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CB Jargan

New to the CB scene? Often hear or read some crazy terminology that you had no fucking idea what it meant when talking about a CB conversation? Well, we often get a few questions on several ‘slang’ words, if you will, when talking about CB language. If you read the CB column much, you will know there are some weird ways of talking. For instance, I can remember the first time I ever heard a guy call a rest area a ‘Pickle Park.’ Truckers refer to rest areas, pull offs, welcoming centers as ‘Pickle Parks,’ because that’s where a guy can get his ‘pickle’ (cock) licked. It’s also called, and you don’t hear this too often, ‘Lolly Pop Park.’ Again, that’s where you get your ‘Lolly Pop’ licked. That leads us to, whom is doing all this licking at the pickle parks and the lolly pop parks? Well, none other than the CB favorite  the ‘Good Buddy!’ A Good Buddy is like the ‘pivot’ man in a circle jerk. Straight, bi or gay, a trucker will let a ‘Good Buddy’ suck on his manhood, most of the time. It’s never talked about, but come the fuck on, a married man gets horny out on the road. With ease the guys talk about the ‘Lot Lizards’ with no regard. But bring up the word Good Buddy and the guys drop the subject, real quick, unless they are harassing someone. You know, like school kids calling some kids gay, or fag. So, let’s review,                            a Good Buddy is one that can be found in a Pickle Park whom is looking to suck on a hard trucker cock. What’s that you ask? Lot Lizard? The Lot Lizard is the trucker/CB slang for prostitute. That’s right, the ladies of the night hunt down trucker cock as much as the Good Buddies, except, you have to pay a Lot Lizard. Most, not all, have large habits that require a lot of cash to keep them, how should we put it, “up and going” would be good enough. I once shot the shit with              a married lady just north of Oklahoma City in a rest area.  Her                   husband was a night driver for Central Freight. She made extra cash on the side selling her pussy to the truckers. OK, here are a few words used you may hear as well on the old CB.             Handle, what’s your handle driver? Your handle is what you go by on the CB. Scott and myself’s was ‘Country Cousins.’ So if you ever hear us out on the road, give us a hollar back.  Ratchet Jaw. One who ‘never shuts the fuck up’ on the radio. “Oh hell, he’s a damn ratchet jaw!” (We’ve been told that more times than I can remember.) 10-4. There are many 10-what- ever for CB talk. Usually, when you buy a new CB you get the whole list. 10-4 is like ‘OK’ 10-20 is someone asking for the correct time. But that’s not used all that much unless striking up CB conversation with a potential trucker. Get a CB and learn it, it’s fun and ‘cock’ is the reward!  10-10!

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