polksville, KY

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