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8 Benefits of Nudism

  1. Less discomfort - experiencing nudity can bring mental freedom unlike any other, reports Nude Recreation.

  2. Freedom - stepping out of clothes banishes judgements and embraces freedom like no other tool.

  3. Improved self-esteem - nudism can help you embrace your natural self, as well as improve one's mental health, especially when being surrounded by fellow nudist.

  4. Less laundry to do - not only will you slash the costs by not having as many clothes to wash, it also helps the environment.

  5. Stronger bones and immune system - bask in the sun to absorb vitamin D (a healthy balance is key!)

  6. Health - nudism and naturism both have positive effects on our health, ranging from improved circulation to boosted self-confidence.

  7. Better sleep - letting your skin breathe whilst you rest at night can have a significant change when it comes to improving the quality of your sleep.

  8. Burns more fat - exposure to colder temperatures can help you burn stubborn belly fat.

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