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A Word from the Webmaster

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

If you haven't figured it out by now, I love posting in the nude. With that said, I hope you are enjoying my blogs, I've mentioned several times, if you have a blog topic you'd like to share, please by all means send it to me. An experience with a trucker, your Grindr hook ups, relationships, sucking cocks, glory holes, you get the idea. I'd love to publish your stories.

Also, please go take advantage of the message boards, I've noticed a lot of visitors to the site hit the message boards pretty hard, now's your chance to get the word out, go, post, be interactive. Also, do you Skype? I love to Skype when time allows, from home, the rig, naked in the shower, please, by all means, hit me up on Skype. My user name is

and as always, feel free to ad comments on the blogs, message boards and email me with your comments, ideas or just to say hello. Don't be shy! Want to see my kinks? Join my OnlyFans Page at:

Email me at anytime ~ Even for more nudes.

Lastly, I get ask 'all the time!' Is this just a site for truckers? I'm not a trucker. Truckers, Chasers, Cruisers, Glory Hole Builders, everyone is welcome, please join and fill our your profiles, upload photos, connect with others, have fun! Until next time, I'm on the road, looking for you! Peace out everybody! Timothy ~ your webmaster.

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