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Caught In The Act

My roommate has been doing me for over six months now. It started about a month after I moved in. We had some drinks and things got frisky. This is when he told me he’s bisexual. I’m openly gay and on the feminine side and luv to cross-dress from time to time, so knowing that he’s bi made it easier for me. Since then he’s been fucking me and I’ve been blowing him whenever he wants it. A few weeks ago, I was giving him head in his room with the door open when his girlfriend Kristen stopped by unexpectedly. We didn’t hear the front door open, and I’m not sure how long she was standing there when my roomate noticed her. “Fuck” he said, as he tried pulling the blanket over my head. It was pointless as she already saw us. “Dont mind me. In fact, I’ve always wanted to see two men having sex with each other. It’s kinky!” She pulled up a chair and told us to 69. I got on top, lowering my shaved, sun-tanned ass closer to his face and began sucking his stiff cock, while he spread my ass cheeks and began to probe my asshole with his tongue. This continued for a while until she told us to reverse positions. At one point, I did a reverse facesit on him and lubed his swollen pole. “Take him...”, she told my roomate. He put me on my side, with my left vertical against his chest. He slowly slid his cock all the way in and started off slow as I let out a moan. He gradually built up to a steady rhythm. All you could hear was the bed squeaking, my moaning, and his balls slapping against my ass, when Kristen said, “That’s it baby... fuck him real good!!” He then turns me onto my back and pushes my legs back over my head with his arms. “Fuck me!” I moaned. “Slap his ass and tell him to shut up unless spoken to!!” He slaps my ass and inserts his shaft deep into my asshole, telling me, “Shut up. Don’t speak unless spoken to Bitch!!” After a few minutes, Kristen who is very turned on at this point says, “Finish him doggy-style...”, Kristen orders. He puts me on all fours, gets behind me and spreads my legs with his knees. “Wider....spread them him you’re the man, he’s the bitch, and you’re in control!!”. With my legs spread out as far as they’ll go, he begins to pound me hard with his huge thick cock. His big hard cock swells even more as he’s about to cum, when Kristen tells my roomate, “Pull out and cum all over his ass...” Shortly thereafter he blows his thick, warm cum all over and in my ass crack in three good spurts and lets out a loud moan. Since then, my roomate fucks with authority and Kristen will watch on occasion. Steve P.

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