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Base Station Buddy

I’m not a Trucker, but I damn sure get my share of ‘em! I bought my first CB about two years ago, fellas, let me tell you, that was the best Trucker Hawk investment I’ve ever made. I wish I could tell you how many drivers I’ve lured in with my CB, but I never kept record, I was too fucking busy sucking cock! I put my first CB in my pick up truck and hit the pickle parks. Truck Stops can be fun, but it takes a long time to get recognized. There is so fucking much traffic on the CB near a Truck Stop, you can’t get a word in edge wise, not unless you keep at it. Sometimes the reward could be great, but you better be willing to spend a lot of time there. My favorite is cruising between pickle parks, well, up until I bought a ‘base station’ CB. I have it hooked up here at my home, the antenna is attached on top of my TV antenna on top of my house. I live just under a mile from the interstate, so I have a lot of fun chatting and bull shitting with drivers out on the road. I cruise driver’s right from the comforts of my home too! I’ve had dozens of Truckers pull off, park, and come to my place for food, shower and some hot man to man play. Oh, I’m very careful on whom I pick up, I know there are guys out there that thrive on fucking someone like me up. So, safety is first. I get shit from drivers passing through when I advertise a blow job service on the CB. With that many people on the road with CB’s, you know I’m gonna get some shit from someone. I ignore them, usually in a few minutes they are out of range. I’ve hooked up with some really great guys, as a matter of fact, to date, I have 6 that are regulars when passing through. Two weeks ago, I bought the ‘Tim & Scott Exposed’ DVD and use it to entertain a few of my regulars. Guess I need to buy another, these guys go crazy over the hot porn these guys have put together, it gets them up and going in no time! I bought my used base station from a CB shop down by the truck stops, it was cheaper than the unit I put in my pick up. It gets out about 5 to 8 miles, depending on the weather at the time. It really gets out there when it’s foggy. Just two nights ago I was all horned up wanting to see if I could score with a hot willing Truck Driver. There was mild traffic on the base station, I could hear drivers from far off talking about one of the local cops on the interstate, some bitch was giving another driver some kind of muffin receipt, so, all naked and stroking my hard on, I keyed the mic. “Breaker one-nine, any of you horny drivers looking for a blow job? Kick it back to ‘blow boy,’ channel three-three. Channel thirty three for a hot blow job.” A driver came back, ‘shut up, faggot!’ I wanted to key the mic and say, ‘fuck you,’ but that would be wasting cock hunting time, so, he could just go fuck himself. I quickly turned the knob to channel 33, the same fucking looser came back on that channel too, ‘shut up faggot!’  I turned back to 19 and offered my services again. ‘Breaker 1-9, any of you hot, hung, horny drivers need some relief? Kick it back to blow boy on channel 33. For the blow job of your life, kick it back to blow boy, channel 3-3!’ I just love talking that talk on a CB. It took a few moments and a voice came back over the air. ‘Where you at blow boy? I’m looking to dump a load.’ He said. ‘Wow! I’m gonna get a Trucker load tonight,’ I thought. ‘Yeah, I’m here, where are you driver?’ I ask. ‘Just coming into town, where are you?’ He replied. ‘I’m at home on a base station, near exit 44. You can pull off there, I can meet you at your truck or you can ride over here to my place. Got beer, shower, sandwiches, up to you driver.’ I told him. Well, we got in to a little more conversation than that, he wanted to know my stats, and all that shit. I think he was trying to convince himself that it was safe enough to hook up. He had pulled off one of the exits and parked. We chatted for several minutes when he told me to come play in his rig. I told him what I was driving, etc. Sure enough, the big rig was right where he said it was. In the last year, I’ve only been stood up once. Not bad in my book! I only had on sweat pants and a t-shirt with tennis shoes. I had handy wipes to clean up any mess we might make, had condoms and even a small bottle of lube. Never, never leave home without your gear! I got up in the rig and the driver only had a unbuttoned, button up shirt on. His huge fat cock and balls filled his fucking lap, his legs were hairy as hell and I just about shot all over myself when I put my eyes on him.  His huge hard cock was looking straight up to the roof of the rig, and even had some precum dripping out of the large slit on the end. I could tell he had been jacking off some what. Without much talking, he stood up, his flag pole brushed against me as he opened up the curtains and to the back of the rig we went. He lay spread eagle with that cock looking right at me. I tugged my clothes off and now, naked too, I was between his legs sucking that huge mass of meat. ‘You like it up your ass?’ He ask. With replying I straddled his cock and rubbed it up and down the hairy crack of my ass hole. I wet my hand with lube and greased up my hole and the rest I got on his cock while I stroked it. I placed the fat head on my crack and lowered myself down on his joy stick. I got all the way down on his thick shaft. It felt like the fat end of a large coke bottle was up my hole. The opening of my crack was wide fucking open. After the shock of pain, I started to ride his cock up and down. I could feel the head and the shaft get that much bigger. I was bouncing up and down and my cock was flapping on his hard hairy stomach as I bounced. It didn’t take long before his man juice was unloading in my well worked ass. He told me to keep bouncing up and down, I could feel the head of his cock rub my prostate. My fucking word! I grabbed my cock and jacked on it. It shot stream after stream of hot cum all over his stomach and chest. Damn, that was the best cum I had in a while, so it seemed. I lay on top of the driver as to catch my breath. His limp cock came out of my ass. It didn’t take long to get cleaned up and leave his rig. Back to the house I went. As I got inside I could hear the same driver calling me on the CB. ‘Hey, I’ll be coming back through day after tomorrow, wanna hook up? Blow boy, right?’ He said. We made plans for him to fuck my hot ass again, in the mean time, I’ll keep chatting to drivers and using my base station for the best in Trucker Cruising. DJB aka Blow Boy.

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