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A Cruiser's Technique

I’ve been cruising guys since high school. I even cruised the football team after school in the locker rooms. One player was all I needed to suck off, then they came to me like crazy. Once after a game, I sucked off four players under the bleachers, one guy was from the other team. So I’m well experienced in cruising guys and having luck. Now I’m 30, and going at it strong. I’ve been caught by the cops several times, but quick thinking and fast talking got me out of any trouble. Every fucking time I’ve been caught, I had been drinking and that makes you slack on safety. I do have a cb, but I prefer the hunt. Truck Stop Cruising is fun, but don’t screw up. If you get caught there, the management will call the cops on you, or you will be banned from the place. Not good. I usually work the restaurant at night and early mornings, there’s always a lonely trucker looking to start up conversation, which might get you in the back of his rig. The laundry room, which is usually near the showers, is a great place to hook up. No, you don’t have to be a trucker to use the laundry facility. I had a buddy that took his laundry to a near by truck stop and met all kinds of guys that were really willing to get their dick sucked. It’s easy to do, take a load of your laundry in the truck stop, they are set up just like a laundry mat, take some quarters and enjoy yourself. It’s really an overlooked active part of a truck stop, weekends are really a good time to work the truck stop laundry mat, truckers have more time to screw around on the weekends. If you have a cb, it’s better to use around a truck stop, the cb traffic is horrible due to so many drivers in one spot, but you can get it to work for you if you have that much time. I’ve also hung out in the woods of a pickle park. For one, there’s more of a chance to get caught by the cops or rest area attendant. However, the pull offs where there are no facilities are a much better place to hook up with truckers and travelers looking for a quickie. When playing in the woods, I wear light clothing, something easy to get out of and get back on in case of an urgency. Once in a rest area in Georgia, I hung out in the woods late one evening, (always carry bug spray in the summer) made myself kinda known, and you would be surprised of the guys that came and went looking for some man to man action. If you have the time, it’s well worth spent waiting on the next cock to come to the woods. Tail Light Tapping, another good tick that’s worked for many years. However, it’s a flag for cops, so know who’s coming in and out of that particular rest area. The Truck pull offs in Tennessee can be quite active and rewarding. One slow night, I sucked off two other cruisers before I got to the first trucker. Tail light tapping in those places are very good techniques for cruising. Got a GTC Sticker? That always helps. I had one on my car for six months before I was ever noticed, but once it was noticed, seems like the word got around. I’ve come across three, so far, tractors that sported the GTC Sticker, two I got some action off the drivers. Another good one, ‘drive naked.’ Or at least have your cock out. Warning: Everyone has cell phones these days, and people will use them. Be careful not to shake your dick where any kids can see you, you’ll go to jail, be labeled as a fucking child molester. Always cruise with caution, and remember, cops love to bash a gay guy. Gay or not, you’ll be labeled and your life can be torn apart if you get picked up. Another great avenue, place an ad in a personals magazine, put contact info, and wait for the phone to ring. I do that as well. What ever you do, do it sober, keep your eyes pealed, go out and please a trucker or friendly good buddy. The action on the road is alive and wild! Enjoy yourself! Cruising Chris. USA.

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