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Blue Collar Cruisin'

If had to write this story, it could go on and on about sex on the job. You always here about the white collar guys fucking their secretary in the mop closet, or boss’s couch, yeah, it happens, but out on construction sites, it can get down to orgy status if you work it right. The first time I was cruised by a guy, me unknowing what he was up to, was on a small construction job on a large farm. The guy was in his 30’s and managed the farm we were doing the work. He’d show up in overalls without a shirt on, hands in his pants, I could tell he getting into some heavy pocket pool, right there in front of me. Just shy of asking if I wanted some of the action, it made my thick cock get hard and start dripping. I figured what the fuck, it was just the two of us, so I ask him, ‘what ya playin with there farm boy?’ To my surprise he said, ‘My big cock, wanna join in?’ Did I have fag written all over my face, I’d guess not. He dropped his overalls to the ground. There stood a large nice uncut cock. His cock head stuck out the thick skin around it, and there was a huge big clear pre-cum drop dangling off the end of it. I had my shirt off already, I unzipped my Dickies and did the same. My cock was hard as well. We stood there jerking off in front of each other. We were the only guys there, so it was gonna get hot. ‘You like to jerk on your meet?’ He ask. ‘Yeah,’ I replied, ‘I could do this all fucking day long, but I have to do work sometimes.’ We made our way over to the barn I was working on, his big hands grabbed my shoulder and spun me around. He dropped to the ground and pulled my ass cheeks apart. I was a little caught off guard when he did this, but I bent over and let him eat my hole. At first, it was freaky, but he was working over my hole like none other. He pulled my butt cheeks apart and drove his long tongue in my hole. I started beating my cock like a mad man. He spun me back around and took my cock down his throat. I was in heaven, right here at work! What were the odds. He kept working my cock with his hot mouth. As he squatted in front of me he was jerking on his big cock. I just about came several times, but held off. He spit my cock out and stood up. His long thick cock dangled between us. I dropped and took his cock in my mouth and in no fucking time he was dumping his large bucket sized load down my throat. I swallowed as much as I could, some dripped down my chin. He pulled me back up and he dropped. It was clear he was wanting my load down his throat, and I obliged. As he sucked my cock, I started cuming. I could feel streams of my juice squirt out the head of my cock. It just about exhausted me. I came so fucking hard my legs started shaking. He sucked every fucking drop of my cum out of my cock. He stood back up and said, ‘well, that should hold you until lunch time, I’ll be back for seconds.’ He wondered off back to the main house. As I sat there, butt naked, just thinking about what happened, I got hard again. I stood there and jerked my cock off one more time. I shot a huge load across the dirt floor of the barn. Whew! I was ready for a fucking nap. I got my jeans pulled back up and went to work, as if nothing happened. Before lunch came, a load of lumber for the local lumber yard was being delivered. The buy backed up to the barn where we were going to store the lumber. Out jumped a fine looking younger guy, full of pep. ‘You lookin for some lumber buddy?’ He yelled to me. His shirt was unbuttoned and his tight jeans showed a promise of a large cock. Well, in my mind anyway. ‘Yeah, back on in, we’ll unload it here.’ I yelled back. ‘Where’s Jimbo?’ He ask. I wondered, who the fuck in Jimbo? I figured out real quick, Jimbo was farm owner and my new suck buddy. The guy backed into the barn, got out, pulled on his gloves and started pulling lumber off the bobtail truck. Jimbo walked around the other side and said, ‘I thought I heard a truck pull in, howdy Pete, How’s it hangin?’ As we pulled the lumber and supplies off the truck Pete answered, ‘Hanging pretty high, it’s been a while, if you know what I mean.’ Jimbo said back to him, ‘Yeah, well, you like to sandwich between me and this hot construction worker?’ I just about shit, my cock got hard in an instant. Pete pulled his unbuttoned shirt off, Jimbo walked over to him and started sucking on his nipples. Was I fucking dreaming? Does this really happen? I stood there with my mouth open as these two pawed each other as they shucked their clothes. Pete has a long thin cock with a huge black bush above it and around his low, low hangin balls. They both stood there kissing and grabbing each other’s ass while I got my cock out and jerked off to the site. Pete looked over and said, ‘Looks like you’ve broke him in, huh?’ Jimbo said, ‘Not quite, we just sucked each other off.’ Without another word, I dropped my pants and they came over to me. One on my cock, one on my ass. I was fucking going crazy. After a little bit of that play, Jimbo took me over to a large long narrow work bench where he lay me over. The spread my cheeks, once again, and started eating me out. Pete came around the front side and stuck his long thin cock down my throat. I sucked as hard as my ass was getting rimmed. ‘OK Pete, it’s ready.’ Jimbo told him. Pete walked his naked ass around behind me, I lay there. He stuck that long fuck pole of his up my ass and started fucking me. His cock was so fucking long I could feel it in my gut. He pumped and pumped my ass. ‘Yeah, fuck his hole, fuck it deep, real deep, leave your seed in him, way deep too!’ Instructed Jimbo. Pete’s low hanging balls were slapping a tune on my back side. I was loving every fucking bit of it. My cock hurt from being so hard. I held my ass up a little as to offer more to him, but I was trying to get my hand on my cock to jerk it off. Pete pulled out, I stood up, Jimbo was setting on a stool and said, ‘Come over here and finish up on this fuck stick of mine.’ I walked over and straddled his lap and sat my worked over ass on his long thick cock. Pete walked over and stuck his cock in my mouth. I sucked on his cock as I bounced up and down on Jimbo’s thick cock. My hole welcomed his fat cock as I worked up and down the big thick shaft. Pete pulled his cock out of my mouth and jerked on it as I was being fucked by Jimbo. ‘I’m gonna cum in your ass, lay back.’ Ordered Jimbo. I lay back on the dirt floor, legs back, his shaft drove that huge load home deep inside of me. He pulled out and Pete fell on top of me and drove his long thin cock way up in my bowels, and dumped his load too. We all three sat there a little bit, catching out breaths. ‘Man, that’s a hot piece of ass you have there buddy.’ Pete said. ‘I gotta get the rest of this lumber off and get back going.’ We all three, nothing on but our work boots and gloves, unloaded the truck buck naked. Cum ran down my leg out of my well worn ass hole. It was fucking wild. I was on that job two more weeks. Jimbo and I jerked off, fucked each other and drank loads of cum before I was finished there. Pete, he delivered three more times in the two weeks, he too, bred my hole several more times, and I got to fuck his hairy ass too. I worked at an old house in the city’s older side. The young hot looking lady that owned it had a husband that worked out of town most of the week. I think she tried to hit on me several times during the remodel work, but I wasn’t interested. One of the painters I think nailed her twice, but I’m not to sure. I arrived at the house one morning when she was on her way out. ‘The plumber will be here today as well, will you please let him in and tell him the fixtures I bought were upstairs.’ She ask. ‘No problem ma’am.’ I told her, and off she went. Not too much longer Leonard showed up. We’ve been on a couple of jobs together in the past, he’s kind of a snaggle tooth guy, thin body, but had a nice thick piece of meat hanging down his pant leg. I often wondered if I could suck him off and get away with it. When he walked in the place I yelled, ‘Hey Leonard, what’s up guy? The lady told me your shit was upstairs, go to fucking work!’ We both laughed. He said, ‘Yeah, I’d like to fuck her pussy. She’s a hot fucking bitch!’ Again, we both laughed. As he walked upstairs I noticed he had a tear under his back pocket, right under his wallet. I could see he wasn’t wearing any underwear. ‘Hey Leonard!’ I yelled again, ‘That’s a cheap way to advertise that hairy ass of yours.’ I laughed. He turned around and replied, ‘You couldn’t afford it anyway.’ He laughed. I said right back to him, ‘I’d make you throw stones at your old lady when I got done with you.’ And I went back to work. It was a few minutes and I heard Leonard call for me. ‘Hey, you want some of this?’ I was almost afraid to look upstairs. To my surprise, there stood Leonard with a raging hard on in his hand. ‘Come on up here, you can try to make me throw stones.’ He had a glare in his eyes, like he was daring me. I walked up the stair way. He started jacking his cock off. When I made it to the first landing, he turned and walked up to the second floor and went into the guest bedroom. There was an old bed frame there with an old mattress. He pulled his pants down and sat on the edge of the bed. Without a word, I knelt between his legs and started sucking on his cock. ‘That’s right, suck on it, I need to shoot some cum, suck hard, take it deep down your throat. Your throat is a hot pussy for me, suck it hard, suck that juice out of me.’ He kept talking, I kept sucking. I worked his hairy balls out of his pants and licked on them. ‘Oh my mother fucker! Suck on ‘em, suck my cock head.’ He moaned. He was really getting into this shit, and I was loving it. ‘Take your pants off, I wanna see you jerk off.’ He insisted. I spit his cock out of my mouth and stood up. I dropped my pants and my cock stood straight out. He jerked on it a little and then stood up, he pushed me backwards onto the bed, straddled my face and fucked my mouth. I really wanted to get all naked and fuck, but we were in someone else’s old house. The harder he fucked my mouth the deeper down my throat he went, I kept choking, but it was worth it for me. I was jerking off my cock as he fucked my mouth. We were both about ready to cum when a voice behind us said, ‘You guys are hot, keep fucking, I want to join in.’ It was the owner’s husband. He came to the house looking for his wife. He was a nice looking older guy. We both about shit all over ourselves. Leonard never missed a beat. ‘I’m too close to cumin to stop.’ He said while he kept fucking my face. In no time the guy had his pants down and pulling Leonard out of the way. ‘Let me have some of that man mouth pussy.’ He said as he shoved his huge cock down my throat. He and Leonard took turns and finally both shot their wads in my open mouth. Once they both came, the older guy sucked on my cock while Leonard played with my hole. I came in the guy’s mouth. They both stood up as I knelt back down. I went from cock to cock on these guys until they rewarded me once again with their loads. Not much was said as we got our clothes back on. Leonard went to the bathroom to hang fixtures, I went back downstairs to finish some clean up and painting. The owner’s husband was on his cell phone out in the front yard. I was hoping he wasn’t sharing the face fuckfest with his wife. He came back in and told me, ‘the downstairs shower works, come with me, I’m not done yet.’ I thought it was a set up, so I ask him, ‘what about your wife?’ He looked at me and said, ‘that silly bitch is shopping, she won’t be back here for fucking hours, I want you to fuck me in the shower.’ We made our way into the large shower. We got all wet, he ate my ass and got me all horned up. I fucked him for an hour. His tight ass has been around the block a few times, I didn’t care, I just wanted to get my load off in his ass. What a great job to have. I’ve also got rimmed by an electrician, fucked by a city inspector, and sucked off a transvestite decorator. I love my job! David Z. Tacoma, WA.

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