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Catching Up As Quick As I Can

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

It's been a little while, a hot minute, since I've posted anything on the blog. Forgive me. My plate has been full, on and off the road. Getting cooler in South Central Texas, and when you drive for a company that hauls propane, well, sometimes we can't keep up. Of course other interest has my attention and allergies was one of them. Better now, and getting caught up. Hope you all had a grand Thanksgiving, and had a lot of pie to eat. I'm trying to focus on all fronts here on my blog, naturism, nudity, nudism, PLUS my gay life kinks. Yes bitches, it's all about me. I'm always seeking other nudist, and just because I like being naked most all the time, home, work & play, doesn't mean I walk around looking to stick my dick into something. Again and again, I welcome you to my naked life.

My side hustle is buy sell and trade. You never know the trash I peddle at times, from porn, used sex toys to high end computers. Interested? I'm your guy. Currently I've been going through some of my left over Gay Truckers Classifieds magazines my partner and I produced back in the mid/late 90's and early 2000's. A simple all male personals rag with road stories, personals from guys coast to coast, hot cruisy spots and all armature photos for your viewing pleasure.

We had over 2000 subscribers at one time and sold in more that 500 Adult Book Stores coast to coast. It was a lot of fun, met great people, maybe some of you remember the days. If you'd like to get a copy, again, very few left, less than a dozen, I have them listed on eBay. Click HERE for one issue and click on 'sellers other items' at the bottom of the page. I have also listed 'at a fucking give it away deal' some of my DVD productions. Glory holes, road sex, it's all out productions. Go HERE to check those out. Just some horny truckers getting nasty on the road. And as always, go join my Only Fans Page, something mild to wild going on there, my daily naked life.

** Digital downloads of the Gay Truckers Classifieds are available HERE.

More post coming your way, if you have anything to share, or questions to as, reach me at

Until the next post ~ Stay naked. Tim aka Nudist Trucker

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