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A Cruiser's Story

Nope, I’m not a Trucker by a long shot, but I’ve been with enough of them, that should count for something. I’ve had just as much luck as I have had ‘no luck at all.’ As an advid cruiser, I am dedicated to chasing truckers as much and as often as I can. I live in the south, so I have warm weather far more than I have cold. I’m a nudist as well, and just love to be near to fully naked while cruising truckers. I love to drive down the interstates and back roads with nothing on at all. With a hot willing mouth and an ass that’s always ready for cock, I get a true hard on just at the thought or smell of horny truckers. I once hung out in some woods with nothing on but a t-shirt, I was sucked by eight guys, some truckers, some were other cruisers. I was also fucked six times that same trip. Over all, I was well drained and well fucked for that day. Oh, don’t think I hadn’t had my troubles. I’ve been arrested and charged with lewd conduct more than once. I got away with just a misdemeanor and had to pay a few high dollar fines. No big deal, the trucker cock over rules my urge. Before I get into some of my experiences, for the record guys, I’ve also been beat to hell and back. I spent three fucking days in an intensive care unit in a hospital. Two guys tricked me into sucking some cock one night in a rest area in Florida, as I knelt down to grab one of the guys cocks, the other grabbed my hair and I really don’t remember much after that. I had two concussions, three broke ribs, two black eyes, three teeth were knocked out, both eyes black, and two deep cuts on my shoulders. Over all two hundred seventy stitches. So, it’s not all glory when you are alone, cruising guys. However, a passerby did get the plate numbers off the two trucks, both guys were caught at a scale station leaving the state. No thanks to the republicans, but I did get to file a ‘hate crime’ charge against both bad ass truckers, today, one is still behind bars, the other lost his CDL and I got a good chunk of restitution because I missed a lot of work and had broke bones. Needless to say, I don’t wish that on anyone, and please, what ever you do, carry a fucking gun or let someone know where you are. I could have died there. OK, enough of the horrid story. Like I said, I love to be naked every chance I get and offer to please any trucker or cruiser for that matter with my hot ass and hungry mouth. I’m in fairly good shape and can run with the best of them. I once drove by a trucker on the highway, butt naked, jacking my cock. He honked his horn and pulled over. I got out, butt naked, he had his passenger door open, and he too, was butt ass naked. Right there on the fucking interstate, he fucked my hot ass and dumped his white load in me. I got out, naked, got back into my car, drove to the next rest area, took a nap, and hunted more hot cock again. Well, fuck, even cruisers have to catch their breath, you know! That same day, I cruised some woods at the pickle park, I am always prepared for the action. I take an old blanket, hide it out in a save spot in the woods, and when I get a hold of a hot guy, we make our way to my set up and go at it. A word to the wise, if you cruise Florida rest areas, be on your guard. Most have 24 hour attendants, and the cops are always checking the places out. Fucking robberies and panhandlers fuck with the tourist and make it impossible at times to cruise truckers. I once had a trucker fuck me and go get his buddies to back it up. He was a large black guy, huge cock. We made our way in the dark to my throw down blanket. I have lube, condoms, poppers, sometimes a cold beer waiting. The let me suck that enormous cock until he shot his wad down my throat. He then, without loosing his hard on, pushed me back and ate my ass. While eating my hungry hole, he was stroking his cock. Mine wanted to explode, but I was waiting for that huge member of his to split my ass in two. He then lined his cock up and pressed the huge think black head against my hole. I just about inhaled a whole bottle of poppers. My eyes just about popped out of socket. That mother fucker was huge! Once my hole opening was stretched around his cock, he drove it real fucking deep inside of me. I could feel his cock in my gut. He fucked my ass until it and I was numb. Numb from the pounding I took. He shot another huge load, this time up my ass. He pulled out and told me to stay put, he had something for me. I lay there, with my sore ass, cum oozing out of it, when three figures came closer to me in the dark. He told three drivers he was running with about a hot piece of ass. Well, it might had been hot, but it was surely wore in good. The first guy dropped his jeans and stuck his cock in my mouth, while the other watched. The black guy, again, drove his cock into my opened ass hole. He fucked me while I choked on the other guys cock. The guy in my mouth pulled out and traded places with the black guy. He fucked my well torn up ass like no tomorrow. The third guy stuck his uncut large shaft in my mouth. He came pretty quick. The guy fucking me finally came and the black guy, jacking off watching the action, came in my ass one more time. All three pulled up their pants and headed off back to their trucks. I was fucked! I like to play around naked and tease as many guys as I can. Some might poo me, but most like to watch and few like to join in. I once was on a trip to Texas, naked of course, and pulled into a rest area in Mississippi that had no facilities. I’ve often heard about them, and was really horned up, looking for some action. I’m far from stupid, but I know when it’s safe to tease and play around butt naked. Most call me a faggot, pussy boy, what the fuck ever, but as long as I get some cock, hell, this faggot is in cock heaven! In that very rest area, a trucker team took turns with me. More than just a couple of times. They had pulled in to take a break. I had been napping in my car waiting for someone, anyone to pull in. These two large trucks roared in the rest area. I pushed my door open, lay back, jacking my cock. One driver spotted me and kinda ignored me. I just lay there pulling my meat when I noticed he told the other trucker about me and they both stood from a far and watched. My ass was dripping I was so fucking horny to be fucked. They looked around and agreed on something, one went to his truck, the other came over to me. I sat up, cock standing straight up, with nothing on. ‘You looking to get fucked?’ He asked. ‘I’m looking for some hot man to man action, you know where a horny guy like me can find some?’ I said with a cocky voice. ‘Yeah, in either one of those sleepers, my buddy is in his cab stroking his cock right now.’ He replied. I got out of my car, with nothing on but a pair of tennis shoes. Proudly I walked across the parking lot, hard cock in hand right beside the other driver. Not real sure what was gonna happen, I got up in the big rig and this burly, hairy trucker was sitting there with an average length, but very big around cock in his hand. ‘You want some of this?’ He ask. He pulled the curtains to his bunk back, without a word, I got in the bed on all fours. With my ass crack looking him right in the face, he spit in his hand, greased up his cock and forced it in my smooth shaven hole. In no time at all I was bucking like a bronco rider. He fucked me from behind, he fucked me missionary and I rode that thick shaft like a champ. He came once up my hole. The other guy had been watching the action take place in the front seat. He had pulled his jeans off and was ready to take turns. His cock as thickish at the base and bent upward. As I lay on my back, I could feel that hard cock rub against my prostate. What a fucking massage. That wasn’t all. When we were done, we sat, shot the shit and drank a couple of cokes the one had in his truck ice box. ‘I’d like us to do a three way out in the woods, what do you two think?’ One driver ask. ‘I’m game, I have a blanket in my car.’ I replied. Butt naked, well, with shoes on, I made my way to the car, cum running down my legs, I cleaned up some what, grabbed my blanket and took my naked ass to the woods. The two drivers soon followed. I sucked one while the other fucked my hot ass. Just about the time the guy I was sucking was ready to cum, they would trade places. I was getting fucked by both ends, by two hot truckers. Finally they both came in my mouth. I loved swallowing their hot jism. Yum fucking yum! You always have to be careful when cruising anyone, not everyone is interested in sex ‘on the road.’ I do my best to stay clear of families and women. I’m not interested in lot lizards, but have teamed up with a whore in a rest area, when she came across a  guy that wasn’t interested in pussy, she told him about me. Two out of five let me give them a blow job before her. What the fuck does that tell you? I wear as light of clothes as I can. First, I love to be comfortable, and second, I like to get out of them fast! Most of the time, I’m bottom less when it comes to driving or even cruising. Now, don’t get me wrong, I cruise the woods, I don’t go into a rest room naked. I know the safe zones, and it seems to get the guys going faster than just the eye to eye bullshit. Brave? Yes, you have to be ‘some what’ brave when cruising for sex. Don’t  be drunk that’s a turn off. A few beers and some mints are OK. But to be drunk and have that drunk breath, for get it. Don’t be high, well, don’t be so fucking high you forget what you are doing. Being fucked up is a big turn off to truckers. I’ve found that out on more than once occasions. Getting fucked, reamed out or giving a blow job gets me high enough. On my down time, well, then I might over indulge with the beer or what ever, I know I have to have a straight head on when cruising in public. I enjoy making it with other cruisers too. Once I was fucked in a pickle park in Georgia, I had gotten a truckers attention, by the time I got through giving him a blow job, there were four other guys behind him waiting in line. They had their cocks out, jacking off, watching us. When he shot his load, the next one stood up and put his cock in my mouth. Well, come to find out, all but the first were other trucker hawks. Hell, I never turn away cock! I’m a warm weather kinda cruiser. I hate even cool weather. If and when it does get cold, I work on getting invited into those warm cabs for some sleeper sex. Oh, I get a lot of sleeper sex during the warm months too, I find that more ‘married’ truckers will invite you into their sleeper than guys who are pretty familiar of how it all works. Most married guys will tell you, ‘I’ve only done this one other time.’ By inviting you into their sleeper, they are trying to keep any and all eyes off what’s going on. I oblige and do as they ask. Hell, the reward in hot so called straight trucker cum. There is one trucker that makes his way to my area every two weeks. He’s married, has three kids, great looking guy, with a huge cock. We meet every two weeks when he passed through. If he fucks his wife like he fucks me, she better hold onto that mother fucker. We spend several hours, draining each others balls and fucking ass. I too can be a top guy, and you will be surprised at the guys that tell me, ‘I’ve never really done this sort of thing, it’s my first time.’ And you need a two by four to keep from falling in their hot ass holes. Well, I don’t judge, I have to keep my well fucked hole tight too! I’ve even met up with truckers that like to be fucked with dildos, and other toys. Me, I’ll do anything to make the big rig men happy. And I have the ass to prove it. Always cruise safely, carry a condom, I’m HIV neg, but I have contracted gonorrhea once. So, what ever you do, do it safely. See ya down South! Gerald K.

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