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Blue Collar Sucker

I’ve been a supervisor for six or so years. I’m in charge of a large warehouse facility outside of Los Angeles, California. We see almost a hundred trucks a day coming and going for dispatched loads from many companies. I’ve got a lot of younger guys running the fork lifts and they can be quite smart ass’s if I let them get away with it. I don’t take any shit off any one. Not my workers and especially not any ass hole tuckers. Believe me those cock suckers can be quite demanding and really impatient. I know how to handle them though, I too, use to be a truck driver. Which brings me to my story. I know how horny those guys can get. I’ve got two players, that I know of, that play on both sides of the fence, so they say. I think they stay in the men for men yard longer than they do on the kitty cat side, if you know what I mean. I sport a nice thick cock and love it when I get an unexpected offer for a blow job. I have one younger fork lift driver that’s been after my cock for quite some time. Early one morning we had several trucks at the door. I made my way to the rest room when I caught David sucking off a trucker in one of the stalls. ‘Hell guys, you could have at least gotten into a stall with a door!’ I said as I walked by. David kept sucking the trucker’s cock and neither one of them looked up. As I stood there pissing, I could hear David slurping on that guy’s cock. The more I stood there the harder my cock got. I couldn’t even finish pissing. I heard the trucker moan as he shot his load in David’s mouth. I walked over to the stall, as the trucker pulled his pants up and walked out, I walked up to David setting on the pot. ‘Don’t get up yet, you’ve got me all worked up.’ I barked at him. The trucker went on out the door. David said, ‘I’ve been wanting your cock sir for a long time.’ He grabbed my cock and took it all the way down and choked. I grabbed the back of his head and face fucked the young guy for what it was worth. I really gave his tonsils a good going over with my cock. He kept choking. Almost to the point of throwing up. I kept forcing my cock down his tight throat. He grabbed and squeezed my balls and I let my juices fly. He swallowed and swallowed and got all my cum down. I slowly pulled my long cock out of his throat. ‘Yeah, didn’t know it was going to be that good, huh, boy!’ I told him. ‘Now, clean your ass up and get on that fucking fork lift, that’s what I fucking pay you for.’ I told him. I put my cock back in my pants and walked out. I met another driver at the door way as I walked out. I made it back to my office, weak knee from the blow job David gave me, however, I’d never let him know that. I caught my breath and made my way out to check the guys and the loads that were needing to come off and the ones that had to be loaded back. No David. ‘Hey Sal, you seen David?’ I ask as if I didn’t know where he was. ‘No sir! I think he’s in the john sucking off a driver, not sure.’ He said jokingly of course, they always picked at each other. Sal was a Hispanic guy, always friendly, good looking flirty type of guy. ‘Hey Sal, go see where the fuck he’s at and tell him to get his cock sucking ass back out here.’ I yelled. ‘You got it boss man.’ He yelled back. I jumped on one fork lift and made my way up and down an isle or two and then worked my way over to the rest rooms. I opened the door and rushed in. David, still in the stall, sucking another driver’s cock. ‘Fuck,’ I thought. ‘How the fuck does he get these guys in here?’ Sal stood behind the driver watching the show. I walked over and saw that Sal had his uncut thick Mexican meat in hand. ‘Looks hot boss man.’ He said to me. Funny thing, no one even blinked an eye. That’s what bothered me. How the fuck long has this bull shit been going on without me knowing anything about it? Hell, I’ve been missing out. Sal reached over and grabbed my crotch. I pulled my cock out again, and he went down on me. He took my long cock all the way down with ease. I knew these guys like to suck cock, but this put a whole new meaning on going to work every fucking day. David was sucking and slurping on the trucker’s cock while Sal worked mine as well. Sal’s cock head poked out the thick foreskin. His cock was long and hard between his legs. As he jerked his cock he sucked mine. I could feel my cum working it’s way up my cock shaft. I was about to drown Sal with my thick streams of cum. ‘I’m gonna cum Sal, I’m gonna cum.’ I told him. He sucked even harder. About the time I was spurting my load the trucker was doing the same. Two of us getting a nut and two choking on them. Today, I get off several times with the boys, and they even work in a trucker or two. What a job, what a job. SD California

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