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Action on the Road

Not all cock cruising, trucker chasing at the rest areas, or truck stops can be rewarding. Sometimes you have to submit to online apps to get some action going. Grindr is a pretty good way to get hooked up 'right now' and also can be a huge waste of time. On occasions I play around with the Grindr app, hit or miss, just like the book stores, just like the bath house or any where else which is known for cock hunting. Mind you, I might be pretty picky at times, and that's ok. To be honest, I tend to go for the younger guys (younger than me) and I don't do charity fucks. Unless the cash goes to me. HA! A few months ago I was broke down in Columbia SC, my monthly run. If you keep up with my Instagram (timpage123) or my OnlyFans Page (nakedtrucker123) you'll know when I'm going, what route I'm taking, and might have a good chance of touring my rig, just saying. Anywho, broke down, truck in shop, two nights three days at the hotel, a guy gets horny, and wants some skin on skin. Grindr I go. This younger college stud just so happens to be into older guys, he's a top, and knows how to fuck. Let me say. For the record, I'm a versatile kind of guy. Love anal play and deep penetration, as well as stuffing my cock deep into a tight, so to be lose, wet cum filled hole. This dude came in, got what he wanted. Of course, you can't rape the willing. We started off in the 69 position, my favorite, slobbering, sucking, and slobbering some more on each others cock. He pulled my cheeks apart and put a suck on my tight hole and that's all it took. Legs back, ass up, take all you can get, and, he did! He cucked me pretty hard and came quick. Never lost his erection (22 years old I guess not) and kept fucking. We fucked missionary (my fave) standing up looking out the window, in the shower, three times, back in the bed, on my stomach, he pounded my ass for an hour or so. I took his seed more than once, maybe three times. Kisser? That too! Ahhh, nothing like getting fucked and making out at the same time. To me, you create a connection of some sort.

Now, I can be all about the hard-core uninhibited sex, and sex acts, but compasion can't be beat. Once I picked up a guy at the truck stop, we drank beer, hung out nude and just talked, kissed, cuddled and ended up mutually jerking off. Works for me. It's not always about the 'get in get off get out' routine. Every once in a while you want that 'connection.'

I had to share this experience with you, it was fucking awesome. These types are far and few between, or maybe it's just how bad you want it at the time. Last year in Toomsuba, Mississippi at the Loves Truck Stop, I had three guys in three hours. Bottomed for two, topped one. All three kissers. What a fucking day. I have more detailed encounters on my OnlyFans if you're into that along with my kinky side, toys, dick plugs etc. If you have a story to share, or comments, please by all means leave a comment below. I'd love to hear your thoughts and shared experiences.

Stay naked, stay hard, Tim/Naked Trucker.

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