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A Trucker's Profile

Guys, I couldn’t wait to send my profile in. I’m not just a Trucker by day, I’m also a Cruiser by night. I run a local run between Dallas and Oklahoma City. I leave quite early, drop and hook, and then I’m on my way home. The Dallas/Ft. Worth area has some great parks and rest areas where a guy can get lucky just about any time during the day or night. I get sucked off, jacked off, and even get some hot ass each and every fucking night I cruise. A lot of Truckers I pick up don’t believe me when I tell them I’m also a driver. There is a lot of activity between the two cities as well, but I like to haul ass and get back home, take a nap and cruise the highways at night. I usually do it naked as you can tell with the photo I have submitted, if it’s used. My cock is standing straight up right now writing you guys this email. I love to suck a hard sweaty Trucker cock. I really like the activity that comes along in the sleeper. The more room to ‘get it on’ the better. If anyone knows about Hot Texas Nights, you know that we have a long season of great weather to play around, naked in the woods, on the picnic tables, hook of a truck, I once even fucked a guy on top of my trailer. There were a lot of trolls one night at a rest area just south of Ft. Worth. This guy cruised me and had a huge cock. I was in a day cab, a tractor without a sleeper, and the fucking trolls must have been swarming that night, so, I told him when the coast was clear, we could get on top of my trailer, no one would see us up there. We crawled up the back of the truck, got on top of the trailer, stripped down to nothing, used our clothes as a blanket, and I fucked this big dick mother fucker’s ass real good. He jacked off while I was plowing his hot ass. That huge cock between his legs made me so fucking horny, he got a real good screwing. After I dumped my load deep, deep inside of him, I sucked him off. He came a fucking bucket full. We lay on top of the trailer to catch our breaths. We pulled our clothes on and slipped off the top of the trailer. That was a fucking great time, I’ll always remember it. Once in a while I get a load south to Waco. There are a couple of rest areas and one pull off on the way back. I pulled in, took a quick piss and stepped back into the truck. I noticed a guy parked several yards in front of me. He was watching my every move. I got back on the interstate headed north to Dallas. As I drove along he pulled up beside me with his dick in his hand. It had to have been 9 to 10 inches long. Didn’t have much girth to it, but it was one long stick. The head was mushroom looking, the shaft, like I said was skinny. He played with his cock on up the highway, I too, pulled my cock out and played right along. I pulled into the next rest area, damn near to Dallas, and he fell in behind me. I put my cock back in my pants and went to the back of the truck. There, I got inside his car and we jacked out cocks together. He would lean over and suck on me for a while, then, I’d do the same to him. When he busted a nut, it must have been both nuts. He filled my mouth with that white sticky man juice we all love to eat. I licked his balls and shaft, including the head clean. I was about to cum when he took my cock in his mouth and I dumped my load of juice in his mouth. Like myself, he swallowed every fucking sweet drop. I don’t get south very much, but I have met up with him two other times and we both enjoyed each other’s company and swapped our man juices with each other. He lives in Ft. Worth, but we enjoy our anonymous relationship in the I-35 pickle parks. A few cruising techniques  I use, that works quite a bit, I stand by the phones as if I’m talking to my dispatcher. I walk along the trucks (as if I had one parked there) and make eye to eye contact with the drivers setting in the front seat. Face it, when driving and I’m tired, I’m in the fucking sleeper, when I want some company, I set in the front seat, either one, and watch whats going on. Another great way, at night, watch the sleeper curtains. Any guy that really wants some action, he will flash you out the curtains or will be moving around in his underwear. When I drove over the road, I once shut down at a Petro and watch a guy across from me, lay in his sleeper, with curtains open, butt naked, jacking his hard cock. No, I didn’t cruise him, the show was more than enough. When he was done, I gave him a show from my bunk. So, you might not see it, but it’s there. Right place at the right time. Be patient. Danny P. Dallas, Texas.

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